Why do Africans suffer?


Ozodi Osuji

      We all notice sad events in our lives and ask why it happened to us. Nobody really has the answer to the question why.

     Science limits itself to answering the question how. Science describes how things are in the here and now world but does not answer why they came into being.

     Astronomy, for example, provided an interesting story of how the universe came into being, the Big Bang explosion that took place 13.8 billion years ago. We all know that that is just a story for no one can verify it, even the idea of cosmic microwave background radiation used to try explaining it may be just a hypothesis. And even if the big bang is true, the question: what preceded it and why did it occur has not been answered.

     Aristotle tried to follow the causal chain to its logical conclusion to explain the original cause of other causes but at some point, assumed a cause that cannot be explained. So, there are many things that we cannot explain and live with them.

     If one asks why Africans were enslaved by Arabs and Europeans no one really can provide us with a satisfactory explanation. The how part may have been answered.

     Arabs used Africans to work on their Indian Ocean islands where they had plantations producing all kinds of things and used Africans in Arabia as slaves in their households.

      Europeans discovered the Americas in 1492 and by the 1500s were planting plantations and working on mines there and came to West Africa, bought slaves, and used them to do their work. The question how here is straight forward.

      The trans Saharan and trans-Atlantic slave trade denuded Africa of people. Until 1920s when the colonialists were in full control of Alaigbo, for example, most Igbo villages were composed of a few hundred persons, the rest had been sold to slavery, but today, 2021 Igbo villages, towns and cities are crawling with people. There were less than three million Igbos in 1921; there are now over thirty million Igbos in 2021.

     If slavery had not stopped most of the current Igbo population would have been in the Americas as slaves (or dead enroute to the Americas or worked to early death in the Americas).

     In the Americas of today we all know that black folks are treated as less than human beings; they are discriminated against and treated as dirt; white police officers exist to kill black folks and when killed the judicial system go through a charade of trial and white judges and juries would not punish the police officers.

     Killing a black man in America is white folks sport just as hunting and killing Africans in Sudan is Arabs’ idea of sports.

     So, why do all these horrendous things happen to black people? Slavery, colonialism, neocolonialism? Those have not answered the question why.

      On a larger human level, why do human beings suffer?


       My hypothesis is that the cause of human suffering is rooted in being human; to be human, as Gautama Buddha observed 2500 years ago, is to suffer. This suffering is rooted in our desire to live as separated ego selves. As Buddha noted, remove the desire for separation and you return to the awareness of always living unified spirit state and you end your suffering.

     People exist on earth to have separated ego selves housed in bodies; this is the opposite of their real selves; their real self, in what folks call heaven and its God, is formless, unified spirit self.

       In heaven there is oneself called God; God has infinite parts, infinite sons, they are all one shared self with one shared mind.

       The sons of God decided to separate from each other and from their father. They could not do so in reality and seem to have gone to sleep and do it in a dream. Their dreams are the universe of separated things; the universe of space, time and matter gives them opportunity to seem separated and special.

     They used matter to invent bodies for each separated self and now each of them lives in body and walks around in space and time and see himself as separated from other selves and material things.

     Perceiving themselves in bodies and knowing that bodies can be harmed and die, each of them struggles for his survival. He sees other persons in bodies as potential rivals and enemies and resolves to kill them or be killed by them, and since they are in competition for the scarce resources for survival, each of them struggles to get more for himself than other people.

     The result is the competition for survival of the fittest. The strong use the weak to survive. Arabs and white people appear strong and use black people to survive. White and Arab egos use Africa and black egos to survive.

      Other human egos use black egos to survive and, in the future, when black egos are strong, they could fight with white and Arab egos and the stronger then would exercise power over the others.

      In the meantime, the answer to the question, why are Africans enslaved and suffer is that they live in ego separated selves, other human beings also live-in ego separated selves and were in the past enslaved and suffered.

      The question that we must answer is, is it possible to have human beings who do not have egos? On earth human beings must have ego separated selves; if the individual entirely jettisoned his ego, he would no longer see his self in body and in separated space and time, he would only have the experience of union with all in heaven.

      If one is on earth, one is in ego state. People came to earth to experience ego separated selves; we are born to be egos and live as egos and die as egos.

     There are ways to reduce or even eliminate our egos and return to the awareness of formless unified spirit state, which is what the mystics of this world teach.

     The ensuing discussion borrows extensively from Hinduism, especially from “The Gospel of Ramakrishna” (1949), and from Helen Schucman’s “A course in miracles” (1976).


       All human beings live as separated ego selves housed in bodies; each person and animal are looking after his self-interests and will cooperate with other persons if in doing so he serves his self-interests but if not, he would go it alone and even be hostile to other egos.

    Ego came into being by attacking oneness, attacking wholeness, attacking God and splitting it into smithereens (in a dream setting).

    God and heaven remain unified and are not aware that his sons attacked him, all he knows is that they are now sleeping and dreaming separated existence and no longer hear his communication with them, so he created the Holy Spirit and placed him in their right minds; the Holy Spirit is the immanent God in the temporal universe and through him, he, the transcendent God, communicates with them. The Holy Spirit is in our right minds whereas the ego is in our left, wrong minds.

     On earth each of us does what he believes serves his self-interests; that is the nature of planet earth. Your brother will attack and if needs be, will kill you if he believes that you prevent him from serving his self-interests, survival of the ego separated self (Caine killed his brother, Abel for this reason).

      Each ego attacks other egos: each of them believes that he is right and that other egos are wrong; the ego justifies his attacks on other egos on the basis that he is right and other egos are wrong.

