We are always perfect


The self is to be understood and changed to light form and, ultimately, returned to the awareness of formless unified self.

Ozodi Osuji

God is perfect and will always be perfect. But do understand what this means. To be perfect God and all his creations share oneself and one mind. Perfection lies in oneness, in wholeness, in being joined as oneself.
Imperfection lies in separating from oneness, in no longer seeing oneself as part of the whole self that is God.
In creating us, God extended his oneself to his infinite sons; God and his infinite sons share oneself and one mind. God and his infinite sons are one; the mind of God and its infinite parts are one shared mind.
There is no space and gap between God and his sons, or between one son of God and other sons of God. God is in his sons and they are in him and in each other. It is in this eternal union of God and his sons is perfection.
You are always perfect. But understand what this means. You are in God and God is in you; God is in other sons of God and they in him and in you; that is, in the one shared self and shared mind you are perfect.
You are always in God and in all creations of God and cannot separate from God and other people. Thus, you are always perfect.
Perfection is not something that you acquire tomorrow when you do something outside you to attain it. You are created perfect and is always perfect and cannot be imperfect.
While in the state of perfection and is perfect, you, as it were, closed your eyes and dream that you are separated from God and live in a world of space, time, and matter.
If you see you as separated from God, you are now incomplete in your awareness; you are now imperfect in your awareness. In your present awareness, while you sleep and dream you see yourself as separated from God and his creations hence feel imperfect. On earth we feel imperfect.
But are we imperfect? We are always perfect. We are always in God, in shared union with God and always perfect. But in our current awareness we feel imperfect because we believe that we are separated from God and other people and separation seem real to us after all we see ourselves as living in bodies, matter, space and time and there is space between us, and other people and it takes time for one to reach other people.
Your body, matter, space, and time are made from light. Light is always unified. In the union of light, we are perfect. But we see ourselves as bodies of flesh (matter). We see each other in bodies, and we seem to live in space and time. But this is deceptive for space, time and matter are made of light and light is always unified, so we are always unified even though we seem separated from each other.
You and all people are always in union, in light hence always unified and perfect, but you see you as separated from people and as in dense body hence imperfect.
Perception is the problem. You are in light, in eternal union but perceive you as in body, space and time hence imperfect.
What you need to do is correct your perception. Now change your perception, while still in body, space and time believe that you, people, space, and time are in light, literally, not figuratively. That is, remove your hitherto belief that you have the power to separate from God and other people; that is a delusion, for you do not have such power.
All things remain as God created them, in love and light and always unified; no force is outside God so no force can shatter what God made as one into fragmented pieces, separated parts; you can dream separated parts and see them in dreams, but they are not reality; you remain as God created you, formless unified spirit that is one with him and all people and things.
If you change your perception, change your mind, right now, from belief in separation to belief in union, you will see you, people, and all things still in the forms that you see them now but in light forms.
That is correct, you as flesh body, other people as flesh bodies, animals, plants, planets, stars, galaxies are still as God created them, joined to each other and in light.
You can go from seeing dense matter and see unified forms in light. People that you see on earth and all around you in bodies are already in light forms.
It is my, your, people’s desire for separation from each other and God that made them seem in bodies and live-in space and time. If they, let us begin with you, if you give up your desire to be separated from God and people, now, you will see all people in light forms, now, not the next minute or next week, month and year.
You keep you and other people enslaved in bodies by seeing you and they as egos in bodies; if you change your mind, change your perception, and now see you and people as light you liberate you and people from where you had condemned and relegated them to, the prison of seeming to live in egos and bodies, on earth.
Salvation is already accomplished for us. You made you and people live in bodies, space and time and God, through his Holy Spirit, has already changed them into light forms. That is, you are already saved from ego separated self to Christ unified light self. All you need to do is accept salvation that is already accomplished by the Holy Spirit and manifested in Jesus Christ. You are not asked to save you but to accept your saved self, your Christ light saved self.
You were created perfect and remain perfect and cannot be imperfect, no son of God can be imperfect. Perfection lies in formless unified light and that is where we always are. While in formless God we dream that we are in form, in bodies and see us in bodies of flesh hence feel sinful, and guilty; but God through his Holy Spirit has remade that body of matter to body of light hence we are already saved.
All each of us must do is accept that one is already saved, is not in ego and body and one sees oneself in light form and sees all people in light forms (while those who believe themselves still separated egos see themselves in bodies).
Right now, Jesus Christ, in his light form, is standing beside you, seeing you in light form, but you do not see him in his light form and do not see you in your light form and, instead, you see you in matter, body form, because you want to seem separated from Jesus and all of us and from God.
You are the one who condemn you to living in flesh, ego, and body with your wish for personal power and separation. Give up your wish to kill God, to destroy eternal union and live a separated life and you see you in light form (saved self) and ultimately you will experience you in formless spiritual light, in God.
You do not need to do anything to be saved, for God has already saved you. All that is asked of you is for you to accept that you are already saved; accept salvation and you see you in light form.
Salvation asks you to do nothing; it, however, asks you to undo what you did; you made you an ego in body; salvation asks you to jettison your belief in ego and body.
God gave you salvation, just accept it; to accept it you must give up your belief that you have independent will, independent power; there is only one will and power in the universe, God’s will, and power.
To be saved is to give up your self will, your deluded belief that you have power apart from God; you cannot have power apart from God for you are part of God.
You were created perfect and is always perfect; you are perfect if you know you to be in the whole self-called God and have no will apart from God’s will.
No one has will apart from God’s will. But we can have wish for separated will and power and that wish for separation produce the world of separated things we live in, a dream world.
Give up the wish for separated will, for you do not have it. The will of the son of God and God’s will is one. God and his sons share one will.
The will of God and his sons is that they are one; their oneness is forever. In their eternal union they are perfect, peaceful, and happy.
It is when the sons of God believe in the delusion that they have separated wills that they see themselves in bodies of flesh and as living in space and time hence they are sick.
Give up your belief that you have a separated will and accept God’s will as your will and you will first see you in light form and then know yourself in formless state.
There are three seeming different worlds.

