Why America became the politics of children


Ozodi Osuji

     You do not have to be a member of a political party to respect its members. I was not a member of the Republican party, but I used to respect its members.

    The Republican members of Congress, from my awareness, beginning in the 1970s, were adult men. You could count on each of them to have understanding of what conservatism is; most of them had read Edmund Burke’s reflection on the revolution in France and understood his argument that we must not quickly throw out old regimes because if we do so, we sow chaos and anarchy; it takes time to grow new traditions, hence the need for reformation rather than revolution, the need for gradual change, incrementalism rather than radical change of regimes.

     The French threw out their ancient regime in 1789 and it took them until 1958, the fifth French Republic Constitution to finally have some stability in France.

     Thus, much as you hate a type of government, you work to gradually change it but do not throw it out in one fell swoop.

      I am a social democrat and accepted the need to gradually bring about a human polity that is a mixture of capitalism and socialism with the government doing certain things for the people, such as providing education through college for all young persons and providing health care for all citizens. I was not interested in overthrowing the US government and replacing it with a socialist government.

      In 1917 Russians tried to accomplish that task but instead of social democracy, Mensheviks, the rootless Bolsheviks, beginning with V.I Lenin, grabbed power and made a royal mess of Russian politics; they continued autocracy in Russia to the present; Vladimir Putin is as autocratic as the Tzars of old; nothing has really changed in Russia, just changes in names but not political reality.

     Russians did not have a political culture that accepts democracy, and it will take time for them to reach that level; this may happen in the next two hundred years, but it is certainly not   going to happen overnight. It took hundreds of years for the West to undergo certain political upheavals that culminated in the acceptance of democracy as the preferred form of government in the West.

     Mikhail Gorbachev, in the 1980s, initiated Glazunov and Perestroika; he wanted to transform the USSR to social democracy; instead, the Bolsheviks authoritarian, totalitarian regime collapsed, and chaos reigned for a while until Putin replace the drunk Boris Yeltsin and returned Russia to brutal dictatorship.

     Beginning in 1991, Russia descended to a second-rate powerful nation status but was no longer a superpower. That left the USA as the only superpower in the world.

     America became the sole hegemon of the world; whatever America wanted happened in the world.

     American politics no longer had to grapple with the USSR. Thus, American politicians no longer had to study politics, law and international relationships to understand how to deal with the other superpower.

      I believe that the ascendency of the USA to sole hegemon status reduced American politics to the politics of children.

     Democrats’ understanding of politics now is to allow every confused teenager who is uncomfortable with his gender identity to go right ahead and change his sexual organs, to permit adult men pretending to be women to use the same bathrooms with five-year-old girls. The Democratic Party is no longer making any effort to provide all Americans with publicly paid health care and publicly paid education at all levels; it became what I call the crazy party trying to use political correctness to superimpose silly sexual agenda on all Americans.

    The Republican Party transformed itself to the Party of literal idiots. Can you imagine the imbecilic Donald Trump the President of the USA in the 1980s, can you imagine Marjorie Taylor Greene, a literal mentally retarded woman, in Congress, can you imagine Lauren Boebert from Colorado with her guns in Congress? Can you imagine Sarah Palin in American politics? I could not.

     I believe that the hubris that the USA is now the sole power in the world led to this transformation of American politics to the politics of liberal crazies and Republican idiots.

      I did not have to be a Republican to see the logic of their efforts to limit the government to spending only money it can raise and not go on spending spree, borrowing money to do all kinds of liberal things. But the Republicans are these days spending wildly, they have never seen any military weapon that they would not fund (that money goes to their friends, military contractors so that the actual weapons the US military has is deficient, see, we are almost out of Javelins just because we have given Ukraine some of them).

     What is going to save the USA is the rise of China. In about ten years China would become the number one world economy. With economic power comes military power; China would have the money to fund all kinds of weapons and come to par with the USA and Russia. At that point, America will have serious challenges in world politics.

     I believe that when this happens Americans will start electing adult persons in their politics, not liberal crazies and Republican idiots.

      As things currently stand, I must say that when Vladimir Putin threatens to use his nuclear weapons on America, I said, go right ahead, old boy, what America has become, children in politics, need to not exist, so wipe them out.

      Putin is a terrorist; he is trying to use his nuclear weapons to intimidate the West so that they let him gobble up Ukraine, and thereafter Moldova, the Baltic countries and try taking Poland before the West says stop and a third world war starts.

     The West and Russia would then destroy themselves and new powers emerge, such as China, India, Brazil and South Africa.

Ozodi Osuji

April 18, 2022

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