      At any point in time, egos separated into two, men and women egos, adult and child, members of a group and nonmembers.

      In our world we have African egos and non-African egos (whites, Arabs, Asians in general). These egos are attacking each other.

      It so happens that African, black egos are the weakest egos on earth at this time so the stronger egos attack and use them to do work for them; if African egos were strong they would also use white and Arab egos to do work for them, for that is the nature of planet earth and its egos; egos use each other individually and as members of the group.

      An ego in one group during one lifetime may be in other groups during other lifetimes. Many Africans were in other lifetimes in other groups and many so-called white and Asian persons were Africans in other lifetimes.

     Egos alternate their roles; in some lifetimes an ego is the leader, and, in another lifetime, he is the led. Leaders and led change roles to gain experience.

     Attackers and attacked exchange roles. In Africa individual egos are attacking other Africans, using them. African politicians are the most vicious egos, they kill their fellow Africans as if they are flies and do not even feel guilty.

     As we talk, Fulani egos are wiping out the egos living in the Plateau area of Nigeria; Fulani’s fully intend to wipe out all other Nigerian ethnic groups and take over their lands and invite Fulani’s from other parts of Africa to come live there. They want to kill off all Yoruba’s (but those do not know it), kill off all Igbos (those know it and will eventually reciprocate, start killing Fulani’s).

     For our present purposes, Africans were enslaved because like all people they are egos and do not know love.

     Slavery humiliated African egos, and, hopefully, Africans current state in our world where they are at the bottom of the social and political totem pole is teaching them to love one another.

      In love and forgiveness, people rise above ego living and attain Christ living. Love and forgiveness purify the ego and makes it approximate how people live in heaven, behave as the son of God.

      In a world where folks love and forgive each other the world is transformed to a purified world, what I have called the world of light forms; that world exists where we see our world of dense matter; and another world, the world of unified spirit, aka heaven, exist in the same place.

     You see the world that you want to live in and that you meet its criterion; love all and you are in heaven, God; retain ego and use it to love all and you are in the world of light forms; retain the ego and do not love and you are on planet earth as us.


      I am positing that the reason Africans were enslaved and currently suffer is that they lived as egos and still live as egos; members of other human races were all at one time enslaved because they too are egos.

      In the present those who call themselves non-Africans in other lifetimes where Africans. The show of attack and defense continues; it is the dance of egos.


       All human beings are egoistic and place their individual self-interests above other people’s self-interests. This is what people came to the world to do.

     However, while in the world they begin the process of remembering that they share oneself with all people and that triggers the spirit of social interest in them; they begin helping other people.

     I live in the USA and can tell you that whereas white folks could care less for black peoples good they tend to care for each other’s good. White folks help white folks.

     I am an African, specifically Igbo who are currently part of the hellhole called Nigeria. I can tell you that in my entire existence on planet earth Africans, Nigerians and Igbos are the most hard-hearted people.

      Nigerians, Igbos, as I see them, completely identify with their egos and bodies and deny their spirits (never mind their churchiness). Each of them fancies his self as especially an important ego and wants you to see him as such.

      He seeks public offices to make him seem very important in his fellow egotists’ eyes. Seeking offices to use those to serve his people is the furthest thing in his mind.

      Igbos, Nigerians and Africans are pure egotists and do not serve public good. You may deny this fact all you want but the fact is the fact.

     Give them money to pave roads in their towns and they pocket it, and the people drive on streams; give them money for schools and they pocket it, and kids go to school in classrooms where it rains on them. Give them money to pay retired workers and they steal it and retired civil servants die from starvation; the people who stole the money do not feel an iota of guilt from their stealing (they are antisocial personalities, sociopaths and psychopaths, while talking rubbish about God). These people are the cruelest human beings on planet earth. They are total egotists.

      They must begin the process of removing their egos to remember their true selves, sons of God, Christ, who are loving persons. Right now, they make noise about being Christians or whatever other religion they claim to belong to but somehow, they have no awareness that God is love and that those who are the sons of God are love hence to love, and care for each other.

     I submit that Africans, economically and developmentally are going nowhere and will remain at the bottom of everything human beings do on earth until they love each other and thus return to the awareness of their true selves; they must transcend their selfish egos (and identification with bodies).

     Right now, they are pure egotists hence not capable of developing their people and countries and reducing their infernal suffering.

     They suffer due to their egoism and like egotists they blame other people, especially Europeans for the suffering they brought unto themselves by their refusal to transcend ego and live from Christ, live from loving selves.

     What is salvation?

      Salvation is moving from ego separated selves towards Christ unified self and serving all peoples good.

      What is heaven? We cannot talk about heaven while we are in the abode of separated selves. But if heaven is of interest to you, it is a place where all of us share oneself, live in perfect love-, hence in bliss.

      One could escape into metaphysical musing but that could be an escapist philosophy; in the here and now world, just love you and love all people; love entails caring for every person you see around you, child and adult, man and woman, black and white we are all one shared self.


     You can choose to get out of the  ego dance and consciously let go of your desire for the ego, give up your attachment to the ego separated self and live from love and forgiveness; you can let your earthly mind be guided by the immanent God, the Holy Spirit and his pattern of thinking and behaving takes you to the world of light forms and, thereafter, to the formless unified spirit world of God where you no longer need guides because you are now living as God created you, one with him and is love and light and unified.

     In God you live in peace and joy and live eternally, permanently and changelessly.


M (1949). The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. Edited by Swami Nikhilananda. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center.

Schucman, Helen (1976). A course in miracles. Mill valley, California. Foundation for inner peace.

Ozodi Osuji

November 22, 2021


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