Why do white folks have fear of replacement by black folks?


Ozodi Osuji

       An 18-year-old white person, Payton Gendron, walked into a grocery store in a Black section of Buffalo, New York and gunned down ten Black folks and wounded three others; he life-streamed his killing field for watchers of his social media outlet to see; and, before he began his killing spree, he posted a political manifesto on social media, on why he did what he did.

     His reason is that he personally fears that Black people are out to replace him, a white person and replace other white people, and take over the USA.

      Although it may not have even entered the mind of a typical Black person that he wants to replace white folks, most Black folks just want to survive, many white folks believe that Black people want to replace them!

     Why don’t they believe that Asians want to replace them? There are more Chinese than all Africans; and there are more East Indians than all Africans put together!

      (All of black Africa…Africa minus Arab North Africa… is less than a billion persons; China alone is over a billion and half persons; India is about a billion and half persons; the worldwide white population is about a billion persons, larger than the population of Black Africans!)

     Why their fixation on Black folks? It is rooted in many factors, including their guilt from enslaving Black folks and discriminating against them; they fear that Black folks would do to them what they did to them.

      At Fox News television, an unabashed white racist called Tucker Carlson regularly regales his audience with talks about the great replacement of white folks by Black folks; when he is not talking about that made up issue, he is talking about “cancel culture, critical race theory, woke and the 1619 project.” The reason for the man’s existence is talking negative stuff on Black folks and scaring white folks with the imaginary danger that Black folks pose for them.

    Why are these people afraid of been replaced? I suspect that it has to do with their self-assessment. They see themselves as only bodies; they deny the spiritual aspect of them.

     Spirit lives forever whereas bodies live for a hundred years and die. If they believed in spirit and realized that their spirits will live forever, they would not fear replacement by other human beings.

     One must, however, grant that there is a certain logic to their fear of replacement. If all people are are their bodies and one looks at the contributions made by the various races to science and technology, one can understand the belief that black persons are not making sufficient contributions to science and technology to be worthy of one living as a black person; the racist may not want to live as a Black person; in his mind Black persons are dumb and he does not want to be dumb like them. He wants to kill Black persons before they replaced him because he does not want to be replaced by those he considers unintelligent.

      This is, of course, the root cause of racism: the belief that Black persons are not intelligent and the desire to get rid of them from white society lest white society is dumbed down to Black folk’s level.

       But are Black folks dumb? That is a subject for another essay; for now, I am trying to understand the great fear of replacement on its own terms and merit; I want to appreciate its logic without challenging it.

       In sum, the fear of replacement is based on two factors: first is white folks’ belief that they are only bodies and the denial of their spirit nature and, secondly, white folks’ belief that Black persons are not intelligent and they not wanting to be like them.


      I wrote this piece primarily with Africans in mind. Now, do you think that Nigerians would read it? Of course not! I have never seen a people who are so disinterested in rational public discourse as Nigerians.

     Nigerians in the USA like to operate under the radar; they do not like to make waves lest the rulers of the political system pay attention to them, and they get into trouble.

      In darkness they are free to engage in their usual unscrupulous activities; all they really want to do is seek ways to make money with which to survive.

     One does not know what they are surviving for. What exactly are Nigerans living for; are they living to die like animals, and that is good enough for them?

      Whenever there is demonstration against racial injustice in the USA, you seldom see Nigerians in the crowd but see Ghanaians.

     Ghanaians identify with African Americans and struggle with them for racial justice; Nigerians sit back and allow other people to struggle to get some goodies for Black folks and then they come to America to enjoy them.

       In their hellhole, Nigeria, they do not struggle for social and economic justice; they live like animals, surviving, and do not fight for justice in their country; apparently, surviving is enough for them.

      I say take the cowards out of my sight; they make me throw up. I do not understand their lack of the impulse to be heroic, to do what serves all humankind’s good. It is not enough to live only for one’s individual self.

Ozodi Osuji

May 21, 2022

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