White men are afraid of strong black men


Ozodi Osuji

     Have you paid attention to the relationships between White and Black folks in the Americas? I have, and here is what I found.

     The white man is terrified of the strong Black man; he believes that given what he did to Black folks in the past five hundred years that strong Black men are angry at him, and he keeps distance between him and them.

      Just in case a Black man comes close to him, since the only way he knows how to deal with problems is using guns, he carries a gun and does not hesitate in shooting to death the Black man. Yes, he would not hesitate to kill the Black man. And where he does not do it personally, he trained a police force and judiciary to do it for him. The police quickly arrest Black folks, and   the pompous judges slam them into jails and prisons, and the abuse continues inside those so-called correctional facilities.

      In his mind, killing a few Black folks should intimidate all Black men and keep them far from him. This is the behavior of terrorists.

     The terrorist knows that the average human being desires to live, although he does not really know what he is living for, and fears death, and that If you randomly kill some people and thus show your proven record of killing people, that most people will be intimidated by you and do as you asked them to do.

      People will obey you if you threaten to kill them; people want to stay alive, doing what only God knows (stay alive doing their slave jobs to earn living to keep their fearful egos and bodies alive).

     During the past five hundred years (1500 2000 CE), the Black man was intimidated by the white men. All Black men, in the Americas and Africa, accepted white men’s intimidation.

     The African’s psyche has accommodated terrorism and slavery. The African in Africa and the Americas is now an unchained slave. He is terrified of dying at the hands of his white terrorist masters; to avoid death he anticipates what white folks want him to do and does them. He does whatever the terrorists from Europe ask him to do.

      While living as a slave, the Black man behaves like children; he puts on social masks that make him seem an especially important person in his fellow Black folks’ eyes.

     The typical Nigerian lives to seem important in the eyes of his fellow Nigerians. He knows that to white folks he is nothing but feces, but, at least, he pretends, among his fellow Black folks, that he is somebody important. Of course, he is not important. A bullet into his importance pretending head and he is food for worms; white terrorists know it and brandish their guns before his eyes least he forgets how easily disposed his life is; white folks laugh at his African big man pretentions.

     Africans are very weak; white folks are also very weak but in their own way; white folks are bullies whereas Africans are the bullied.

     Africans play the role of victims and white folks play the role of victimizers; these two inadequate groups of human beings come together and enact their song and dance and remain terribly deficient human beings; no wonder that Charles Darwin called them animals (but behind that animal status is their real selves, unified spirit selves).

     If you are a strong Black man, you do not have to say a word and the white man senses you from a distance. Your aggression oozes out of every pore in your body.

     I am a strong Black man, a warrior born. I usually do not say much but white folks are intimidated by me. They know that I know that what they did to Black men is not right and they also know that I am not afraid of them, nor would it bother me to eliminate them; actually, I see them as children to be trained and enabled to become human beings.

     In the employment world they put a distance between them and I and do whatever they can to make sure that I do not get employed or get ahead in their work world. This is fine with me for I consider it degrading to work for them. To me, they are beasts, and one does not like the company of beasts (except to civilize them into loving persons).

     On the other hand, since the run of the mill Black folks are like the run of the mill human beings, fearful, and begs to live, they are intimidated by the white man.

     White people do not mind having fearful and childlike Black men around them. They give them jobs, but just in case they act out, they have their guns handy and if such hitherto cowed Black folks act out, they fire them from their jobs or shoot them to death.

     White folks do not feel guilt or remorse from killing Black folks because to them they are animals, animals are meant to be hunted for sport; but they, too, are animals (they deny what they see in them and project it to Black folks).


      The above is the song and dance of white and Black folks in our contemporary world; their dance is predicated on white folks being terrorists and bullies and Black folks being fearful, intimidated, weak folks pretending to be especially important persons. Can this be changed?

     Not in the short run but eventually, of course, it will change. But given that less than one percent of humanity, black and white, are warriors I doubt that the average Black man will become aggressive or assertive in the next couple hundred years to fight with white folks.

     In the future Black and white people must fight. Franz Fanon, in his book on colonialism, recognized this reality; he observed that it is only at wars that colonized folks acquire respect in the eyes of their colonizers.

    Fighting makes cowardly slaves shed their fear of their masters; at wars slaves see that like other people most of their white masters are afraid to die; moreover, they do get killed and decay at the battlefield.

     You can beg the terrorist all you like but if you are afraid of death when he points a gun at you and you do as he asks you to do, he is not going to change and respect you and treat you as his equal.

     Only you can liberate you by looking at the terrorist and say to him: go to hell; shoot me if you like but until then I will live my life as I know is right. Beg terrorists, and they will continue terrorizing you.


     At present, Africans and African Americans beg white terrorists to allow them to live; if this situation continues white terrorists would not have respect for Africans.

     Only guns equalize people; so, Africans must learn to use guns and fight those who try to intimidate them; kill or get killed is the condition for mutual respect.

     Stay afraid of death and you permit the terrorists of this world, including African terrorists, to intimidate and terrorize you and reduce you to second class living.

     Until a man overcomes fear he really cannot live freely; fear is based on misidentification, the belief that one is an ego in body; to overcome fear one must change one’s belief and now see one’s self as not ego and body (which will die) and, instead, see one’s self as part of the eternal, formless, unified spirit self that folks call God.

Ozodi Osuji

April 14, 2022


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