We live meaningless lives



October 30, 2022

5:30 AM

In this dream I was at an airport looking for a ride to my house when a shuttle bus picked many of us up and we subsequently found ourselves in what now turns out a restricted part of the airport and a security guard arrested us and took us into detention. In the detention room I tried to understand why we were there. A boy of about six years old said that the security guards tried to rape him, and I wrote that down as evidence of the injustice of our situation, hoping to take it to the expected trial to release us. A fat Black woman came into the room and introduced herself as the administrative judge and that the court session will soon begin. Soon the hall was full of people, some eating food; the scenario was very confusing, and I asked myself where exactly am I, and when exactly are we going to have a court hearing to be released or not; it seemed meaningless. Glidingly gently, I woke up feeling total peace. For a while, I laid on my back in peace and this entered my mind: this dream that I just had is meaningless; it symbolizes the total meaninglessness of this world. I went to my computer and typed the below essay that the world is a meaningless dream.


      This world is truly a meaningless dream; to be in the dream you must take the dream seriously, and take an aspect of it seriously and dedicate your life to it, such as select a field of studies and study it and make contributions to it; you must feel that what you are doing is very important for you to keep doing it; you must take your profession, vocation seriously to do the work it takes to study it and make contributions to it and make a living from it. However, when later you look back at it you find that you were doing nothing important.

    Yet what you did had to be done at the time you were doing it, for it was part of the collective dream that all of us are engaged in. Each person’s part in the dream is choreographed for him to be in it, his body and personality and where he was born suited his role in the great dream drama, he enacts in the universal drama that we are separate from each other.

      People and groups must take their dreams seriously. Consider me, due to my problematic biological inheritance, I felt inordinately weak and sought psychological power; that drive for power and importance powered my motivation and ambition to do what I did but in retrospect it was all a joke. Nevertheless, it was a necessary joke given my biological constitution that made me feel weak and disposed me to seek false, neurotic power and importance.

     My group, Igbos, have no significant history; anthropologists call them stateless people and they feel ashamed of it, and have since embarked on a quest to prove to themselves and the world that they had a glorious history. Igbos seek personal and collective sense of importance and worth, seeking money and power is really what they live for, they want to be seen by all people as very wealthy and important people. They will do anything to make money, have houses, property and wealth. So far, because they are individualistic, they lack good political skills and do not know how to schmooze with folks to form political alliances that would take them to top positions in Nigerian politics, so they are sidelined. They cry out that they are politically marginalized.

      Igbos’ lack of important history is symbolic of my own lack of important family history and my effort to do what makes me seem important. I was ashamed of my Igbo people’s lack of glorious history; that is, I was ashamed of my lack of glorious family heritage; I was ashamed of my father’s poverty and my low-class status (all understandable because my father was the first in his lineage to encounter the Western world).

     In my endeavors, no vocation/profession was satisfactory enough for me to stay there and make contributions in it and make a good living, so I drifted from one profession to another.


    In my unconscious mind there is belief that as I am I am not good enough and desire to do what makes me perfect. I generalized that desire to improve me to seeing no profession is good enough for me; nothing in life is good enough for me; I kept looking for a perfect self and perfect profession until I got to my present retirement age.

     It all seemed a waste of time but there was an underlying reason for all my behaviors, my search for perfection, worth and meaning in life; I had to find out that there is no perfection, worth and meaning in life in body and in this world, that the world is a meaningless place that we take seriously and it seems meaningful; the world is a big fat joke, a meaningless dream.


     I am attracted by science and consume whatever is published in physics. In the world you find scientists studying space, time and matter, studying stars, galaxies, planets, plants, animals and people’s bodies and some applying pure science to practical science in technology.

     Each of the people doing the studies takes what he is doing very seriously otherwise he would not do it and would not find meaning in his life.

     Albert Einstein had to take his study of the cosmos seriously otherwise he would not have found the special and general theory of relativity; quantum physicists and astronomers like J.J Thompson, Henri Becquerel, Maria and Pierre Curie, Wilhelm Rontgen, Max Plank, Ernest Rutherford, Niels Bohr, Eugene Broglie, Werner Heisenberg, Emil Schrodinger, Paul Dirac, Wolfgang Pauli, Lise Meitner, James Chadwick, Alexander Friedman, George Lemaitre, Edwin Hubble, George Gamow, Fred Hoyle etc.  all had to believe that they were doing especially important studies to explicate the nature of the atom, the stars and the universe.

     Yet, all they did was show humankind how using nuclear fusion and fission they construct nuclear weapons with which they would destroy all life on earth.

      Nature, itself, that has the secrets of the atom and the cosmos meant for life on earth to be destroyed; life on earth is destined to be destroyed by man or nature! It is all a joke, I tell you. Enjoy the joke for it is on you!

    (People in the past had science and technology and destroyed themselves with it and we began afresh.)

      It is all a joke. When you understand that the whole human drama is a joke, a humor, all you do is laugh your head off and take nothing seriously.

     Still, you must be doing something, at best you do what enables people to realize that the world is all a joke and enable them to wake up from it, as I am now doing.

     There are no accidents in our lives; each of us does what he must do; the exigencies of his body and life dispose him to do those things and he must do them, he has no choice for he is playing his part in the sons of God’s Drama, their dream that they are separated from their unified whole self, aka God.


