Why the Republican party support Put’s Russia


Ozodi Osuji

President Donald J. Trump was in love with Vladimir Putin. There is no doubt about that. Some people even wondered whether he was Putin’s toady. The man respected Putin and subordinated America’s interests to the Russian Bear’s interests; indeed, he said that he did not trust American intelligence agencies reports but trusted what Putin’s intelligence apparently gave to him.
Trump did not mind telling Putin’s folks about classified US intelligence (he once revealed US classified information to the Russian ambassador in his Oval Office meeting where no Americans were allowed present).
Republicans, worshippers of powerful personalities and cultists, worship Trump and began subordinating US interests to Russia’s interests.
Fox Noise News, that epitome of modern yellow journalism, says whatever they believe serves Republic goals; lately, they have begun preferring Putin to President Biden. They said that Biden cannot stand Putin in a debate and, in many ways, made it known that they prefer Putin to Biden. Putin is shown bare chested, riding horses, a strong machoman, whereas Biden is depicted as a doddering old man, falling on the steps as he climbed into Air force one.
That is correct, an American putative broadcasting network prefers a foreign leader to their own country’s leader. This is total self-hatred. Something does not add up!
Tonight, a friend gave me the possible reason why Trump, Republicans and Fox Noise prefer Russia to Democrats in positions of power in the USA. He explained why Republican storm troopers stormed our Capitol Hill, Congress, on January 6, 2021 to prevent Congress certifying the electoral college’s result for Biden.
What the friend told me can be summed up this way: Republicans are racists. They see themselves increasingly in a minority position in the USA because of the rise of black and brown people in the country. They seek allies in their efforts to defend their whiteness, and Russians who are whites, sort of, could become their allies.
They anticipate a race war. They see China as members of a different race and believe that they would eventually fight with China (and Asians in general). To prepare themselves for that race war they want Russians, a white race (although Adolf Hitter used to call Russians and Slavic persons subhuman beings; Hitler wanted to wipe them off the earth; see Hitler’s books, Mein Kampf and Table talks) to be on their side. They and Russia, they figure, ought to unite to fight off the Chinese and their Asian allies (Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and other Asians).
The friend said that lately American Nazi party members and members of the Ku Klux Klan prefer to go to Russia than to Western Europe. David Duke, for a while, reportedly lived in Russia, making alliance with Russian nationalists.
Apparently, American racists want to make alliance with Slavic racists to be able to fight off Chinese folks.
In the meantime, China is taking over the world’s economy whereas Russia is a third world country; Russia literally relies on oil for foreign exchange; when was the last time that you bought stuff made in Russia?
Beyond selling third rate military weapons, Russia is not relevant in the world’s economy. In fact, Russia’s GDP is less than that of California. Russia is about the size of the USA added to Canada, yet it manufactures nothing of interest to the rest of the world.
Here is a quick question for you, have you ever used a Russian smart phone? Russians steal American IT technology and use it to interfere in our elections. Russia, as my father used to say, is a good for nothing country!
Half of Russia’s 140 million persons are alcoholics and drug addicts and are in various stages of dying off; the Russian population is dwindling fast!
If my friend’s assessment is correct, I now understand why Republicans’ support Putin despite his apparent hostile activities towards America, interfering in our elections in 2016 and 2020 and other hostile acts.
I understand history, in fact, I probably understand history more than any man alive! This is not boasting; if you consider yourself gifted in history make an appointment to talk to me and you would run away when you see my mind go to work on this subject. A subject that I do not even bother to study but prompted will recite the history of any country on the spot.
What I gleaned from history is that if America wants to survive it must treat its African Americans right, for treating them badly makes them unlikely to support the Republican racists when America’s existential war for survival begins.
Africa has about a billion people; add that to Asia’s three billion people; that means Russia and USA’s 450 million total population is going to confront four billion Chinese and their allies.
If nuclear weapons are used, well, you can kill a billion Chinese and its allies and kill 250 million Americans!
But who am I to give political advice to the ignorant but self-important racists that call themselves Republicans? Their days are numbered, for evolution may reward injustice for a while but in the long run there is justice in the universe; the oppressed always outlast their oppressors.
Today, where are the great empires of the past, such as Sumer, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, France, Britain, even blundering and clueless USSR?
Anyway, tonight, I was given insight to what had seemed to me Republicans bewildering behavior of supporting the little dictator called Vladimir Putin.

Ozodi Osuji, PhD
March 19, 2021
(907) 310-8176

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