Why can’t Nigerians create jobs?



Ozodi Osuji

      Everywhere in Nigeria are limestones. Those are the primary   ingredients for making cement. They could be quarried to cement making factories, and grinded and turned into cement. The cement could be used to pave Nigerian city roads, and added steel to, and used to pave Nigerian highways. Embarking on such venture would create millions of jobs for the currently over 50% unemployed Nigerian youth.

       What exactly is the matter with Nigerians, why can’t they create jobs for themselves, must they always look forward to running to Europe and North America for jobs with many of them drowning in the Mediterranean Sea just for the opportunity to go do menial jobs in Europe.

     Job creation goes begging everywhere you look at in Nigeria and yet no one does it. Garbage is not collected from people’s home and are thrown to the streets. Folks could start garbage collection businesses, go to streets and sign up those who live on the streets, to use their services, place garbage collection bins in front of their houses, come to them and pick up their garbage once a week, as they do in the USA, and take it to garbage dumps (usually provided by the city, say, twenty miles away from the city where they buy land, dig, may be, one square mile hole and garbage is dumped into it and when full dig another one etc.). Garbage collection alone would create a lot of jobs in Nigerian cities.

    Folks could buy city sweeping trucks and have contracts with cities to clean city streets and do it daily and that way the roads are made clean as in the West.

     The cities could build proper underground sewage and water drainage systems so that when it rains water drains into underground pipes and those pipes take the water and sewage to wherever it is supposed to empty. 

     City councils should, as all over the world, tax properties (houses and land) and use the money to pay teachers in their city schools and maintain city school buildings.

     Cities should charge those who park their cars on city streets (having meters placed by the sides of streets).

     Cities should construct and pave streets, provide electricity and water and other activities deemed within the functions of city and local governments (all over the world).

     Cities and states have hundreds of ways to raise revenue and with the money perform proper governmental functions. Apparently, Nigerian city councils and mayors do not construe their jobs as one of performing any function for their cities but, instead, as a place they go to chop money from only God knows where that money is supposed to come from.

      Traditionally, people set up governments, tax themselves, and use the revenue to pay for the functions of government (maintaining security in the society by having and paying for police services, courts and judges and jails, pay for fire services, pay for schools and so on).

      What exactly are the city and state governments doing to generate revenue in Nigeria, is their function just to rely on the handouts that come from Abuja via oil revenue; is that why they run for offices, to go get their own share of oil money but not to generate local revenue for their states and cities?

     Why don’t individuals start janitorial companies and bid for contracts to clean up public buildings, and airports, clean the rest rooms and make sure that there are toilet papers at those places that currently look like no human beings oversee them; must Nigerian public buildings always look like pigsties?

      Must policemen and other public officials always take bribes and despite their bribe taking the police look like they had not taken baths in years and their clothes look filthy and smelly; when you give them bribes you have no respect for them, you see them as common criminals, not the authority figures that they are supposed to be, folks who uphold the laws of the land.

     Must Nigerian judges always take bribes and rule through their anuses rather than according to the law and thus stop making Nigeria a criminals’ haven.

     Must public officials always take bribes so that nothing gets done in that hell on earth called Nigeria. 

      Must schools not be well taken care of; the educational system has collapsed, and folks think that private schools are better than public schools only for those not paying their teachers well and, they, too, are not educating their students well (compare Nigeria’s current schools to when the colonials ran Nigerian schools; then an elementary or secondary school graduate was equivalent to what existed in England).

     What exactly is the matter with Nigerians, are they born subhuman beings so that they cannot do anything correctly; all we hear are excuses galore why they cannot do anything right; we never hear about what they do right.

     Are Nigerians subpar in intelligence and if so, why don’t we get rid of them and give the land to the Chinese (those would gladly use the land to grow food to feed their billion plus population).

      Listen, if Nigerians cannot do anything right, by the end of this century, folks all over the world would begin thinking about getting rid of them and giving their land to other people; this has been done before when Europeans took Indians land in the Americas, so, it can be done, again. People are simply sick and tired of seeing Nigerians who cannot do the simplest of things, of seeing garbage dumps called Nigerian towns and cities. 

      Something got to change and do so soon for the world to begin seeing Nigerians as human beings.

      You earn respect from other people; you do not expect other people to respect you when you behave like you are not capable of doing anything well.

     These days the rich in Nigeria, wealth derived from mostly stolen money, send their children overseas for good education; they go to Europe and North America for good medical treatment. Why not do in your own country what you see done overseas?

     Do you see rag-tagged policemen on the streets of the USA taking bribes from motorists? Do you see immigration and customs officers in the West collecting bribes at airports and seaports. If not, why not make sure that your own immigration and customs officers do not collect bribes and shoot to death those who collect bribes.

     People are afraid of death so shoot those who take bribes to death and those alive would stop taking bribes, or not as brazenly as they do it in Nigeria.

     Nigeria is now the corruption capital of the world.

     What exactly is so difficult about restructuring Nigeria into about twelve  ethnically based states (Igbo state, Yoruba state, Ijaw state, Efik State, Edo state, Tivi/Idioma state, Plateau state, Hausa state, Bornu state, Nukpe state and two additional ones) and have each of these states have one hundred percent control over its natural  resources and use them to develop its state, and the central government monitor all the states and any sign of corruption arrest and shoot to death the corrupt officials.

     Citizens and corporations required to pay about 20% of their annual incomes to Tax and the taxes used to run the federal government.

    What exactly is so difficult about restructuring Nigeria, having true federalism, and electing leaders who govern the country correctly; why must we only hear about corruption in Nigeria but not good governance; are Nigerians born incapable of governing themselves correctly?

    As we talk, armed robbers, and kidnappers have overrun the country, they have literally taken over the country; safety is no longer guaranteed for Nigerians.

What exactly is the matter with Nigeran leaders, are they born unintelligent, as white men say that they are (I saw an IQ study by an English psychologist that said that the average IQ of Africans is 70, that is, most of them are mentally retarded); is it true that Africans are mentally retarded hence do not do the obvious and instead mismanage their public affairs.

      All that Nigerians do is complain about the white man stealing their resources (oil, minerals, what nature deposited in Nigeria not what they generated) and never showing gratitude to him for teaching them how to read and write and bringing them into the twentieth century.

     Are Africans mentally sick or what? Why not periodically gather those who take bribes and shoot them to death, as they do in China?

      Can Nigerians run their affairs well? That question is on most people’s lips! Answering it can no longer be postponed.

     Nigerians must demonstrate that they can govern themselves right or be dismissed as incapable of doing so; no one wants to hear their infantile excuses, their blaming others for their fallen houses while you see them taking bribes, corruption is part of the cause of the fallen houses.

Ozodi Osuji

August 31, 2022


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