We are love and light


Ozodi Osuji

      I pay attention to phrases that I hear people around me employ, especially if they are ordinary people; this is because ordinary people speak from their souls, as opposed to the contrived speaking of the educated. Ordinary people tend to state the truth in an unaffected manner. So, I pay attention to what they say and learn from them.

     Recently, I heard people around me say that we are love and light. I paid attention. I did not ask them to explain to me what they meant. I did not ask folks to explain to me what they meant because they do not have the time to ponder what they say and teach it to nosey folks like me, they just say things that make sense to them.

     If I want to understand what folks mean I just listen to them without asking too many questions. Thus, when I heard people at church and on the streets employ the term, we are love and light I paid close attention and learned what they mean. Do you know what, they are correct, we are love and light! The people on the street know and folks like me try to explain what they know. So, what does the term love and light mean?

      My explanation should not be taken literally; it is metaphoric; no one can really explain God in prose; how can you explain one thing that is simultaneously many things, one self that is all selves; God cannot be explained in our earthly language because there is no language and words in God’s unified state; nevertheless, one must try to explain him.

     God is oneself and one mind; God extends his oneself to his son. One God extended to a son and imbued him with his creative capability. The son of God extends himself to his own son. Creation begins in God and extends to infinite sons of God. One God is now in infinite sons of God.

     God and his infinite sons are unified by love. Love is like spiritual glue that holds the infinite sons of God and God together.

     God and his sons share oneself and one mind; they are an eternally unified spirit self; they cannot separate from each other; if separation were possible, they would cease existing. God would die and his sons would die if they were to be separated from each other.

     A way of trying to understand the relationship between God and his sons is the concept of whole and parts. There must be a whole; that whole needs parts to be a whole, to exist; the parts need a whole to exist; both whole and part must exist for each to exist. The father must exist for the son to exist; the son must exist for the father to exist; without the one the other cannot exist.

      God is the whole being and each of his sons is a part of him. The whole and parts, father and his sons are joined together by love. Thus, their nature, we might say, is love, for without love, the unifying factor, they would not exist.

      The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, so God is greater than all his sons combined.

     God is spirit; spirit has no physical dimension. Spirit does not live in space, time and matter. God and his sons are spirits and are in each other. God is in his sons and his sons are in him and in each other; they are not separated from each other.

     How can somebody be inside others, you ask? Good question. Go ahead and think about your question. For now, I assert the truth and say that God is in his sons and his sons are in him and in each other and that there is no space or gap between them; love is what holds them together in each other.

    Consider what happens when you sleep and dream. At night you sleep and project out what seems like your day universe and you interact with people, animals, trees, stars, planets, as you see in your day world and yet it is you who projected them out; therefore, they must be in your mind; that is a way of understanding God and his sons, they are in each other, they have one shared self and one shared mind. 

     Brahman (God) and Atman (son of God) are one shared self with one shared mind. The only difference between them is that God, the father created the son (and the son created other sons of God); the son did not create the father and did not create himself; he uses the God in him to create other sons of God. You, a son of God, was created by God; God is now inside you and with his power in you, you create other sons of God, ad infinitum.

     God and his sons are spiritual light. Spirit light is the means of knowing each other.

      At a point that has not occurred, the sons of God decided to separate from their father and from each other. They cannot separate from God and from each other because to do so leads to the death of the father and the son, the whole and the parts.

     As it were, while still united with God, the sons of God seem to have closed their spiritual eyes (all these are metaphors not literal) and went to sleep; in their sleep they dream a universe of separation, our current universe. In that separated universe each son of God is now apart from God and from other sons of God.

      To make their separation seem real, the sons of God created matter, space and time and used matter to house their seeming separated selves and now live in body made of matter; that bodily self walks around in space and time.

     Thus, on earth each of us sees himself in a body that gives him a sense of boundary from other selves; each of us walks around in a world of space and time. Each of us now believes that he is separated from others and different from others. Some are this way and others are that way; some of them seem black or white, some are men and others are women (it is a world of opposites, yin, and yang). Each of us is convinced that given the differences he sees between himself and other people that he is not other people.

     The illusion of the world is that we are not the same and are not equal and that we are all separated beings. In truth, of course, we remain as God created us, the same, equal and in each other and not apart from each other; we are in a dream where we projected ourselves and all things into an imaginary space, time and matter and now seem to live in a real universe of space, time and matter.


     Our bodies, animals’ bodies, plants bodies, planets, stars, galaxies, everything that we call matter is made from physical light. Think about the Big Bang. Out of nowhere and nothing, a point of physical light came out and shattered into particles of light, photons, and immediately those particles unified into quarks and quarks combined to form protons and neutrons (some of that light formed electrons). Matter and anti-matter were formed; they attacked each other but some matter remained to continue the evolution of the physical universe.

    In a few seconds protons and neutrons combined into the nucleus.

    In a few thousand years, the nucleus captured electrons and atoms were formed. The first atom was hydrogen. The universe became a sea of hydrogen gas. In a few million years hydrogen gas separated into clumps. Each clump was acted on by gravity and pressed inwards to form a star. In a star pressure and heat force hydrogen atoms to form helium atoms and give off light and heat.

    The original stars were very massive in size and existed for a while, exhausted their hydrogen fuel and began fusing other elements and when it gets to iron, explode in supernova; in that explosion elements beyond iron are formed.

     There are ninety-two naturally occurring elements plus those we made in laboratories coming to 118 elements.

