We do not live in egos and bodies


Ozodi Osuji

      Bodies, matter, space, and time do not exist; as such, there is no actual body where I see my body, and there are no bodies where other people’s bodies seem to be. The physical universe does not exist.

      What exists are God and his sons in their eternal unified spirit state. While in that state the sons of God, you and I, dream that we are separated from God and from each other and invent an imaginary universe of space, time and matter and each of us projects his mind into a body and those bodies see themselves and interact with each other in the imaginary universe they collectively made.

     The process of making the physical universe begins when we collectively project out particles of physical light and combine them to form atoms and differentiate atoms to the 108 elements in the universe and use sixty-four elements to form our bodies and have our bodies seem real to us.

     Each of us identifies with one body, pretty much as we identify with the dream figure that at night, when we sleep and dream, we see as us.

     Each of us takes his dream figure, body, seriously, as real and makes dream people and objects attack it and he defends it and in defending it makes it seem real to him.

      He makes his dream figure feel hungry and feeds it with dream food; he makes his dream figure weak and sick and uses dream medications to heal it.

     This dream seems real for us because we want it to be, so that we seem to live as the opposite of our real selves, formless ideas in God’s formless mind.

     Finally, we give us dream death and seem to die and our dream bodies decay (or we cremate them, and all seem real).

     Enlightened persons like Jesus Christ use their minds to disperse the particles and atoms that they had used to form their bodies and then remake their bodies with spirit light and eventually return to formless spirit.

     Try love and forgive all people and you will be surprised to see your light body! Hindus call it astral body. There is a world of light, the astral world, it is like our current world but everything in it, people, animals, trees, planets, stars etc. are in light forms, it is unbelievably beautiful.

      The joke is on us for taking this game that we are separated selves in bodies too seriously. Nevertheless, one should play with one’s body and not try to kill oneself, for one does not leave the world through death.

     If you commit suicide, you merely reincarnate, in another body.

    One leaves body and the world by becoming enlightened to one’s real self as the formless son of God and using one’s mind to disappear from the dream universe and regain awareness of one’s real self as the formless son of God. That was what Jesus did.

     Oh, yes, Jesus is real. I have seen him. He is a son of God who, while on earth, recognized that body and ego are not his true identify, that his real self is the formless son of God. Thus, he loved and forgave all his bothers for he knew that even destroying his body does not matter for it took place in a dream and what was done in dreams has not happened.

      Try loving and forgiving all people and one day you will see Jesus and both of you talk like brothers. But, if you are unloving and unforgiving, you will not see the face of Christ.

     Christ vision (when you see a person’s light form) occurs to only loving and forgiving persons.


     I desire peace of mind and body; what I desire for me I desire for other people.

    To have peace I must give up the ego and its house, the body.

      However, people came to the world to experience war, for the world is a place where we attack our real selves, the son of God, and even attack the substitute selves we made, our egos and bodies; the world is a place of war.

     Those who want to give the world peace do not find takers; people desire war and take war from those who give them war.

    Whoever asks you to be ego is asking you to be at war with yourself and with other people. The peace makers, egoless persons, must give the world their peace knowing that the world did not ask them to give them peace.

    One must give what one values and has; I value peace and give it to the world.


     My spirituality entails total denial of the reality of the ego and its world; it is a call to deny this world. We denied the son of God and his unified spiritual heaven to see this disjointed world; we must, therefore, deny the ego and its separated world to experience the union we denied.

     I teach escape from this world’s separated reality; in the here now world, folks take pride in what they call reality; they do not know that living in ego reality is living in illusion; they live in an illusion and call it reality.


The above material is for advanced students of spirituality, if that is not who you are, ignore it.

Ozodi Osuji

March 23, 2022

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