Why haven’t Africans produced God realized persons?


Ozodi Osuji

      A God realized person is a person who has deliberately extinguished his sense of having an ego, separated self and now allows God to guide him in everything he thinks and does; he no longer has a sense of “I did this or that” but only does something when the Holy Spirit, God’s representative in the  temporary universe, asks him to do so or else he does nothing on his own will.

      God wills that he and his children are one; only love unifies God and his children; to do God’s will, therefore, is to love God and all his children; that is, to unify them. To not do God’s will is to do whatever divides the children of God, and what separates one from God.

     The God realized person knows that there is God and that God created him and created all people; he accepts God’s guidance of his life and stops the struggle between father and son, God, and man, for who created whom and who oversees whom.

     The God realized person has solved the authority question and now accepts that his father, God is his creator and that he did not create himself or create other people or create God. He no longer has the wish to separate from God and go exercise his ego power, oversees his life (control other people, create other people or pretend to create other people by telling them what to do).

      The God realized person lives in God’s grace; that is, God provides for him what he needs to live with in the ego’s dream world of separation, as well as in God’s unified heaven.

     If you desire power and separation from God, you are in ego, you are in opposition to God and must suffer. Poverty is a result of opposing God’s will for you, having an ego of your own; if you accept God’s will for you, that you must be in union with him, and not separate from him, your needs in heaven and on earth will be provided for you by him.

      Human beings came to earth to seem separated from God, to have a sense of self that is apart from God’s self; we are on earth because we seek ego separated selves; that is, to have independent power not given to us by God.

      Occasionally, a human being recognizes that his ego is in opposition to God and relinquishes it to live under God’s will. We call such people God realized.

     Like all human beings I have an ego separated self; I am egoistic; I want to seem in charge of my life.

       Lately, I have been observing Africans to see if I can find one that has totally let go of his ego and feel that God oversees his life. I have not found one, yet.

     Scratch an African, especially their supposed ministers of God, and you find an egotist; he takes responsibility and credit for the good that happens to him while blaming other people for the bad that happens to him.

     Blaming one’s self or other selves is an egoistic act.

     I have not found a God realized African. The reason there was historically no God realized African, in the mode of Jesus Christ or Gautama Buddha was because Africans, like all human beings, are egoistic; Africans particularly find it difficult to let go of their egos and live from egoless, Christ state.

     Scratch an African and you find a proud person boasting about his self-worth and his wealth, and about how other people have less worth and wealth than him, that is, he engages in egoistic behaviors, in ungodly behaviors, in self punishing behaviors.

     A person who has completely let go of his ego is calm, peaceful, and loving; in his presence you feel his peace and want to have some of that peace. You can have it if you, too, let go your ego, your war against your real self, the son of God, Christ and the war against your father, God, a war you indulge  in by trying to have a separate self that you made for you, the ego self, and use it to replace the unified spirit self that God created  you as.


     An African tells me that he is going to sue me because I dared tell him what I think on a subject (he is in ego), another hung up the phone on me when I told him that he is not making sense (he is in ego), and yet another boasts about his properties and my lack of them (he is in ego) and another, a woman, reacts with anger because you did not appreciate her ego. Africans and human beings live in ego not in love/not in Christ and not in God.

     To live in God, every morning, begin your day by saying: God, not my will but your will be done today in my life, and keep quiet. Stop being the proud prodigal son who separated from God to go live a separated life from God and return to God’s unified spirit life; allow God to guide you and stop guiding you.

Ozodi Osuji

October 27, 2022

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