Why don’t I see me in mydreams?


Ozodi Osuji

     In my dreams I interact with other people and things; I see the people and things that I am interacting with but do not see me; I know that I am there but do not see the picture of me in the dream.

     Last night, for example, I had a dream that followed my daytime thought. During the day, I wondered what happened to a college mate, John; we were at the University of Oregon; he was into philosophy; he and I used to talk about the writings of most Western philosophers, from Plato to Aristotle to Spinoza, Leibnitz, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Feuerbach, Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, Hume,  Bentham, The Mills, Pascal, Voltaire, Rousseau, Saint Simon, August Conte, Sorel, Bergson, James and Pierce and so on. He was a brilliant young Caucasian kid. I imagined that he is a professor of philosophy somewhere in the USA. I made a mental note to do google search of his name and try to hook up with him.

      In my dream I was in a  hall and a blond young Caucasian male passed by and walked towards the exit door but came back to ask me a question; as he approached me he said, are you Ozodi who went to U of O and I said yes and asked him if he is, John, the chap that I used to have fun discussing philosophy with and he said yes; as we were about to hug each other I woke up.

     The meaning of the dream is obvious, I thought about an old chum and saw him in a dream. But what struck me is that whereas I was in the hall and saw him walking by I did not see me standing there. It occurred to me that in most of my dreams I see the actors in them but do not see me but know that I am there.

    Why is it that one does not see oneself in a dream but see other people? I do not know.

    I speculate that the reason is because one is outside one’s body and during our day world appears in a body and that body interacts with other people in bodies and one is aware that one is in a body.

    My inference is that we are outside our bodies and only enter bodies to dream that we are bodies in a place of space, time, and matter; we are, for lack of a better term, what we might call spirit.

    What do you think?


If you are into philosophy, what would David Hume’s discourse on induction and deduction in making logical inferences say about what I said above? In Aristotelian syllogism what I said is perfectly logical but according to Hume it is…?

Hume, David. 1739–1740. A Treatise of Human Nature: Being an Attempt to introduce the experimental Method of Reasoning into Moral Subjects.

Hume, David. 1748. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.

Ozodi Osuji February 17, 2022

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