Why would an African support Putin’s murderous war in the Ukraine?


Ozodi Osuji

     To put it bluntly, Adeyinka, I was surprised by your decision to defend Vladimir Putin in his current homicidal mission of killing Ukrainians and destroying their cities.

      Russia is the largest country in the world; indeed, her size is almost the size of Africa! She has less than 144 million people, about half of the population of Nigeria. I, therefore, do not see why obtaining a few yards of territory in the Ukraine would serve Russia well.

      As we talk, most Russians are alcoholics and drug addicts; this is largely because of their historic and socialized helplessness and powerlessness (I can, if you are inclined to history, teach you Russian history and government).

     Russia came into being in the nineth century when some Viking lord (Prince Olof?) established a kingdom called Kiev-Russ. For a thousand-years, Russians were socialized to obey their kings, Tsars, and Boyers, regional and landed property owners who ruled them; Russia was a land of kings and aristocrats and serfs until 1862 when the peasants were recognized as human beings but not given liberty. Russians do not fight for their liberty but instead escape into alcohol and drugs, to salve their denied manhood (have you ever met a Russian who is not a drunk?).

     These people, instead of striving to attain some liberty in their country, give us the old shibboleth that the USA and its European allies are expanding NATO to Russia’s border, and they need a buffer zone between them and Europe.  It is true that NATO expanded eastwards since the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

      But shouldn’t Russia join NATO and the EU, is she not part of Europe, why must it be separate from other Europeans? Her decision to be apart from Europe is a recipe for war with Europe.  And if she does not have ally in Europeans, who is its ally, Asians?

     During the age of European colonialism, while Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal were obtaining territories outside the Eurasian land mass, Russia moved eastwards and conquered a whole bunch of Asians and took over their lands. Indeed, she took over my Alaska, and got to San Francisco, California; before Spain mobilized to stop her hence started Catholic missions, from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco, and the British sent Hudson Westwards to grab lands in the West and President Thomas Jefferson in 1803 sent Lewis and Clark to Oregon, to the Pacific to grab Western lands before Russia gobbles them (does your reading include history?).

     The point is that Russia expanded eastwards; any land outside the Ural Mountains is in Asia; believe it or not, those lands have their indigenous people itching to be given their freedom, as Africans itched to be given freedom from Britain, France etc. and, sooner or later, they will seek independence from Russia and a resurgent and powerful China and India will support their fellow Asiatic people and they liberate themselves from the yoke of Russians.

    Russia ought to peacefully liquidate its empire as Britain and France did.

     Political psychology teaches us a few things about human nature. People are motivated by pride and desire for prestige. Thus, even if Putin were to get the Donbas and Luhansk religions of Ukraine all that would happen is that the Ukrainians would be fighting them, and Russia would know no peace.

       I tend to agree with Russia that she ought to keep the Crimea because she won it at war with the Turks. In 1856 Europeans allied with Turkey, Ottoman empire, that is, and fought Russia and Russia won Crimea. After that war Russia was broke and approached the US secretary of state, Seward, and offered to sell Alaska to the USA. Thus, we bought Alaska, almost two times the size of Nigeria, for only $7 million dollars in 1867. Crimea belongs to Russia, not Ukraine.

     As it is Russia is a backward country with no relevance in world economic activities (I have never gone to a store anywhere in Europe, and the Americas and bought Russian goods; what they have, such as planes, are obviously shoddy and only those with death wish would fly in them!).

    Russia has loads of natural resources, this is  largely from the non-European part of Russia, primarily from Siberia, and its southern Muslim dominated regions, sparsely inhabited areas of Russia Federation; this is  pretty much as in the USA; the USA has loads of natural resources in Alaska (as an Alaskan I can tell you that we have enough coal to meet US energy needs for a thousand years, we have oil, gold, diamond, platinum; we are raw material rich but not as developed as the eastern USA).

       Russia is like Alaska, a raw material producing part of Europe, and the later for the USA.  So, Russia, a third world economy (her GDP is less than those of California; have you ever bought a smart phone, laptop computer, tabletop computer etc. made in Russia?  Russia ought to be ashamed of its backwardness but, instead, she makes noise about her nuclear weapons, the technology of which she stole from the USA…I am, tempted to agree with General George Patton and Winston Churchill  that maybe we should not have supplied the USSR with weapons during the Second World War and encouraged Germany to take over that unproductive part of Europe and give it to productive Germans to transform it into a productive region;  we helped them and they stole our nuclear and military technologies and with them currently make empty noises about destroying us…a terroristic threat to intimidate us and prevent us from giving weapons to Ukraine and leave them to swallow that Texas sized country). 