1) The formless unified world of God (we are always in it and cannot separate from it).
2) The world of dense matter, space, and time (where we see ourselves as in, now).
3) The world of light forms (the world that the Holy Spirit reinvented from our current world of space and time).

All three worlds exist simultaneously. You see and seem to live in the one that you wish to live in. I wish to live in a separated world and see me in the world of matter, space, and time; when I give up that wish for separation, I see me and all people in the world of light forms; when I give up all wish for separation, I know me to be in unified God.
Salvation (seeing one in light form) and return to God (knowing oneself in formless light, in God) is the simplest thing to do but we continue to wish for separated wills, separated power and see ourselves in space, time and matter.
We cannot be in ego separated self and experience the world of light forms or the unified world of God. We must totally give up the ego and see its fleshy body disappear from our awareness, and is replaced by us in light forms, and then give up even that wish for self in light form and awaken to the remembrance of where we always are, in formless unified light, in God.
In formless unified self, where I am and you are, always, we are perfect. So, we are always perfect. But do not make the mistake of new age religious thinking that thinks that to be perfect is to be in ego and body; in body you are imperfect, in light form you are semi perfect, in formless self you are perfect.


You are always in God and cannot not be in God. While you are in God, aka unified spirit state, you closed your eyes and invented a world of space, time and matter and projected yourself into that world. You now see you in that world as a self-housed in body. You defend the dream figure with food, clothes, medications, and houses and live as a slave working for its survival.
You jumped into this on-going 13.8-billion-years dream and play your part in the dream and take the dream as real. Body, society experience makes the self in body seem real, but it is not real.
Mystics tell us that the dream ego self and its body is not real, yet we desire it and defend it and suffer because of it. They tell us to not wish the dream self, to let the ego go. They have told us so for thousands of years. A course in miracles has told us so since 1976.
How much longer do you want to be told not to desire the ego self and not defend it, that desire for the ego is your entire problem and for you to let it go. Why are you still struggling with the ego self instead of letting it go?
Why are you still prone to fear, anxiety, anger, mania, paranoia, schizophrenia, and all mental disorders if all of them are due to desire for a big ego and defense of the ego? Let go of the ego and live peacefully.
The ego is entirely useless; it stifles learning at school, makes one avoid other people to go defend it, impoverishes interpersonal relationships, makes one have no friends or have problems with friends. The big ego is entirely useless for us so why not give it up with joy instead of struggling to have it, what good does it serve one?
Why this constant talk of I, I, I the self that does not exist? Let the useless I go and identify with the real I, the real self, the son of God, a self that does not defend itself, it is safe in God and nothing can attack or destroy it in God; the real son of God is eternal and peaceful and happy.
The ego is self-conscious, it is by self-consciousness of it as a separated self and its body that we keep the ego alive.
When you identify with the son of God, Christ you are not self-conscious and not defensive for it is eternal and need no defense to exist.
The ego needs constant defense and awareness of it as a separated self in body for it to exist in your dreaming mind.

Ozodi Osuji
April 6, 2021

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