Why A course in miracles is different from other religions


     Hinduism and older religions have tortured paths to gaining freedom from the ego; they posit a lot of moral twists and turns that should be followed and at the end the individual attains enlightenment. It works.

      A course in miracles says that it has a simpler path to self-enlightenment: just let go your identification with ego and body, and do not defend ego and body; forgive what other egos did to your ego and body for they were done in a dream, and you did it to you.

     Let go of ego defenses and you awaken to your real self, now, not after the years of tortured meandering of old religions that talk about the pointlessness of the ego and body and still concern themselves with ego and body morality; ego morality that protects the ego and body, hence countering what they want to achieve, egolessness.

     Let go of all ego-based thinking, behavior, and morality for they protect the ego and body hence are part of the ego problem.

     You do not have to torture yourself by eating certain food, so-called purified food, or abstaining from certain behaviors, such as sex (sex takes place in the dream and the dream has not occurred so no one is having sex); just realize that the ego, its body and world do not exist, do not desire them and do not defend them and you realize your real self, a part of God, a son of God who is one with God and all his creations.

     See the world as a dream of separation from God and do nothing to defend the dream of separated self and its world of multiplicity and that world disappears, and you wake up in the formless, unified spirit world.

     Here is a question posed by skeptics: has anyone awakened from doing what A course in miracles urges people to do or are we merely talking interesting metaphysics? I do not know, why don’t you find out?

Ozodi Osuji

October 22, 2022

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