What is the meaning of forgiveness?


Ozodi Osuji

      The whole idea of forgiving other people stumped me and I have not practiced it and if I do not practice it, I do not practice A course in miracles and therefore would not benefit from it, attain holy instant and salvation, resurrection from death (to live as ego is to be metaphorically dead to one’s real-self, Christ), which is enlightenment to one’s real self, the son of God who is one with God; we have to remember our forgotten real self for he is still in our memory.

     In my world I see other people do terrible things to me and to other persons and I do terrible things to other people. I believe that we do not have a right to do dreadful things to each other so when other people do terrible things to me, I feel injustice done to me and feel angry and attack them.

      In my thinking those who did dreadful things to me are outside me, are not me, so I feel justified in attacking them in self-defense. This is based on the notion of separated sons of God, each housed in a different body, living in space and time and doing terrible things to each other.

     A course in miracles says that in eternity we are unified sons of God and that subsequently we separated from each other and feel guilty from that separation and fear that God would punish us because of our separation from him.

     We deny the guilt feeling at the conscious level and repress it into our unconscious minds. From the unconscious minds it acts as the ego saying that we ought to suffer, get punished, and die for separation, sinning against God and each other.

      In the world, a dream we project our sense of guilt and sin out, make other people in the dream, world attack and do terrible things to us so that we suffer, and are poor. We see them do terrible things to us and feel angry at them and defend our egos and bodies hence make them real in our awareness.

     But it is me, the sleeping son of God, who separated from God and from the other sleeping sons of God who projected me into my dream of self-forgetfulness, and they project me into their own dream of separation, our collective dream of separation is filled with guilt and fear.

      I made them do to me what they did to me, and they made me do what I did to them. Since I made them do what they did to me in my dream then there is no use being angry at them, I ought to change my mind, where the problem is, not at the behavioral level which is the effect.

     So, I change my mind and say that I have not separated from God and his sons and therefore I am not guilty (for this to be real I must see other people as me).

      The dream now has no impact on me for I recognize that it is my dream, that I projected the dream figures out. So, when I see them attack me, I overlook their attack, forgive them. Thereafter, I have a peaceful and happy dream.

     But other people may not yet know that they are the ones dreaming the world, so they are still seeing others do terrible things to them and believe them outside them and defend themselves by fighting them, as at wars and social conflicts.

     It is for me to know that it is my dream and see dream figures as passive figures in my dream and not respond to them with defensive attacks and know peace. I forgive them what they did to me in the dream, that they have not done in fact, and in doing so forgive what I did to me and to other sons of God and have not done in fact.

     This does not mean that the world would change. The world would be around for billions of years until each sleeping and dreaming son of God forgives his dream figures who attacked and harmed his dream self. My function is to wake up by recognizing that the world is a dream and forgive it.

     I cannot make other people to forgive their dream figures for they came to the dream voluntarily and will forgive it voluntarily, not when I ask them to do so.

     So, I see America go to war with Russia and they are killing each other. I forgive them but do not participate in that war and allow those who think that attack is real and that they need to defend their egos and bodies, to do so by killing each other, in a dream war, not in truth.


     I see racial injustice in the world; I do not condone it but see it as guilt feeling Black and white people who believe that they need to suffer because they separated from God, feeling guilt, attacking each other, to make each other suffer for their guilt from separation from God and from each other.

     They will keep doing so until they give up the wish for separation and thus stop feeling guilty and desiring to be punished and punishing themselves via attacks on each other.

      I cannot change the world with my salvation; Jesus stopped ego defense and allowed his ego and body to die so that he resurrected to his Christ self but the rest of the people, two thousand years later, still believe in separation and ego and are not resurrected to the Christ in them (resurrection to Christ is  enlightenment to one’s real self as the son of God who is one with God).

     You see an adult raping a child, you pull the adult away but understand that he did what he did because he feels guilty from his separation from God and his son, his real self and punishes another person to punish his self; he rapes a child to punish his self as he would be sent to jail by society.

      The child wanted to experience that abuse, because of his or her own guilt from separation, which is not to justify the abuse.


      A course in miracles says that when another person does something that makes me angry, I am in ego state and feel attacked and see that person as outside me. But that person is inside my mind. He is a figure in my dream. I projected him out and through him attack me.

