Why are Igbos supporting Vladmir Putin?


Ozodi Osuji

     Yesterday, I wrote a little piece that gave some data on the relative status of Russia and leading Western nations, and asked why Russia is looking for more territory?

     There are always many sides to every question, so, naturally, some people saw things differently than I did. What surprised me is that some Igbos jumped at me, in fact, as usual insulting my person for daring to not support Russia. These are Igbos who consider themselves in support of Biafra. Let me just remind them of some truth here.

    Russia sold jet fighter planes, MIGs and other military weapons to Nigeria during the Nigerian civil war (1967-1970). Those weapons were used in killing Igbos during the civil war.

      America refused to sell weapons to Nigeria during that war.

      Most of the food aid that helped Igbos survive that war came from America.

      I say all these because some Igbos, the type that supported racist Donald Trump, are supporting Putin. Where these folks get their upside-down information from is beyond my comprehension.

      Russian disinformation campaign is all over social media trying to convince folks that they are doing the right thing. They are killing innocent Ukraine children, bombing hospitals, destroying Ukraine cities yet Igbo know nothings support them. But they want the world to come to their rescue when they are killed by other Nigerians, this is hypocrisy.

     Please note that only four countries, Eretria, Syria, North Korea and Belarus voted to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, out of the UN’s General Assembly’s 193 members. The rest voted against Russia or absented from voting. These countries that supported Ukraine must know something that Igbo know nothings forget, the concept of sovereignty.

     You do not go to a country and kill its people just because you can.

     Russia, an underdeveloped country, cannot defeat the combined efforts of America and Europe. When this is all over, Russia will be reduced to pariah status and its economy in tatters.

    But for its nuclear weapons, and it stole the template with which it developed those weapons from the USA, Russia is a backward country.

     Europeans and Americans discovered computers and the internet and Russia use them to engage in cybercrimes; if the Americans really want it and let loose their cyberhackers, they discovered them, after all, all infrastructure in Russia will be brought to standstill.

     Can you tell me what Russia contributed to science and technology, just name them here; open your physics, chemistry and biology  textbooks and name the contributions made by Russians beyond Dmitri Mendeleev arranging Chemistry’s periodic table; name Russian winners of  Nobel prizes in science (just a couple of them did); name any of the technologies that you use today that Russians invented; trains, automobiles, planes, radio, television, smart phones, computers, the internet were invented by Western Europeans and Americans. So, what is this silliness of exalting a country that has given humankind extraordinarily little? Even the communism that it bastardized was first written on by Westerners (Fourier, Proudhon, Robert Owen, Karl Marx etc.).

     I am just amazed that some Igbos support Russia who supplied the weapons that killed their fellow Igbos, Biafrans, how ignorant can these folks be!

     These are the same ignorant Igbos that supported the king of the racists, Donald Trump. They do not even know who serves their interests.

     They supported a racist that would not rent his apartments to Black folk, called Africa a shithole, got into politics for racist reasons; he was shocked that black Barack Obama was elected the President of the USA and did everything to delegitimize his presidency (he joined the Birther movement).

      Trump kept asking for Obama to show his birth certificate; his question was predicated on the belief that Obama is not an American and, as such, his presidency is illegitimate, and for him to release his college transcripts at Columbia and Harvard; that is, he did not believe that a Black man is intelligent enough to attend those ivy league universities.

     Did Trump ask white candidates for important political offices to release their college transcripts? No, he assumed that they are smart but that Black folks are not smart enough to attend US top colleges, and those who attended them did so on affirmative action.

      The same Trump asked his college not to release his own transcripts. Rumor has it that someone else took his SAT for him and that he was not better than a C student?

     How more racist can Trump be before our Igbo know nothings realized that he did not stand for Black folks’ interests?

     African Americans know who serves their interests hence over 95% of them did not vote for Trump, but Igbo know it all know that Trump is not racist and kept annoying African Americans by supporting him. And because of their support for Trump, they have alienated African Americans; no US public policy towards Africa can get through Congress without support by the Congressional Black caucus (do you expect these people to support whatever cause Igbos have, Igbos burn their bridges!)

      And now they are supporting a man murdering Ukrainian women and children, making the entire world angry at Russia.

     Where do these Igbo folks get their anti-social information from, from Russian disinformation propaganda?

       Did they even go to secondary schools? Why must they always stand on the wrong end of political issues? They need to go to school and stop behaving like ignorant folks.

Ozodi Osuji

March 10, 2022

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