What is salvation?


     Salvation is as simple as letting go of one’s identification with the ego separated self; if one has no ego and does not defend the ego self-concept, is empty of all ego concepts and ideas of who one is or is not one is saved.

     Enlightenment and illumination are what happens when one lets go of the ego and accepts the unknown knower as one’s real self, a self that cannot be defined by any ego categories.

     Is there any reason why an African should not be enlightened; must an African always follow the path laid down by a Jew (Jesus), a Hindu (Krishna, Buddha), an Arab (Mohammed)?

      It is my function, as a nominal African, to lay down a path to God, not an ego and pride-based path, a path that is egoless and prideless hence leads to peace and joy.

      (The ego is war on one’s real self and other people and on God.)

      Try to understand the above statements, on salvation meaning letting go of living from the ego and instead living from Christ and his father, God. If you do and live it, that is, live egolessly and not seeing you as a body, you are enlightened to your real self, unified spirit self.

     Enlightenment is removing the ego from inside your mind, it is not something you find outside you; your real self is already and always in you but you veil it, mask it, cover it up with the ego false self you made for yourself; now remove the ego and live from your real self that God created you as, his son who is one with him and all his creations.

     If what I said in this brief piece does not make sense to you please do not try to make it make sense to you; accept where you are in space and time; not all people will transcend space and time now; the universe will exist for trillions of years offering each of us sufficient time to realize that space and time are illusions and stop seeking them and regain knowledge of our unified spirit self.

Ozodi Osuji

November 26, 2022

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