What is God?




Ozodi Osuji

      Every group of human beings that have existed on planet earth had and or has an idea that they called God. Each group’s idea of God reflects where they are in space, time, and matter. Each group see God in male categories, as a kind of father.

     Human beings lived in an environment where everywhere they turned to was danger, so their God had to be like a powerful male who helped them overcome the danger they saw in their world. Women tended to be soft and motherly, qualities needed to raise children but not useful in fighting with the lion or tiger killing children; you needed the quality of a powerful warrior to kill that predatory animal and God had to be created as a powerful male warrior.

      It is us, human beings, who created God in our image and desires for a powerful helper; we then turned around to say that God created us in his image.

     God cannot have an image form for if he is all of us, all people, animals, objects, he cannot have an image. God is imageless. So, what exactly is God?

      I could play the agnostic that I like to define myself as and say that I do not know what God is. But to do so is to chicken out, it is to say that I do not know who I am.

    A human being ought to know something about himself; it is a copout to say, I do not know who I am. Theists tell us what God is, what they tell us that God is, is what their religion tells them that God is. If they are Jews it means that they tell us what Judaism thought God is four thousand years ago; if they are Christians it means what Christians thought of God two thousand years ago; if they are Muslims it means what Muslims thought of God fourteen hundred years ago; if they are Hindus it means what Hindus thought of God four thousand years ago; if they are Buddhists, well, those are part of Hindus, so it means what Hindus say  about God.

     If you rebel against your people’s understanding of God, you tell us that there is no God. If you are a European atheist you rebel against the Christian cum Judaic postulation of what God is, an old man sitting somewhere in the sky; the Christian God holds the universe in his hands; he is a pathological narcissist that insists that we pray to him and please him and if we do not see him as great, he feels angry at us and kills us. If you are like Lot’s wife and look back when God asks you not to look back, you are turned into a pillar of salt.

     Listen, of all religions, Christians’ conception of God is the most childish and one can understand how a Westerner would reject it and define himself an atheist; he is not an atheist, he is merely rejecting his Christian people’s infantile construction of God.

     Can we go beyond religion and know what God is? Yes.

      I do not belong to any religion but deep inside me I know that God is real. So, what exactly is that real God?


     God is an idea, not a thing. God is the idea of the whole. Each of us is the idea of the part of that whole idea.

     The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. God is all of us added together plus himself; that is, God is greater than all of us put together and each of us.

      God is himself and is also in each of us. There is God in you, there is God in me; there is God in each bacterium, virus, animal, plant and in all things.

    God is in everything that exists; God is everything; everything is nothing; God is no thing; nothing is all things.


     God is creative; in fact, it is his creatorship that characterize him most. God is always creating. What does he create? He created you and me. God created each of us and gave us all his creative ability and we, too, create our own children. However, we do so with the creative ability of God in us, not with our own ability, for by ourselves alone we cannot create, or do anything; we do whatever we do with the power of God in us; by ourselves we can do nothing.

     Even wicked and evil persons do what they do with the power of God in them. The power of God can be used constructively or destructively. Nothing, good or bad, can happen without God, so if you choose to kill people, and you can kill people, you kill people with the power of God in you.

   If God is loving, why does he allow us to kill people? Hold your wrath and keep reading.


     God is not a thing. God is not something that has physical dimensions. God is life itself (where is life…you cannot see life).

     God is universal intelligence and more than that; God is consciousness and more than that, God is a creator and more than that.

     God created you and I and everything; he created us as his sons and gave us his creative ability. Each son of God and groups of sons of God create a universe or universes.

      Our present physical universe was created by a son of God (remember that each son of God contains all of God and all of God’s creation, so one son of God contains all creations of God, all of us).

      Since there are infinite sons of God, they have created infinite universes and are still creating other universes.

      I know that it is exceedingly difficult for a human being to accept that there are many universes, but we are emphasizing the truth here.

       In our present universe, there are trillions of galaxies, trillions of stars, trillions of planets, trillions of animals, and plants (at least on planet earth).

      There are infinite other universes, many of which are exactly like our present physical universe of space, time, and matter, other universes are different from ours.

