You must remove your self- concept to know your real self


Ozodi Osuji

     Upon birth on earth, each of us does not know whatever prior self he had (we forget our real self to be born in the illusion that space, time and matter is real).

     From the moment of our birth on earth we learn a new self, the self-concept. The nature of our inherited bodies and social relationships affects the learned self-concept. By the time we reach adulthood we have learned a self-concept, a concept of who we think that we are.

      That self-concept is a self that adapts to the exigencies of this world. Normal self-concepts, aka normal personalities are at home in this world, they have good relationships with other self-concepts and those have good relationships with them. The world judges them admirably adapted persons.

     A few persons have personality disorders (paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, narcissistic, histrionic, borderline and antisocial, avoidant, obsessive-compulsive, dependent and passive aggressive), even fewer have mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder and delusion disorder and depression.

     The self-concept is made by the individual with the aid of other people (those who positively reinforce his behaviors with rewards). The self-concept being a social construct is not real for the real is given not learned.

   According to Helen Schucman (1976), the self-concept has two parts, the first part is the ego face of innocence, the part that we show to other people to relate to. It smiles at other people and other people smile back at it. This part has good relationships with other people.

    Below the ego sense of innocence is the part that the individual does not want other people to see, for it condemns people. The other part of the self-concept sees itself as a victim of other people. It believes that other people are the cause of all its problems.

     Africans, for example, believe that white folks are the cause of their problems. This part of the self-concept sees itself as a victim and condemns other people as its victimizers; Africans condemn white people for they see them as the cause of their problems; they hate the people they see as the cause of their problems.

      You made me what I am, poor, suffering, therefore, you are a bad person, and I am justified in attacking, even killing you. Because this part of us wants to kill other people it feels guilty!

     The deeper part of the self-concept judges’ people as victimizers and attacks them. They, in turn, do what it does, see him as their victimizer and justify attacking him.

     Thus, Black people accuse white people of screwing them and justify attacking them and white people do the same to Black people and attack them; both attack each other hence are at war and live in guilt.

     The world is a place where we are at war with our real selves (that we denied, denial of the real self must be done for us to be on earth) and at war with other egos we see as the cause of our problems. We are therefore caught in a vicious circle; we are in a hole and keep digging deeper and deeper and it is now difficult to get ourselves out of the hole we dug.

     A course in miracles says that the self-concept, the ego separated self, the human personality, the human body is not our real self. Our real self is the son of God, who is spirit. Therefore, the terrible things we see other people do to our egos and bodies were done to our false selves, not to our real selves.

     The world is a dream in which each of us, with the aid of other people, construct dream figures and relate dream figures to dream figures; we are always attacking each other’s dream figure and defending our dream figures.

     The book says that since the world is a dream what is done in it has not been done. Those in the world who attacked your dream figure, your self-concept, your personality has not attacked your real self and you have not attacked their real selves.

     It is defense against attacks that make the attacks on you seem real for you. The world is an illusion, a dream, but if you believe it, it seems real to you. You do believe that you are your self-concept and body, and, as such. other people’s attacks on your ego and body make you feel pain.


     Once the self-concept is set in childhood the individual thereafter sees everything through its prism. He does not see anything as it is but as his self-concept colors it. Some self-concepts are normal so such folks see a little better but still not seeing anything as they are; some completely distort what they see and can be said to see in the dark.

    The book said that people come several times to the dream state, reincarnations, and sometimes improve their self-concepts and see better but never completely seeing properly.

     The book wants to help people to improve their self-concepts hence their seeing when they see with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that is, when they see with love and forgiveness; seeing with forgiveness makes one’s relationships improved, from special love and special hate to holy relationships where one sees all people as parts of one’s self hence has a happy dream.

     Changed perception brings people to the gate of heaven but not into heaven, not to see the truth for the truth cannot be seen but known.