     Our earthly dream is powered by our sense that we did something wrong by separating from our real self, unified spirit self, hence we feel guilt and sinfulness, and fear God punishing us and since God knows that we are not separated from him hence remain as he created us, holy and innocent, he does not punish us; but we believing that we sinned by separating from God punish ourselves with sickness, weakness, and suffering and death.

     The belief in our guilt and sinfulness is what makes us do what keeps the separation alive, what keeps us living on earth; if we gave up the belief in sin then we give up the belief in separation and the universe ends for us.

      (Africans believe that they sinned against God by separating from him and currently living as separated egos hence are sinful and punish themselves with poverty and suffering; Europeans believing in their sinfulness from separation are these days punishing themselves with stupid sexual practices that will kill them off.)

   Life on earth is a dream of guilt, fear, punishment, and death. We believe that we ought to die because we did wrong by separating from our real self, God, and must die, hence we give us death and death seems real.

     From personal experience, I know that upon your physical death you see you in a light form of your earthly body, still looking like you did when you lived in body; thereafter, you get tired of living in forms, dense matter, or light, and you disappear from forms and experience yourself in formless spiritual light, as a part of one unified field of light.

     God is the wave of spiritual light, and you are a particle of that light; wave and particles are one spiritual light.


      In Hinduism, it is said that the God enlightened person, the illuminated person sees this world as a joke, a mirth and is always laughing at those who take life in body seriously and do what they do; the God realized person knows that it is pointless telling people not to do what they are doing for each person is destined by his karma to do what he is currently doing even if it leads to his destruction.

      Narcissistic Donald Trump does what he does, and Americans tolerate him because he and they agreed for him to destroy them.

     The mystic laughs at our foolishness.

     All behaviors are self and collectively chosen; Trump and white Americans chose their narcissistic personality disorders, their neurotic belief that they are special and better than other people and their consequent exploitation of other people, using them for wealth generation and discarding them, thus making people angry at them.  They must do what they are doing until their world collapses, and they die with it and another civilization replaces them, repeats the same civilizational pattern, and dies and the dream continues, until there is mass awakening from the dream.

     Thereafter, human beings live quiet, loving lives on earth; they now will live in what Christians call a new Jerusalem, and they are new men, Christ man, in preparation for return to unified spirit state, aka heaven (rapture when Christ and his followers disappear into unified spirit state, heaven).

     We are talking about events that will take thousands of years in the future to accomplish.


      The meaningless dream that I had this morning is symbolic of the meaninglessness of my existence on planet earth and the meaninglessness of life on earth.

      Real life is in unified spirit state, heaven; life outside spirit, life in body, space and time is a meaningless exercise to separate from our real selves, unified spirit state, and make that meaningless life seem meaningful by taking it seriously.

      Each of us must get to a point where he senses that life on earth is meaningless; he learns that further efforts to find meaning on earth is a chimeric exercise, all earthly roads lead to dead ends, to despair.

    One therefore accepts existential depression and learns that there is no solution in the body and earth. Thereafter, like the prodigal son, one accepts that separation is a mistake and returns to unified spirit state, to one’s metaphoric father, God.

  In return to unified spirit state, one knows peace and joy, bliss, eternity, permanency, and changelessness.

    I am aware that our ego rational selves will see my conclusion as pessimistic and ask folks not to pay attention to it, to get on with living on earth as it is, to continue living in the egos merry go round world that all doors in it always lead to despair.

    If you are not yet ready to see through tinsel town, to see that the world is a mirage, no amount of reasoning will make you change your mind.

       If you are ready to exit from the dream, you do what you must do to wake up. First, you use your ego intellect to think about life on earth and realize by your own efforts that it is all pointless and then you ask what should you do about it?

      You do what Jesus, the guy who two thousand years ago joined forces with the Holy Spirit, God’s manifestation in the temporal universe, on earth, did, accept his teaching that since the world is a dream you accept that what is done in it has not been done and has no effect and therefore those who harmed your ego and body had no effect on your real self, Christ, son of God, so you overlook what they did to you; in religious language, you forgive them to forgive you for you did what other people did to you. It is you who dream through other dream figures in your dream.

     Forgive all to forgive you and return to living in peace in the real world, the world of light forms and from there awaken to the formless unified spirit world of God.


     All my life’s thinking and  behaviors, from the moment that I was born on earth, are rooted in my attempt to escape from my problematic body; my avoidant personality is an attempt to escape from my crummy body; my seeking ideal self, ideal other people and ideal society and governments are all attempts to escape from my reality as it is; my spirituality is my attempt to escape from my body and the material universe.

    You cannot change you by yourself; however, you can understand your ego type and personality and let them go and in your empty mind, mind freed from ego concepts, the Holy Spirit shows an alternative to your ego and body, shows you in light form and world of light forms that replaces our extant world.


     Some of the ideas in this essay can be found in Professor Helen Schucman’s book, A course in miracles. Nevertheless, I am responsible for my position; each of us is responsible for what he says and does and cannot project his ideas to a book he read or to other people. What I wrote here is what makes sense to me regardless of what other people wrote or said about salvation.

Ozodi Osuji

October 30, 2022

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