Why are Democrats wimpy?

A question for Jerome Nwonuma,


     In the Prince, Nicolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) said that the prince, meaning the leader must strive to be respected and or feared by both friends and foes. He must not desire love from people for people obey the person they respect and or fear not the person they love. He said that to achieve his leadership goals he must occasionally punish those who oppose him to strike fear and obedience into them.

     People want to live at all costs and are afraid of death. So, occasionally, punish some of them, even decapitate some of your enemies.

      If you do so people will think twice before opposing you. Terrorists know this reality hence they randomly kill a few persons, and the rest of the people are intimidated and do as they ask them to do.

     Donald Trump has accomplished what Machiavelli asked leaders to do. Most Republicans are now afraid of him. They know that he would “primary” them and his supporters would come out in droves and not vote for them during Republican primaries and if they do not win at that level, they would not have the opportunity to run against Democrats. So, most Republicans are afraid to say the wrong word about him for they know about his pathological narcissism. They know that if you do not admire him and pay attention to him and do as he ask you to do, he is coming after you. Trump is very vengeful and does not forgive anyone who stepped on his toes.

     If you understand political psychology, you will know that most men secretly admire strong leaders who do not mind having people shot to death; Alpha males are certainly men’s preference during wars. Hence the English threw out Neville Chamberlain in 1940 and placed the war dog, Winston Churchill who is not fazed by death and dying in power; Churchill would not give an inch of English soil to Hitler, even if all Englishmen are killed. Englishmen knew it and drove out the feckless, Biden like Chamberlain who appeases Hitler and other strong men.

     The English are, of course, sophisticated and realized that the fearless leader they needed to save them from the Huns is not who they want to lead them in peace time hence at the end of the war they elected a feckless, Biden like Clement Attlee as their prime minister (Prime Minister 1945-1951).

     Now, compare the hold that Donald Trump has over Republicans to Joseph Biden. No one cares for what Biden thinks. Members of his own party are not afraid of old Joe. Nobody sees him as capable of punishing them. Thus, they oppose his two key agenda, social spending Bill and Infrastructure Bill.

      And they know that by next year if they do not pass those two Bills, they are done. Republicans will retake the House and the Senate and Joe would be a lame duck president.

     So, it is in their best interest to support him, but no one is afraid of him, folks take his policies as a joke.

      My question is this, why do many liberals prefer to be wimpy rather than be bold leaders? Why do Democrats do these sorts of things to themselves?

     Mention Biden’s name and folks laugh for they think that he is not a leader. Why in the name of God do Democrats make themselves a joke? If they cannot lead why even bother running for public offices?

      I do not get it that they live in a country that respects macho men and prefer to be unmanly men. Is something the matter with their psyche? Can you imagine Biden the leader of the USA when the country is at war? The enemy will walk from the east coast to the west coast and this feckless man will just talk instead of being a martial leader who meets blood with blood.

      Biden and his liberals make me throw up. Take these folks who refuse to man-up out of my face.

     Biden has a feckless clown called Merrick Garland as his Attorney General and that clown keeps quiet, unaware that if he does not punish those who attempted a coup on January 6, 2021, that other coupists will try it, again.

      You show rebels that you are willing to punish them, including capital punishment, if you want to deter them but these ballless liberals refuse to show leadership.

     There is something the matter with Liberals. What they are afraid of I do not know; what I do know is that they are not fit to govern the USA.

     Republicans ask them to jump up and they ask how high they should jump; they easily case into Republican demands and, as such, are part of the problem that is destroying the USA. They are setting the USA up for a violent revolution to overthrow the capitalist class and replace them with a communist class.

      If Democrats would simply fight for education for all and health care for all and get it the USA will retain its capitalism but moderate it with aspects of socialism but if they allow only a few to win and the many to lose you set up a situation for violent overthrow of the rulers.

     At the end of the second world war, all Europe adopted social democracy to avert revolution, but silly democrats refuse to do so and allow brain dead republicans to think that they can get away with oppression forever and ever. No, they cannot; they set up a situation for violent revolution and civil war.

     If Democrats do not man-up within a decade there will be civil war in the USA. That needs not be.

Ozodi Osuji

November 2, 2021

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