     (Hugh Everett, of Princeton University, in his many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, talked about many universes; David Deutsch of Oxford University, changed the name to multiverse.)

    Say one; the moment that you say one you have implied the existence of two, three, four, keep going until you are tired of counting, until you get to infinity. If one universe exists, infinite universes must logically exist.

     For our present purposes, we shall limit ourselves to the present universe we live in, the physical universe (there are universes that are not physical in nature).


   God extended himself to his sons; the whole extended to its parts and gave all his self to each of his parts. As far as human beings are concerned, God created you and gave you, himself.

      In you is God (in you is life). You create your own children with the creative power of God in you (animals, plants etc. do the same).

      Our present physical universe, one of infinite universes, came about when a son of God (who contains all of God and his children) decided to rebel against God.

     He asked, how come God created me, how come I did not create God, create me and create other creations of God?

     Well, once you are created you cannot create your creator and create yourself, but you can create like your creator. God already created you and is in you, you cannot create God and create you.

     This son of God (in Jewish mythology, Yahweh; in Gnostic mythology, Demiurge; in Catholic mythology, Lucifer) decided to pretend that he can create God. Of course, he cannot do so in reality.

     He, according to Hinduism, cast a magical spell, Maya, on him and, as it were, went to sleep and, in his sleep, dreamed our present universe. In his dream, he is now the creator of the universe. (Please do recognize that we are talking in metaphors, not literal truth; truth is infinite hence unknown to us.)

    On earth, the dream of self-forgetfulness, each of us dreams that he is the lord of the flies. I dream of me creating the world I live in, and you do the same.

      I created my world, but I need to add that I did so with the creative power of God in me and I would be realistic. If I say that I created anything by myself alone I am deluded; I am stark insane.

      We on earth collectively created the physical universe; we placed each of us in a body. Body gives us the illusion that we are separated from each other and from God; we walk around in space and time, and those two also give us the illusion that we are separated from each other and from God.

     Our physical universe is not real; it is a mass hallucination and mass delusion; our physical universe of space, time, and matter does not exist, but we desperately want it to exist to make us feel more powerful than God, so we see it.

      We are seeing what is not there, hearing voices that people do not speak and believing that these things exist hence we are psychotic.

    Psychosis is characterized by the presence of hallucinations and delusions. We hallucinate and are deluded. Incredible, eh?


      Try loving all people and forgiving all the people that your ego separated self-tell you wronged you. If you live love and forgiveness, one day you will see the physical universe of space, time, and matter disappear from your awareness and you momentarily regain sanity; you know that you are part of one force that people call God.

     God does not have physical dimensions; it is not a thing. You cannot describe it as this or that, it simply is. God is and all else is noise.

     Since we are conceptual beings, you can say that God is the whole and we are the parts of the whole, that God is a wave of light and that each of us is a particle of that wave of light; wave and particles are one.

     You can use whatever analogy comes to your mind and it may come close to explaining God for you, but the fact is that God cannot be explained conceptually, not with language and speech, for language and speech came into being to enable the separated ones, us, to talk to each other.

     God is all of us and thus does not talk, conceptually; to whom is he talking to if he is all of us? There is no you and no not you in God; there is no subject and object, no seer and seen, in here and out there in God; God is one shared self with one shared mind.

      God is oneself that manifests in infinite selves, in infinite us; God is one mind that is in each of us. God operates through our brains and animals’ brains, plants, stars, everything but is none of those things.

     We need to study our brains and understand how they work, just as we need to understand how our cars work but God is not in our brains; the driver of a car appears inside his car and drives it but is not the car he drives.

      Life, God is in each of us and operates through us but is more than each of us.


     Do we die? Our bodies are composed of matter, molecules, elements, atoms, and particles; our bodies are elements held together by chemical bonds; our bodies age and die and the bonds break up and the sixty-four elements in our bodies separate from each other (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, iron, sodium, phosphor, potassium, magnesium, and others).

     The elements decay to electrons, protons, and neutrons; those particles of the atom decay to quarks, and eventually to light.