     When stars die in supernova, they spill out the elements they formed into space (the core of the star may collapse into a black hole or a neutron star; in the case of a black hole everything that enters its events horizon is chewed up; in the case of neutron stars, they spin at an incredible rate).

      Over time the material spilled into space, nebulae, by exploded stars congregate into medium sized stars, such as our sun and its planets, asteroids and comets.

     On planet earth water formed (brought to it by comets?); over time in those waters certain elements mixed and lightning heated them to form material for cell formation; from those cells’ plants and animals were formed. Evolution began with single cells and combined them to form complex bodies, plants and animals and gradually evolved to human bodies. In human bodies life operates as our selves.

      The salient point is that everything in the material universe, including stars, planets, plants and animals were formed by physical light. If you doubt this fact, remember that your body can be cremated until it is transformed back to light; the same holds for all people, animals, trees, planets, and stars; we can transform all matter back into light for they are light congealed into the form they now take. In effect, where we see matter is light. Everything in the universe is made of light and is light (the table and computer that I am typing on is light).


      The sons of God who are spiritual light, aka love, use physical light to play with. We, the sons of God, unified spirit, love, projected out physical light and use physical light to form this universe of billions of galaxies, stars, planets, plants, and animals.

       Love plays with light. The universe is like a magical show; unified spirit, the sons of God, as it were, conjured out physical light from nowhere and nothing and use that light to form all the things we see in the universe; we are playing with light.

     Did I hear you say that heaven must be a boring place? Think about it. We are right now in heaven, in God, in each other; we are playing with physical light, using it to form our universe. Does that existence seem boring to you? If you spend your life forming universes made from light, are you going to be bored? The universe is an exciting light show.


      The sons of God in their true state are not in forms; they are not made of physical matter or physical light; they are not things; they are formless spirit. But in their present state each of them believes that he is a separated self-housed in a body, living in a physical universe.

      I see me as having a separated ego self and you do the same. Each of us must defend our bodies with food, medications, clothes and shelter; and we must defend our egos with the various ego defense mechanisms (repression, suppression, denial, dissociation, displacement, projection, rationalization, compensation, sublimation, reaction-formation, fantasy, anger, fear, pride, shame, guilt and others). We must eat food to be alive in body; we must defend ourselves to be alive.

      Defense is the order of our earthly existence. We fear each other because we know that each of us can attack each of us and destroy our bodies and ego selves (as we talk, the mad man called Vladmir Putin is attacking and destroying Ukrainian bodies and egos and feels powerful from doing so and Ukrainians are defending their egos and bodies hence war).

     What do you think would happen if you do not defend your body? You would die, and when you die your body, which is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium…sixty-four elements, would dissolve to those elements and those elements would decay into electrons, protons and neutrons and those particles of the atom would decompose to quarks and finally to the light that they are made of.

     Your body returns to the light it is made of when you die and is recycled back to other forms of matter.

      Your ego self, if not defended, dies out; actually, nothing dies out for what has not existed does not die. If you do not defend your ego all that would happen is that you would awaken from separated self and know your true self as spirit, as a son of God, as a part of life. You would know that you are formless consciousness and in that state is eternal, permanent and changeless.

     With no ego defenses you return to the awareness of your real self, spirit, son of God, part of unified spirit self. There is no such thing as death; death is an illusion that takes place in the dream of space, time and matter.

      The psychotic called Putin, in his satanic mind, believes that he is killing people but all that he is doing is forcing those he killed to awaken to their true self, sons of God; however, since it was forced awakening, they will return to matter, to the physical universe to continue experiencing it until they awaken voluntarily. Putin is already in hell, for to be outside love is to be in hell.

      We do not have egos and do not live in bodies; nobody is doing what you see us do on earth because there is no earth; the earth is a dream state.

     No good or bad is done on earth; it is all a dream that we believe is real when, in fact, it is not real; the universe is an illusion; it resulted from our desire to live as separated egos in bodies; defense of them makes them seem real for us.

     If you defend your ego and body, you make your ego and body seem real for you; if you do not defend your ego and body, they are not real for you; the ego and body go out of existence if not desired and defended. If you stop desiring and defending the ego and body, you know yourself as a formless spirit that is part of all spirits.


     Every son of God, you and I, are love and light.

     Did I explain what it means to be love and light? If I did not satisfactorily explain it for you, then try to explain it to yourself. I have explained it to me in my own way.

     I used science to explain that matter and the physical universe is light, that is a fact agreed on by all scientists; I used metaphysics to explain that our real selves are spirit and that collectively we are the sons of God who are one with God (this explanation is not agreed on by many people).

     Make of my explanation what you like; it is true; truth does not depend on your accepting it or not, it is self-evident.

    We are love and light; that is why ordinary people say that we are love and light.


Our atheist friends will say that the above explanation is balderdash. I say okay. Let them do what they want to do that makes them deny God, eat tasty food, drink wine, have sex, and enjoy their bodies. They see the idea of God as a hindrance to enjoying their bodily and ego selves. There are no bodies, no food; no one is eating food, having sex, drinking wine, or doing drugs; all those activities take place in a dream and are illusions. But since they want to believe that they are taking place, they have every right to do so. So, let us study matter until we understand that matter does not exist; let us eat food until we learn that there is no such thing as food. Since food is made of matter if matter does not exist food does not exist. There is no physical universe where we see one and there are no people doing what we see them do. It is all a dream. If you understand this fact all you can do is laugh, not argue with those who want illusions to be true. Illusions cannot be true.

Ozodi Osuji

May 26, 2022

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