Why many black folks prefer white skin is…


Ozodi Osuji

     Look at Black American and African women and what do you see? Most of them want to whiten their bodies; they bleach their bodies to look white; they straighten their hairs to look long and wavy like white women’s hair; they are ashamed of their woolly hair. The educated ones wear the latest attire worn in Europe and North America by white women; they want to be like white women and are ashamed of their Blackness while talking jazz about being proud of their Blackness.

     Black men manifest their own desire to be like white men by going to school endlessly, pilling up useless degrees; they love to have PhD because to them it is the symbol of knowledge, as the white man defines knowledge. They work hard to build European type houses, buy expensive western cars, and try to live like westerners do.

     These people, while doing everything possible to be white like, will look you in the face and tell you that they are proud of being African, they are Black and proud, they claim. Really?

     You are proud of Africa and if offered an opportunity to work in the West you would quit your Nigerian job now and go take any kind of job in the USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, and France (the major Western countries).

      Listen, Africans and Black Americans want to be white looking, and we need to quit deceiving ourselves about this subject and instead find out why we do so and do something realistic about it.

     They say that imitation is the highest form of admiration; the fact that Africans imitate most things white means that they admire most things white. By their admiration they respect white people while disrespecting their own African people and culture.

     Africans and Black Americans want to be white like not because of white color; white color is not intrinsically better than black color; they want to be white like because of what white color represents.

     We live in the world of science, technology, industries, and wealth. Where are those found most? They are found in the West. Africans are really trying to be like westerners and admire westerners because of their accomplishments in science, technology, and modernization in general.

     How do you feel when you walk the streets of London, Paris, Rome, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC; you see well organized cities where folks live in relative security, as opposed to the squalor and insecurity that people live in Nigerian cities.

      In Nigeria armed robbers kidnap folks and hold them hostage for money ransom. Of course, you would like to live at New York not Lagos or any other slum that passes for city in Nigeria.

     (Apart from Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa, all other Black African countries cities are worse than the worst ghetto in North America.)

     The reason Black people admire and imitate white color and things western is not just color but what the two civilizations represent.

      If it were possible for Africans to have western level science and technology, win Nobel Prizes in science, most people in the world would respect Africans and want to be like them, but as long as nothing good comes out of Africa and only poverty and human suffering come out of Africa, folks would, at best, have pity for Africans but not want to be like them. 

     Success has many parents,’ but failure is an orphan; success does not need explanation, but failure has many explanations; Africans are busy explaining why they are backward; or claiming to have initiated ancient Egyptian civilization to make them seem capable of civilization.

    If Africans are right now in the forefront of civilization, they would have nothing to explain; they would not be childishly trying to deny responsibility for their existential crime of selling their people by blaming the white man for slavery. It was Africans who captured and sold their people to Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Europeans. Africans have been selling their people for over two thousand years.

      It is not like Africans have stopped selling their people; as we talk, their leaders are busy stealing their people’s wealth and do not care for their people’s welfare, as their slave selling ancestors did not care for those they sold into slavery.

     Like remorseless criminals, instead of feeling guilty for their dreadful crime against their people by selling them, they blame those who bought them and used them to do farm work, those who honestly believed that Africans were subhuman beings, were closer to chimpanzees hence did not feel guilty using them for labor; indeed, they believed that they were civilizing those that they called benighted savages.

       It is the person who sold his people that ought to feel guilty but instead of feeling guilty Africans want white folks to feel guilty for slavery; this is upside down thinking! They even want white folks to pay them reparation when in fact Africans should pay reparation to those they sold.

      The point I have made in this essay is that Africans imitate white folks not because of skin color but because of the differences in their material cultures. Let us state the truth and stop deceiving ourselves.

      If Africans rule the world most people would like to be black. When Barack Obama was the President of the USA many white children wanted to be like him.

     People want to be like successful persons not failures, as Africans currently are. Instead of denying facts, what Africans ought to be doing is work hard to modernize Africa and in a century bring it to the level of Western Europe; they must quit denying facts and deluding themselves with false explanations.

      It is not just admiration of white color that makes Africans to want to be whitelike, it is because of what white civilization represents compared to Africans backwardness.

    For too long now, political correctness, the desire not to state the truth that hurts backward Africans, prevented folks from stating the truth of Africa as it is. This is treating Africans like children. It is now time to treat them like adults and tell them the truth and let them deal with the hurt, feel depressed and from it grow up.

    African men and women must accept their skin color and hair texture and live with them as they are and quit trying to make them look like white folks’ skins and hairs. They must work hard to modernize their economies so that folks like Donald Trump stop seeing Africa as shithole.


The reasons that I advanced as accounting for Black folks’ admiration of most things white also explain why Black folks marry white folks; they are marrying those who, to them, seem more advanced than Black and African people. Such marriages are based on neurotic factors, not necessarily love; therefore, they tend to be filled with problems and often end in divorce. Ideally, marriages, whether between members of the same race or interracial, should be based on love.

Ozodi Osuji

June 4, 2022

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