   I want to be attacked because I feel guilty and fearful because I am separated from God and need to be punished.

     If I recognize that the attacker is a dream figure in my dream, that he and I are one shared self, one son of God who now seem separated from God and each other, I forgive him his attack, that is, I forgive me my attack on me through him.

     That way forgiveness means that I recognize that we are not separated and what he does to me I did to me and what I did to him he did to his self. By forgiving him I forgive me; by him forgiving me he forgives his self.

    But if he refuses to forgive me, he refuses to forgive his self, not recognize our oneness and lives in ego and suffer guilt and fear.

     The ego lives in fear that other egos would attack it and protect itself with infinite armor, as egotistical and fear driven white Americans do, they arm their individual selves with guns, arm their police to kill their attackers and arm their military to kill their would be foreign attackers; they will keep doing so until they run out of money to pay for military and police protection and collapse, as all ego based, and fear driven empires do.

     As for me, my function is to forgive all people and not worry about whether other people practice forgiveness or not.

      My ego asks me: is this forgiveness thing an escapist philosophy or is it realistic? It is realistic if the world is a dream but if the world is not a dream, then defense is justified if you want to live in body and ego.


     If you no longer live from the ego mind but live from the Holy Spirit’s right mind in you, you are living from God since the Holy Spirt is God in his son’s separated ego mind, in the world of appearances, you are now living as God’s spirit; as pure spirit you can perform miracles, heal the sick and do what Jesus did.

     First, you must heal your mind, give up the ego and live from God, and not continue living from ego separated mind and expect to perform miracles; the miracle is to forgive your ego and live from the Holy Spirit, your right mind.


     A course in miracles employs Freudian psychoanalytic terms like ego unconscious minds where unaccepted ideas are repressed into and from there, they influence our thinking and behaviors; it says that the idea of separation and guilt and fear of punishment from separation from God, ideas that one is not aware at the conscious level, are in one’s unconscious mind. It uses Psychoanalytic terms like perception, projection is perception.


     The idea that projection is perception means that you see something in a manner what is in accord with what your mind wants to see it as but not as it is. That is, you do not perceive things correctly but color your perception with your unresolved issues reposed into your unconscious mind.

     In seeing, you do not create what you see, you merely misperceive it, color it with your myopia.

      Projection is not creation, even extension is not creation, for in extension you extend what already is in you to bring about another thing but not a new thing but something like you; creation implies creating something completely new.

     In a dream your mind gathers people and things that it did not create and use them to enact whatever story it wants to enact, make them do something according to your script, your play, your drama but you did not create those people and things in your dream.

      The world is like that, you use people who already exist to dramatize your script, your story but you do not create them. Each person does the same thing; one did not create any human being but merely uses them to dramatize one’s existential script, one’s story.

     The entire universe was invented by all sons of God, the sonship, not just one of us; we individually take from what all of us invented, aspects of the universe we made to enact our personal solo dreams in the collective drama, play called our lives on earth.


      The universe of space, time and matter does not exist but seems to exist, it is an illusion (I have elsewhere demonstrated it, of how it came from a point of light to becoming all things).

    The universe is our collective dream within which are our individual dreams. Because it is a dream, we can focus on solving its problems, as we do at the ego level, but if you want to escape from the universe, awaken from the sleep-dream, you see what other people did to you as done to you in a dream and forgive them to forgive what you did to them and you and in doing so regain the awareness that we did not separate from God, that we remain as God created us, one with him and with each other.

    Because we have not separated from God and each other, and merely dream it, we are always innocent, guiltless, sinless, holy, and sanctified.

    When you give up your belief in separation and its individual ego and forgive all people and feel one with them you experience what mystics call enlightenment, illumination, Samadhi, Satori and in that state of union with God and his creation know yourself to be eternal, permanent and changeless, not in body but in formless spirit self.

     Forgiveness is what Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit taught as the means of attaining love, and by love he meant a sense of oneness with all people.

     Therefore, if you want to be a Christian and transcend this world forgive all people and forgive you, meaning love all of us.

     Of course, there are other ways to attain enlightenment, Hinduism and Buddhism are examples but here I am. limiting analysis to the path to salvation taught by Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit.

Ozodi Osuji

January 12, 2022

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