Why American conservatives now desire dictators


Ozodi Osuji

     American conservatives have concluded that liberals are destroying their country by allowing racial mixing, alternative lifestyles, approving gay marriages and transgenderism. They want to take their country back from what they perceive as liberal destructive public policies; they know that they cannot really achieve their goals through the democratic process because America seems divided into fifty-fifty, liberals-conservatives; they are now looking for a strong man, a dictator to help them return America to what they believe is how it was designed to be.  They like Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jon Un of North Korea, one man rule that bring about what they wish.

     That is why they stormed Capitol Hill on January 6, 2020, to make sure that a charlatan is retained in power.

    And make no mistakes about it, they will try it again; so far, they have enacted impossible electoral laws in Republican controlled states, laws that are designed to prevent Black folks from voting and after elections have Republican electors vote for their candidate.

     All they have accomplished is set a scenario for contested elections and consequent social turmoil. That is how democracies die. We are witnessing the death of the USA.

     Whereas I am not a fan of liberals in all their many amoral ways, I also know that totalitarian, authoritarian dictatorship is the surest way to destroy the USA.

     America cannot go back to the pre-1960s when racism and discrimination ruled the land and Black people, and women were relegated to invisible status.

      No country ever goes back, it is either march forward or die.

     America needs to take from liberals what is useful in them (such as pay for education through university for all Americans and give every American publicly paid health care) and throw away others and take from conservatives (Free Enterprise System, Limited Government) what is good and combine both to march towards an ever-improving human polity.

Ozodi Osuji March 29, 2022

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