You cannot save other persons



Ozodi Osuji

The ego is hell and prison. Since we all live in ego we live in our private hells and prisons. It appears that there are different states in the ego’s hell/prison, some better than others; it seems that each person is sentenced to living in the part of hell/prison he is at.
You cannot prevent a person from experiencing his private hell/prison; only he or she can do what either reduces the severity of his ego and thus improve the hell/prison he is in; you cannot take him out of his ego hell/prison.
All that you can do is struggle to let go of your own ego hence get liberated from your private hell/prison and thereafter model for those people who seek liberation from prison and hell how to get out of it, but you cannot do for them what they need to do to get out; only the individual can do what he needs to emancipate his self from his private hell/prison.
We live in ego, separated state, a hell/prison; to get out of the hell/prison of the ego one must return to living from the Holy Spirit, Christ, son of God, and, ultimately, return to living from God, that is, Unified Spirit Self.


The individual’s primary task is to study and understand his ego, self-concept, and personality (his behavior patterns), understand how he separated from God, separated from the whole self, and dances his own ego dance for power. Once you understand your ego dances you decide to do no more such dances. You try to live from your higher self, the Holy Spirit. That means that you love all people.
Love for all people does not mean that you can change other people. You cannot change other people. In fact, you must not ever try to change other people; you are required to become a passive figure in people’s ego dances. You let people do their ego dances and take the consequences of their behavior and not try to intervene to prevent them from taking the consequences of their behaviors. You become a passive figure in the ego dreams of the world.
You are not told to change, that is, save anyone; only the individual can change and save his self, no other person can save him; you can help other people to understand themselves, if they ask you to help them to do so, but you should not go beyond that level of helping people.
I know this woman; I will call her A. She considers herself a good woman. She presents an image of being a caring woman, so people come to her and talk all kinds of lovey-dovey talk to her. But when you come close enough to know her you realize that she is dictatorial; things are either her way or the highway; you either do things the way she wants them done or she asks you to leave. You cannot change her. You simply leave her to her devices.
Given her autocratic way of living, she is not going to get a male spouse if that is what she is looking for. Marriage is out of the question for her, for only a docile man could ever live with her and agree to be dominated by her narcissistic ego.
Given her narcissistic ego, she is condemned to living out the rest of her earthly life alone or have those who obey her around her, which are children; even the children will eventually rebel and leave her; meaning that she is condemned to be alone despite masquerading as a loving person.
The ego is the opposite of love. To live in ego is to live as the opposite of love, as not a loving person. One should not accommodate her egotism but just be a passive figure in her ego dream and let her dance her ego dances and since to be in ego is to be opposed to love, love is union, to be in ego is to oppose union, to oppose marriage so she will be alone (feminist egos are condemned to being alone or cohabit with other females and perpetually stimulate their sexual organs and feel temporarily pleasured and still be depressed and must take anti-depressant medications to seem happy).
What the individual must do is to understand his or her own ego and transcend it, so that he is no longer engaged in ego dances.
Thereafter, he lives egolessly, not separating from God and people but not being part of people’s ego dances; he is now a passive figure in people’s ego dances, their dreams of separation from God and all people.
A person who has understood his ego and transcended it does not bother marrying (if he had once married, he does not marry, again). This is because most people are egotists who talk about the need for love while being unloving egotists; that is, they are being opposed to love, opposed to union with other people hence not fit for marriage.
If you do not care to have ego and ego special relationships with people and desire only Holy Relationships with people you stay quiet and leave people to dance their ego dances; you live alone; you park your mind in the Holy Spirit and is happy and peaceful there and do not get into people’s ego dramas.


I woke up this morning in a dream. Instead of doing what I habitually do, write the dream down and analyze it, I began wondering how my mind can produce dreams; how does it do it?
In my dreams my mind produces a world that seems like my day world and people it and one of the persons in it is me and have the dream me interact with dream other persons in the dream.
The dream world could not have been thought out by my mind unless my mind also thought out my day world.
But how does my mind that seems ignorant of many things produce a universe with galaxies, stars, planets, trees, animals, people, and me; the whole thing seem impossible for my mind to be thinking and simultaneously producing them; they seem like a preexisting world that my mind places me into and enacts some drama for me to experience.
The point is that honesty disposes me to accept that I have not understood how my mind produce dreams; I have not understood the metaphysical concept that the entire universe is in our unified minds.
If our minds, awake during the day or sleeping at night produce our dreams then our minds are the minds of the Gods. We are the gods that we formulate and project to the gods we fear.
The goal then is to accept that we are the gods and attempt to understand how the gods, us, work.

Ozodi Osuji
April 3, 2021

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