      A speck of light, photon, 13.8 billion years ago, was projected by a son of God, exploded, and recombined into matter, and matter was used to form galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals. Our bodies and all stars and planets do die and decay and return to the light that formed them.

     Physical light does not die but changes forms (energy transforms to matter and matter transforms to energy, law of conservation of energy, and matter); it was projected out by spiritual light. Our bodies physically die but what happens is that over billions of years, they are transformed back to light.

    Upon death each of us sees his self in another body and keep on living, going through many seeming deaths, until the physical universe ends in several trillion years in the future (some people choose to live in formless light, in light forms, or exist as pure consciousness; the possibilities are infinite).

      When the physical universe dies, we can no longer be in bodies, so we return to the awareness of who we always are, spiritual light.

       You do not have to wait for trillions of years to know that you are a spiritual light. You can tune out your body, our physical universe and meditate. Sit quietly, do not think, give up all conceptual thinking, for concepts assume a separated, divided self. Keep quiet. If you do so and attain inner silence, you may experience our unified spirit self that folks call the sons of God, who is one with God; a self that has no name for to give him a name is to limit him, he is limitless.


     Have I explained God? Of course, I have not. No one can explain God; what is true is that God is real. God is real, he is not physical so if you have the delusion of power,       as Vladmir Putin, before us, currently has, and is destroying people and cities in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Ukraine, he is doing so in the dream of separation; he is not killing any son of God; the people he believes that he killed merely see themselves in other bodies and keep living.

       If the idiot boy called Putin or any other psychopathic killer would devote a few hours to trying to understand God, he would know that God is love. You can cover your eyes to the presence of love, but you cannot eradicate love.

     Since we are now separated selves, egos in bodies, and have the delusion of power because we can destroy other people, until we, too, die and our bodies are eaten by bacteria and worms, that will in turn decay (Putin has only a few years to live and his bloated body would be eaten by bacteria who will decay to electrons, protons and neutrons, to particles), well, if we choose to use our minds properly we would only love rather than destroy.

      Of course, we can choose to destroy, people have done so throughout human existence on planet earth. But a few, such as Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ have understood that life is eternal, not in body, but in spirit and told us that love is like a glue that holds the infinite sons of God together into the one son of God who is one with God.

     Forgive and love and know relative peace and joy while still in the world of separation and living in body; recognize that you are not a body, that you are part of one formless, unified spirit self, a part of God and know yourself to be part of God and in God feel eternal, permanent, and changeless.

     God is real; the rest is mere noise that the tired children of God use to amuse themselves, to pretend that they live in body, and are in a place of space, time, and matter; they are allowed to dream that they are separated from God, but while doing so they ought to forgive and love one another to know relative peace, until they are ready to awaken from the dream of separation, give up desire for separated self, let go of the conceptual self, and revert to awareness of being part of an eternal formless, unified spirit self.

Ozodi Osuji

June 29, 2022


John 1, 1-13, made it abundantly clear that the son of God created this world. We are the son of God and created this world. We created it to forget that God created us; we created it in pursuit of self-creation; the goal now is to recreate it, as the Holy Spirit does, by returning to the world that approximates God and his heaven, a forgiving and loving world.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all humanity. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome[a] it.

There was a man sent from God whose name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe. He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light.

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. 10 He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. 11 He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. 12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God— 13 children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

John 1: 1-13. Bible, New International Version

  • Many of the ideas in this paper can be found in my books, especially, Connected lives, and in Helen Schucman’s A course in miracles.

Many Africans who have had cursory western education run around deluding themselves with the nonsense that the West gave them misleading religion. Okay. But they are so lazy that they would not produce what they consider to be a better religion. Many of them are so daft that they think that they can go back to the religion of their slave selling ancestors. No, you do not enter a river twice. Human beings need a new religion. I have taken the pain to try to produce a new metaphysics. Read it and learn or keep deluding yourself that there is no God and use your atheism to do what Africans know how to do best: sell their people into slavery and or steal from their people. I have done my part, whether you learn or not is up to you. You cannot say that nobody told you what is right. Do not steal, do not kill anyone; love you and all people and you live in alignment with God, our creator.

Ozodi Osuji

June 29, 2022

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