     The self-concept is a shield preventing us from knowing the truth as it is. To experience the truth, we must discard all self-concepts, ego guided or Holy Spirit guided, and accept that we cannot know anything by ourselves and ask God to tell us the truth. The resulting experience is oneness, or what the book called Holy Instant, heaven given to one to experience while one is on earth.


    The book asks you to recognize that you are not the self-concept and not your body, that who you are is not the person in the dream but the son of God who is always in God. From this perspective if you see other people do wrong to your human ego self and body you forgive them, you overlook what they did to you, for their actions, their apparent evil is done to your dream self, not to your real self.


     The book says that those who attack you have an unconscious positive reason for attacking you, as you have an unconscious positive reason for attacking those you attacked. By attacking you they offer you the opportunity to realize that you are not a dream self, a self-concept, a personality; in overlooking their attack, in not defending the ego self-concept, you remember your real self, you wake up to the awareness of your real self, son of God.


     The book asks us to forgive the wrongs that other people did to us to remember our real self. If you do so, the attackers, your perceived enemies have now helped to save you. They offered you another chance to change your self-concept, from ego separated self to Christ unified spirit self.

     Salvation is remembering of your real self, the son of God; salvation is knowing that you are not the ego, separated self in body but the Christ unified spirit self.

     Salvation, redemption, deliverance, healing, and atonement mean the same thing; they derive from forgiving what other people did to you that in ego terms had called on you to defend your hurt ego and its pride, and in forgiving them you remember the Christ in you, the eternal son of God.

     This is what Jesus did to become the Christ. His ego and body were attacked and crucified, and he forgave those who crucified his ego and body, because he realized that they did him a favor, for they enabled him to remember his real self, the Christ; he made a different body, a body of light form and showed his disciples that body and eventually disappeared into formless unified self, God and his heaven.

      The self-concept is not who you are, it is an alien self that you made to cover up your real self, it is a mask, a veil over the face of Christ in you. You must, therefore, not defend your self-concept, ego and human personality, if you want to remember your real self.


       Consider a Black person. White people deny him jobs. He is angry for his pride is hurt. But what they did also teach him that he is not the self-concept, ego that other people can deny jobs; he is not the self that feels pride and hurt. He forgives those who denied him jobs, for they did him a favor, they prevented him from adapting to their evil world.

    Is racist America not hell itself; America is a place of total madness; the people are deluded; they believe that they are hateful egos while their real self is the loving Christ.

    So, in forgiving their attacks on him, the Black person gets out of the hellish existence of white Americans, an existence sustained with incessant drugs, sex, overeating and other dreadful lifestyles.

     White America’s discrimination helps Black people to remember their real selves hence helps to save them from their attachment to the ego separated self, but they may not know it, nor do the racists know it at the conscious level.

    At the conscious level, Black folks believe that evil is done to them; white folks believe that they are doing evil to the Black folks they discriminate against.

    Both parties are helping each other to awaken to their real self; if you forgive the person who your ego says wronged you, you are saved and you help save him when he forgives those who wronged him.

      The person discriminated against, the Black person, is not his ego face of innocence; he is not an innocent victim that white victimizers harmed. He participated in the whole charade. He asked to be discriminated against, to be denied jobs.

     Perceiving this apparent injustice, at first, he feels angry at the discriminators, but later he learns from it about his real self, the Christ self.

      Each of us writes a dream script, a play, and attracts people to play parts in the script, dramatize it for us so that we experience what we want to experience, attack, defense, and counterattack, and feel crucified by our brothers until we recognize that it is a game.

     Jesus’s script/play had some of his people crucify his ego and body and he forgave them and in doing so realized that his real self is not the ego self-concept and body; his real self is the eternal son of God, Christ, who is immortal; he was not crucified for he is always save in God.

     You, too, is playing out the drama that you and other people wrote, other people are playing roles in your dream’s script, and you are playing roles in their dream dramas, doing sad things to your self-concept and you feeling angry at them and in turn doing sad things to them and that way you and other people are at war.

