What are people like without our perceptions and projections?


Ozodi Osuji

      We live in the world of perception. Perception means that there are two or more people and things and each of us sees those things.

      I am over here. You are over there. I see you and you see me. We are in the world of perception. For there to be perception there must be divided things, divided selves; there must be I and not I; there must be the seer and the seen; there must be subject and object; there must be space, time, and matter between the seers and seen.

      I am over here in space; you are over there in space; there is space and distance between us; there is time between us. Each of us lives in a body made of matter.

     Space, time, and matter necessarily influence perception. The state of my body (matter), the distance between me and other people and the time I live in affect how I see other people and things. If there was no space, time, and matter between us I would not see other people and things as I currently see them.

      It can therefore be logically said that space, time, and matter were designed for me to see things as I currently see them, as different from me, the seer.

      The entire physical universe was designed to enable me, and you, to see things as we currently see them, as different from each of us, as other people and things, not as us.

     Now, suppose that we removed space, time, and matter would we also be able to see? Probably. However, since space, time, and matter make us different from each other, it follows that if there is no space, time, and matter we would all be the same; indeed, we would be equal.

     Without space, time, and matter what would exist is a field of the same thing, a field of light. There would be one wave of light with infinite units of it; the units/particles of light would be relating to each other as the same as themselves, as equal, without separation between them.

      They would live in perfect peace and harmony. Obviously, in our present awareness, we do not live in this type of situation on earth; on earth each of us is housed in a different body, lives in space and time and must necessarily be different and not the same and not equal with other selves and things; some people are clearly smarter than others, some bigger than others, some men, and some women.

     The type of relationships that people who are outside space, time, and matter would have are currently beyond my understanding, but I suspect that it is different from our current manner of relationships; it would be communing rather than the give and take, pragmatic relationships we have on earth.

     I say non-pragmatic because where all people are units of light, particles of light, since light is eternal, they really do not need anything from other units of  light, they are not struggling to survive; they just exist and commingle with other particles of light without fear that other particles of light would harm them and or eradicate them from existence, they would not be defensive and offensive; they would live quietly, harmlessly, and peacefully and happily.

     I am saying that without space, time, and matter, without the physical universe that only light exists; there would be one wave of light in which we are particles of it and that we are the same and live harmoniously and peacefully.

     Then entered separation and each unit of light now sees itself in body (made of light now called elements), with space and time between them, each pursuing his presumed self-interests and the result is conflict and wars and mutual ego defenses.

       We could consciously choose to let go of the defenses we made to protect our separated selves, not see us as bodies in space and time and become aware of ourselves as the same particles of light and communicate with people at that peaceful and harmonious level.

     To live from our true selves, since our true selves are units of a wave of connected and joined light, is to live from the light, and since light is always joined, is to be joined to each other; love is what makes us joined, therefore, we live in love and peace.

     Religious folks call this type of living enlightenment, illuminated living, living from the non-material light (aka spiritual light) that is our real and true selves.


We think in concepts and images; when I am thinking, I am playing with concepts and ideas; those concepts and ideas take on images. The thinker affects what he sees because he projects his concepts and images of them to them. It is doubtful that there is such a thing as objective perception since we think and see in images, images of our own making. Professor Helen Schucman said that perception is projection; this means that we project ourselves to what we see as out there and color them with our preconceptions and presuppositions of what they are or are not. What is the truth? As said by who, you or me? Is there a universal truth outside our separated perceptions? May be in the non-perceptual universe!

Ozodi Osuji

October 25, 2022

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