     Adeyinka, I am surprised that a man who seems well educated (I hear that you are an attorney and a lecturer at one of the London Law schools) support Putin, an obvious sociopath, psychopath, and anti-social personality disordered man who enjoys killing people…he did it in Georgia, Chechnya, and Syria and now in Ukraine.

     Because of Putin’s penchant for killing people, any person of good will would not support him. 

     From my writing you probably know or should know that I am a social democrat (along the line of what obtains in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, I voted for Bernie Sanders not the blood thirsty Republicans and Democrats).

      I want the public to pay all kids school fees through university and vocational colleges; I want society to provide all people with publicly paid health care and generally do some other things that social democrats believe are obligations to all people.

     I am a mixed economist, which means that I accept aspects of socialism and capitalism and try to mix them judiciously to help all people.

       The leaders of the USA, mostly Republicans/conservatives (democrats are Republicans with smiling faces), are motivated by crass self-interests and do not want to serve the people.

      The streets of America are filled with homeless people. Go to downtown Los Angeles and the streets are the home of thousands of homeless people. Not long ago, I found myself in that area and had to close my nose because I could not deal with the nauseating smells and germs these people live under. And this is in the wealthiest country in the world!

       The point is that I love America in a qualified manner; I am not a slave of her capitalist leaders.  I had assumed that your good education disposed you to social democracy and mixed economy but, apparently, you have no regard for human life and for whatever reason just want the brutal dictators of Russia, North Korea and China to rule the world.

      Why you adopt such a cruel posture is beyond my understanding (you are literally a one-man propaganda outlet for Putin at Facebook…are you in his payroll?).

    I am not God and leave it to him to figure out why people do what they do. All I can do is tell you that you make me want to vomit by supporting the little murderer called Putin. In fact, I no longer read your posts (I must say that you are a good writer; obviously, you have good grasp of the English language, although what you choose to do with that skill is a different story!).

      But, now, thinking about it, I should have sensed your fascist political inclinations. You once asked me to read Paul Craig’s articles and I did. It did not take me long to find out that he is a white racist fascist who is angry at the USA for opening doors of opportunities to black folks. Under the guise of Laissez Faire economics (he has PhD in economics and was at one time the deputy secretary of the US Treasury Department), he essentially wants to return the USA to pre-1960s era when racists ruled the land.  He is in the same class as Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the US House of representatives, who was a supporter of apartheid south Africa and currently fights what he calls affirmative action that he says allow unqualified black folks to obtain good jobs in the USA.

     Upon realizing Paul Craig’s fascist political ideology, I quickly got rid of his annoying analyses by no longer subscribing to his newsletters.

       The other day you cited Tucker Carlson, a racist at Fox Noise Network, his childish view that Biden is going to get Americans into war with Russia where Americans would be killed. He is a bloody coward, what is wrong in fighting a just war, even my Catholic Church supports just wars; it was just to fight Adolf Hitler; would you we allowed Hitler to reign because we were afraid of dying? It is worth it to die fighting Putin’s fascism.

       In a just war people are killed. People been killed fighting for human liberty is worth the cost.  I do not know any credible black American who even watches Fox Noise talk more cite Tucker Carlson, as you did to make your misguided point that the USA should not support Ukraine (are you a Russian Bot?).

     You have gone too low; to me you are now in the gutter and is not worth the term an educated African. You remind me of poorly educated Igbos who supported Donald Trump. Igbos like money and since Trump is wealthy, they kind of admire him and did not know that he is a cowardly racist. Such Igbos can be pardoned and dismissed because they are poorly educated.

      What excuse do you have for being in cahoots with American fascist racists who, by the way, admire Putin because Putin wants to help them get rid of nonwhites in the USA.

     In the language of Mao Tso Tung’s cultural revolution, you need to be sent to a reeducation camp to expunge the fascist garbage you have filled your head with; you need to be given real education, humanist education that sees all people as worthy of been served.

     I just want you to know that I am ashamed of you. This may not bother you but, well, it is a free world; go ahead and lie in bed with racist fascists like Putin, Paul Craig and Tucker Carlson; we shall see how far that behavior takes you; one would think that an African attorney ought to know what serves his and his people’s interests, not what serve the interests of oppressors and murderers like fascistic Putin.


     I am tempted to put on my psychological hat and try to subject you to psychological analysis. That would take me too far afield. Let me just say that you remind me of Femi Fani Kayode; both of you had decent education and are good writers but seem amoral and easily join whatever camp pays the bills! Integrity seems not part of your lifestyle. A real man ought to stand for the truth and be willing to die for it. I am willing to die for the freedom of Ukrainians (and Jews…Jews are another group whose existence you oppose, a people that Hitler nearly wiped off deserve a land they can control so that no fascist gets up and kills them at will).

Ozodi Osuji

November 18, 2022

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