     War is the nature of the world; first, the war at our real self when we separated from it, and second, the war with other people through our mutual attacks.

     It is our game and when we are tired of it, like the prodigal son of the bible, we decide to return home, return to our father, God, accept that separation was a mistake; we cannot separate from God, from our real self, and we awaken to our true self.

    God knows that it was only a game; he knows that we are always in him and while in him sleep and dream that we are in a world of mutual attacks; he knows that we remain as he created us, for ideas leave not their source; we are always innocent and guiltless.

    We are not guilty for we have not separated from God; what we did in the dream had not been done (it seems real if we believe it).

      The son of God, you, and all of us, remain as God created us, innocent, guiltless, sinless, and holy despite what we do in this world, in the dream of separation, dream of self-forgetfulness.

     You must overlook what the world did to you and what you did to the world to wake up to your real self. If you truly forgive those who harmed you, you live in peace and occasionally have light experiences, see you in a world of light forms, a world that still looks like our present world but everything in it is in light forms.

    Ultimately, you would experience oneness with God, an indescribable experience where you know that you are one with God and all his creation and you feel eternal, immortal, permanent and changeless and have perfect peace and joy, bliss.

     No one can really describe the unified world of God for it transcends our kind of speech; our earthly speech is for separated people and keeps us in separation; we cannot understand the communion pattern of communication in heaven.


      The self-concept is designed to justify attack on one’s real self (son of God) and on other people that one sees as causing one’s problems; we use our self-concepts to justify attacks on us.

     I say to me, you made me who I am, you made me suffer, so I am justified in attacking you in self-defense; now seeing me attack you, you counterattack me in self-defense. This way, both of us maintain the world of mutual attacks; we stay in our state of war. We guarantee our ego ways and live in conflict and wars, each defending himself.


    Since the self-concept is a mask covering our real self, our real self is not attacked when our self-concepts, egos, personalities are attacked; so, do not defend the self-concept when it is attacked.

    Forgive the attacker even if he destroys your body; what can be destroyed is not real and does not worth defending.

     The other person’s attack merely exposes your real self, the son of God who is one with the son of God in the attacker and one with God.

      In the awareness of our unified spirit self, one is saved, is born again in Christ; one has returned to being as God created one. One now lives in peace and joy.

    Remove your self-concept to become aware of your real self, the eternal son of God. If you wear the self-concept you will forget your real self.

    This is Helen Schuman’s interpretation of the gospel brought to the world by the Holy Spirit, God in the immanent universe that Jesus listened to and in doing so became saved from the ego and is now the savor of the world.

    One can ask, has there been a person who removed his self-concept, ego and experienced his real self? Hinduism, Buddhism and other East Asian religions teach that in meditation when folks remove their egos that they would experience the Self, called God realization. This event is said to happen very rarely; only a few persons can remove their egos from their awareness. I personally do not know any person who has transcended his ego and live from the Christ, but something tells me that it can be done.

DREAM, 9: AM, February 12, 2022

      In this dream I was lying on a bed in a room, the house is not mine. I overheard the couple, those living in the house saying that they are going to Kano; they tried to wake their son up so that they go to their car and go. I wondered whether they would even bother telling me about their plans. I saw the woman walk pass by my door and asked her, are you going somewhere and without looking in my direction she said, we are going to Port Harcourt and added that the newspaper will not be delivered until they return. I felt slighted and woke up.

     The meaning of the dream is that I felt slighted and tend to feel slighted if not told what folks are doing. It reveals that my self-concept is grandiose, even in the dream state.

     The lesson is that if I change my self-concept, I will no longer feel slighted by other people; and if I completely give up all concepts of the self for me, I will have the unified spirit experience and live without the baggage of the ego separated self, live egolessly, that is, as folks do in heaven.


Schucman, Helen (1976). A course in miracles. Mill Valley, CA.: Foundation for Inner Peace.

Ozodi Osuji

February 12, 2022

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