Why don’t Christians love?


Ozodi Osuji

     I was raised a Christian but at age fourteen parted ways with Christianity because I could not accept the Bible as the truth; instead, I focused on science for, at least, science explains the material universe of space, time and matter. I knew even then that science did not explain what was behind the existence of the physical universe for that must be metaphysics, not physics.

     I agreed to live with understanding physics and not understanding metaphysics. People like me cannot accept any idea that does not seem true. You can stand on your head and talk until you go blue in your face but if what you say is not true, I am not going to accept it.

    The story of how the universe came to be portrayed in Genesis chapter of the Bible seemed utter rubbish and I was not going to accept it.

     The entire Old Testament of the Bible can be seen as fictionalized Jewish history and makes sense to Jews, but it is not the story of my Igbo people, and I could not accept it even as a fiction, so I tuned it out.

     The four gospels of the New Testament part of the Bible, focusing on Jesus taught forgiveness and love and I accept those.

    I did what Thomas Jefferson did, select from the teachings of Jesus what seemed good morality and discarded the rest as rubbish (see the Thomas Jefferson’s Bible…if Jefferson did not own slaves, I would have respected him but because he did, I dismiss him as a terrorist coward; he used force and intimidation to get human beings to be his slaves; real heroes work for all human beings freedom and do not enslave any one).

     The letters of Paul seem interesting, but you do not need to be a mental health professional to realize that Paul was an obsessive-compulsive neurotic, a driven man, a man seeking ideals, ideals that are not true. The man sometimes made sense but mostly talked ideals and I had no use for mere precepts, I am looking for facts, not fiction, so I dismissed Paul.

    Paul is like Jean Jacque Rousseau, both neurotics, but both wrote what changed the world; Rousseau’s Social Contract led to the revolution in France in 1789, and Paul’s garbled writing spread Christianity around the world.

    I am, agnostic and that is all there is to it, I accept the truth and where something is not the truth, I discard it; I am not as arrogant as atheists who dismiss God.

    Listen, science (and I am up to date on extant science) has not understood one percent of the four percent of the universe that is visible to us, talk more understanding the 96% of the universe that we have no clue what it is (73% is dark energy and 23% is dark matter and we do not know what those are, neutrinos?).

     What baffles me is how those who call themselves Christians and pray to their deaf God do not do what Jesus Christ asked them to do, forgive all of us our sins and love all of us. Jesus may not have told me what heaven is, what he told us to do, forgive and love all people makes sense to me.

     I try to forgive and love all people. I am not always successful for I can be given to great anger. If you personally abuse me, I will instinctively cut off your head. This is because my ancestors, the Osuji’s were not only their people’s high priests but also the great warriors of their Igbo people and I inherited that warrior spirit; just call me a put down name and I immediately slap you (and since I understand anger management I walk away and when calm tell you to knock it off, I do not tolerate abuse…I have not forgiven white racism, I will make them pay for it, but that is not the focus of this essay). 

     Here, I am trying to understand why those who call themselves Christians do not love?

       I had already known that so-called Christians do not love but the war in Ukraine outraged my sense of what is right and wrong, so that when I see so-called Christians not caring for the oppressed, I want to smash them; their hypocrisy is too much for me to bear.

     I am not naïve, so I know that there are issues involved in the war in Ukraine that I do not understand; Ukraine is not as innocent as it makes itself; the West been diabolical eggs Ukraine on and tells lies about what is going on in Ukraine (the war enables the West to sell their weapons and try out new ones and see how they work at battle fields, military contractors make profit; it is the old shibboleth, told us by Eisenhower, the military industrial complex ruling America).

    That been said, the fact is that Vladimir Putin took the war to Ukraine and is killing the people. Morality requires me to slap and if possible, kill the little Russian bloodhound; I would personally love to put bullets into his drugs addled bloated head, his psychopathic head and put him out of his evil existence. But I am too far removed to get at Putin so I do the next best thing that I can, vigorously condemn him.

     Then I look around and see so-called Christians trying to convince me that Russia is right in invading Ukraine. Are you serious, Russia is right in killing Ukrainian civilians and destroying the country’s cities? And you call yourself a Christian?

     Jesus asks Christians to do unto others as they want them to do to them; you want to be loved and respected by other people so love and respect other people. The man said that all the laws of the past and prophecies can be summarized as love for people.

     Jesus asked his followers to forgive and love all people. So, why are so-called Christians supporting the murderer called Putin? Why are the idiots of Fox Noise, those Americans who claim to be Christians, supporting Putin?

     God, these Christians make me so angry that I want to slap them around. That is correct, I am capable of violence, so I want to round up those who support Putin and bundle them into prison. You cannot go about encouraging a killer and ask me to like you.

   If you are Igbo, when your own people are killed by Nigerians you cry to high heaven portraying them as victims and asking the rest of the world to come to their rescue and aid, but you do not come to the aid of Ukrainians who are mercilessly murdered by the Bolshevik murderer called Putin.

     Interestingly, the USA that some Igbos now condemn, refused to supply Nigerians with military weapons to kill Igbos; it was amoral Russia that armed Nigeria; yes, the Russians you now support armed those who killed Igbos; you must be the daftest people on earth to support your people’s killers.

      In my entire existence on planet earth, I have always seen those who call themselves Christians do evil things. See, it was Christian Americans who practiced slavery; it was Christian Europe that segregated their people into aristocrats and serfs and the aristocrats lorded it over the poor and starving Europeans. The same pattern of uncaring behaviors was repeated in non-Christian Africa and elsewhere.

     Jesus in the parable of the Good Samaritan asked his followers to care for the sick but Christian America opposes giving all Americans publicly paid health care; in the parable of Nicodemus Jesus asked the rich to sell their property and use the money to help the poor, thus we all ought to pay for people’s education through university.

     Why do these uncaring people even bother calling themselves Christians if they are not going to care for people? All they want to do is spend the entire US budget on the military, using it to go kill people all over the world and suppress Black folks in the USA.

     I have not seen Christians who cared for people. It is my fellow apostate Christians, aka agnostics who are outraged by social injustice and do something about it.

    So why do Christians get lost talking doctrinaire rubbish about monogamy (Christians practiced polygamy until one thousand years ago, so monogamy is a social construct, not that I care for many wives, one wife is more than enough for me to manage).

     Why do Christians escape to talking about silly doctrines and ignore injustice? I really do not know. Could somebody who knows explain these phenomena for me.

      (I am asking the right question because my superstition tells me that when I am saying the right thing, somehow, my radio, which is always at a classical music station, begins playing one of my best classical pieces, right now it is playing one of my best pieces!).

     So, why are Christian’s evil? Why, why, why?

     Jesus stood on his head asking people to love and forgive one another; yes, it is difficult to forgive, but the least that we can do is love all people. So, why cannot Christian’s love?

      If you love Ukrainians, you cannot stand idle as monstrous Russians kill them (and the same goes for the war in Ethiopia, Congo and wherever there is endless killing of people).

Ozodi Osuji

April 6, 2022

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