We are already saved


Ozodi Osuji

      I am always joined to God and all his creation; we are always connected and in a state of eternal union.

     While in this eternal union I wished for and dream that I am separated from God and other people and in separation formed a separated self-concept and self-image housed in body, the ego self.

     I now must give up the wish for separation and stop defending the seeming separated self I made, and I regain the awareness of my always there joined and connected self and feel peace and joy.

     I am not required to do anything positive to become saved but to remove the negative I made, dream a separated self and its world of space, time and matter.

      I need do nothing to be saved because I have not broken eternal union; all I did was dream separated self and its world; just stop the dream and you know that you remain part of God’s eternal unified spirit self.

     I am always as God created me, joined to him and all his creation; I can dream to be different from how God created me and seem so, but I cannot do so in reality. I am always joined, unified, holy, sinless and guiltless.

      To separate from God and his creation is to be sinful and guilty but since I am not separated from them, I am innocent of sin and guilt. I remain the Holy Son of God.

      I was not born into space, time, and matter and, as such, will not die; but if I am in the dream that body is real, and I do not give up that dream then my body will die.

     Do this: stop wishing for and defending the ego separated self and its body and you wake up in the awareness of your eternal state of being in unified spirit state.

     This is really all that is taught in A course in miracles, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Taoism and Zen. Ponder it and when you are ready do what you have just learned and regain awareness of your real self, unified spirit self, an eternal part of God and all sons of God, you will do it.

    You have already set the time and moment when you will do it; the moment you separated from God and formed the ego is the moment that your right mind, the Holy Spirit remade your dream and set when you will awaken from it.

      That moment of salvation is now or whenever you want it to be; in God there is only the now, the eternal present of God, no past and future.

Ozodi Osuji

December 13, 2021


Ozodi Osuji

      You study biology and medical science; you identify medical issues that play roles in people’s biological states.

     Alfred Adler, a medical doctor turned psychologist, posited that children born with medical disorders tend to feel inferior and compensate with desire for superior self and quest for power.

      Empirical observation shows that he is partially correct. Children with biological (and social deficits) tend to feel inadequate and seek their opposite, desire for power and superiority and some of them develop what Adler called neurosis, what in today’s psychiatric language is called personality disorders.

     Most personality disorders are efforts to seem powerful and important. The paranoid person feels small and wants to seem powerful; the narcissistic person feels like he is nothing and seeks attention from people to make him seem special; the histrionic, anti-social and borderline person is seeking social attention and is unable to give it; the dependent person wants other people to help him but does not help people; the avoidant person thinks that he needs other people’s attention and fears not getting them hence avoids people to avoid not getting their attention; the obsessive-compulsive person seeks perfection in other people’s eyes; the passive-aggressive person does not want to alienate people hence he pleases all of them, only do resent them for making him deny his  desires and  please them; the schizoid person seeks people’s attention and fearing not getting it avoids people; the schizotypal person seeks attention through belief in eccentricities, claiming of having psychic powers.

     We can reduce personality disorders and indeed anxiety and psychotic disorders to known causal factors, but it happens that the causal factors do not show how to heal them.

      Because we are unable to heal people’s mental disorders through secular psychotherapy alone, it follows that there may be a need for other healing methods.

    Spiritual psychotherapy adds the missing link. A belief in God and awareness that one tried to separate from him, in dreams, but cannot do so in real life, heals people of their emotional and mental disorders.

      We need both secular and spiritual psychologies to be able to heal people.

      We have the authority question; our egos do not want to acknowledge God as our creator. You must now accept God as your creator and obey his will that you love him and all creation.

      You must stop rebelling against God with your opposition to his will and trying to do your own will of separation.

     God’s will, that we should be loving, is our will when we are healthy; the desire for separation, lack of love, is clearly lunatic.

Ozodi Osuji

December 13, 2021


Ozodi Osuji

      God is invisible (he is life, life is invisible to our visible eyes). God created each of us by extending his oneself into us.

      In heaven, eternity we are as God created us, not in forms, bodies, but are pure spiritual light (not physical light) and communicate with him and his other creations instantaneously.

      Those of us on planet earth chose to seem separated from God and invented space, time and matter and seem to live in them; in them we no longer have the awareness of communicating with God and all his creation instantaneously; we now seem all alone; that was the reason we came to earth.

