We don’t understand ourselves


Ozodi Osuji

     I do not believe that any human being can understand other human beings; indeed, it is doubtful whether the individual can completely understand himself.

     I recently dealt with a fellow that I had merely seen as infantile (I evaluated his talking and writings as the incoherent products of a five-year-old child) and tried as much as I could to help him only to realize that he is satanic.

     The filth that came out of this man’s mouth, his egoistic boasting of what he is going to do to me (momentarily, making me want to squash him and put him out of his miserable existence) has left me no choice but to posit that we do not understand people.

      In people’s deep unconscious minds is evil so dark that if it were to be known, consciously, people would not tolerate themselves, so they hide their evil nature from their conscious minds, and from that unconscious state their evil affects their conscious behavior; at the conscious level people have the illusion that they are good, when, in fact, they are evil.

       People are born evil; we must deal with them on that basis and not delude ourselves with the liberal, progressive belief that people are naturally good and that their environment made them bad and that all we need to do is improve their environment and they would become good.

    I now accept that people are born evil and Satanic. They must have committed a serious metaphysical crime that led them to be cast out of heaven (removal from unified state). The earth is a prison; people are cast unto the earth as into a prison, sent to hell, a place for them to live until they learn spiritual love, the eternal union of God and all his creations as one shared self.

      Just look at white American evangelicals; they pretend to be Christian but are as racist as racists can be; they did all they could to deny Barack Obama’s Presidency simply because he is not white; they embraced the Presidency of the mafia don, Donald Trump, for one simple reason, that he is white.

     Evil is not only a white issue. It is a human issue. Africans, for example, used to capture and sell their people to Arabs, Europeans and to themselves and despite this iniquitous behavior somehow denied responsibility for their criminal behavior and blame it only on white folks, those they callously sold their people to; at present their leaders appropriate money meant for their people, and some of the people kidnap and hold their people hostage for ransom payments.

     All human beings are capable of amorality; they are to be treated as potential criminals; they are to be taught true love and if they engage in their habitual unloving behaviors, they are to be arrested, tried at courts and punished (sent to jails and prisons).

    A course in miracle is correct in stating that in eternity, unified spirit, God and his creation are unified as one shared self with one shared mind, and that all of us are equal and the same, and that we wished for individual differences, inequality, having different interests and cast ourselves into a deep sleep and dream that we are separated from each other and from our creator.

    To make our dream of separation seem real we made ourselves live in body, space and time hence we justify the belief that we are different and have different interests and do not care for other people.

     The earth (a place of separated selves) is the opposite of God’s unified heaven. To be unified people must live in spirit, for only spirit can unify; to be separated people must live in bodies, space, and time.

     The earth is a place where those who rebelled against union, rebelled against reality, rebelled against heaven came to live; it is a place folks came to invent separated self-concepts, egos and live apart from other people and attack, harm and kill each other.

     Therefore, people are to be seen for what they are, evil and not treated as if they are a loving bunch.

     Love and do good things for people and they readily deny what you did for them, as the above clown did, and believed in his denials hence he is psychotic, mad; people are here to be evil, and must be seen as such, and treated realistically.

      Do not kid with human beings for they will use and discard you, they are born evil. Instead, mind your own business and realign your mind with God’s mind; that is, return to the awareness of your union with God and know perfect peace and happiness.

    What I said above is not cynicism and nihilism; they are derived from experiential facts; this means that one should be realistic in dealing with people, and not see them with misguided belief that they are good by nature; in heaven, unified state people are good, but on earth they are evil; they must transform their lives to love before they return to God.

Ozodi Osuji

July 8, 2022

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