    We now live from our left, ego separated minds, the minds that guide us in the ego’s world. God quietly lodges his self in our right minds as the Holy Spirit.

     The Holy Spirit, aka God in the temporal universe, is quiet and does not tell us what to do. It is not his job to tell us what to do. But if we ask him, he will tell us this: love you, love other people and since you live in a dream where all things harm all things forgive those who personally, as you interpret it, harmed you. Love and forgive and you have a happy dream.

      Loving and forgiving people do not awaken us from the dream, it merely makes the dream pleasant. If you love and forgive those close to you, you tend to have good relationship with them, and they have good relationship with you. Both of you, the lover and the loved are still in a dream.

     You are still psychotic in the sense that you believe that you could juxtapose another will to God’s will and make it happen.

     God’s will is that he and his creation are one; you posited your wish to separate from God and his creation and see a world of separated people and believe yourself powerful because you have now opposed God’s will successfully. You did so in a dream, in an asylum because the world of perception you see, our world is a place of insanity; it does not exist, but you desire that it exist and see it, whereas the world created by God exists and you ignore it.

      On earth you do what your ego mind wishes to do and that is allowed for you to do so. For example, in the USA white egos exploit black egos and that is allowed by the rules of the ego game. However, since what the white egos are doing is not loving,   they, too, will be exploited. They will recycle through the earth and are exploited by other egos.

     Karma is real; we always pay a price for our negative actions, but it is not God who made us do so.

     When you die, in a split second you evaluate what you did on earth and decide to return to earth or proceed to the world of light forms.

      If you deserve to return to earth you will be born in a body and place where you will pay a price for your past actions, until you learn love (God is love and you must be loving).

     What are we supposed to learn? Learn to love and forgive all.

      Until each of us learns that lesson we cycle through the dream and when we have learned it, we simply transit to living in the world of light forms.

     We do not have to physically die; a few persons just transform their bodies to light forms but many persons, as it were, die and see themselves in the world of light forms; death is an illusion, in truth no one dies.

      The world of light forms is still like our present world except that everything in it is made of light; people, animals, trees, mountains, planets, stars and galaxies are all in light forms. That world is our world remade to look lovely; it is beautiful beyond what we can explain with words.

     In the world of light forms, people are still at various stages of spiritual development. There are still those more advanced than others. Thus, there are still learning.

      God’s teachers like Jesus Christ still teach his followers in the world of light forms. The followers now are advanced souls and can help those on earth; they try to guide those on earth who call on them to be guided.

      If your mother or father, while on earth, were loving and forgiving they are now in the world of light forms and can guide you on earth. Call on them to guide you.

     But if they were unloving and evil people they did not go to the world of light forms; upon death they are in darkness and from there return to earth.

      God, through his Holy Spirit and his God realized sons, teachers of God, are guiding those on earth. They do not force their learnings on you.

      As it were, they are in our right minds; the ego is in our left minds; God is in our unified mind (left mind, right mind, unified mind are all metaphors, not locations in space and time).

      While you are on earth your left ego mind is guiding you. If you choose to ask Jesus Christ to guide you, he will guide you. What would he tell you to do? He will tell you what he told you in the four gospels of the Bible, love you, love your neighbor and love God and forgive those your ego believes harmed it.

      If you allow yourself to be guided by the Holy Spirit and his world teachers like Jesus, you do not do anything without consulting them. You keep quiet and pray to them and talk to them and they will find a way for your life on earth to be easier.

     This does not mean that you would no longer have problems on earth. As noted earlier, if you are on earth, you had accumulated Samara, issues from past lives that you are working out. You still must work out those issues, and upon your death on earth you do not return to earth; you go to the world of life forms.

     What I call the world of light forms is called different names, such as Astral world, Gate of Heaven, Purgatory, Paradise etc. From there when you completely give up the wish for separated self, stop opposing God’s will, you experience God realization; you know yourself as the son of God who is one with God and all his creation.

      For our present purposes, if you love all and forgive all you eliminate the issues deriving from your past negative behaviors. Love and forgiveness are positive behavior.

    God is love; love all and you know that you are always in God and while there, dream that you are outside him.

Ozodi Osuji

December 13, 2021

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