We are all cowards


Ozodi Osuji

     People of all races tolerate abuse by their governments, by their leaders. As we talk, the little Russian tyrant called Vladimir Putin is killing people in Ukraine; his cowardly Russian soldiers joined the Russian military and allowed him to use them to go kill strangers who did nothing to them, Ukrainians. People do this all over the world. This is because they identify with egos; the ego is a coward; the ego is always afraid of dying; only Christ is not afraid of dying, for he knows that life is eternal.

     The good part of it all is that in truth the cowardly thug called Putin (he must be arrested and tried as a war criminal, no one gave him the right to go kill Ukrainians) is not killing any one, and is not destroying cities, for he is doing  those in a dream and what is done in dreams have not been done; his war in the Ukraine a movie we all are watching.  In the dream we must arrest and try him and send him to prison for the rest of his murderous life on earth.

     Russians are the quintessential cowards; instead of becoming courageous and fight for democratic governments, they, like chicken, always obey dictators; if not Tzars, it was communist dictators like Stalin, and now a nationalist dictator called Putin.

     When will Russians become real men and struggle for freedom hence democracy instead of always being freaking cowards who obey their pathological leaders to go kill other people. If truth is said, I have total contempt for Russians; this is rooted in their inability to stand up and fight for social justice but always acquiescing to the rulership of totalitarian, authoritarian dictators. They are afraid that if they speak up their deluded leaders would kill them, to stay alive they remain docile; God, I hate docile folks!






     Before I get into some metaphysics, let me point out that in the world of the here and now when your wife or girlfriend has made up her mind to leave you, for whatever reasons, suddenly she becomes afraid of you; she says to herself that you can harm her so she might as well protect herself. I saw two women in my life do this; they amused me since all my life I have found it difficult to kill even a mosquito talk more harming people. I would rather kill myself than kill another person.

     From that experience I recognize that A course in miracles is correct is asserting that fear is the opposite of love.

      In love we do not feel fear but in fear we do not love. In God (union), which is love, we do not know fear, but when we decided to separate from God, from unified state, what we did is decide to feel fear.

     Fear is the opposite of love so when we decide not to love we feel fear.

     On the personal level, I have always asked me why, at a deep level, I am a fearful person. I understand secular psychology, perhaps more than any human being alive, and certainly understand the biology and psychology of fear. But that understanding has not eradicated my unconscious fear.

   I believe that I am a fearful person because I am a loveless person. I came to this dream time, this lifetime, this world to live as the opposite of unified self and since union is love, separation means that I came here to live in fear.

      As the world sees it, I am very bold. If you pointed a gun at me, I would tell you to get lost and not be deterred by you. As a graduate student at UCLA, once in Hollywood, Los Angeles, a young Mexican boy ran to me with a gun pointing at me and asked for my wallet; the Osuji warrior spirit in me came to fore, my ancestors were fearless warriors, God, my great grandfather, Njoku looked the mighty British military in the face and told them to get lost and refused to give an inch of his people’s   land to them, and they killed him but he was killed standing on his feet, I always have the picture of my totally fearless great-grandfather Njoku and his equally fearless warrior son, Osuji in my mind’s eye and try to behave as they did, fearless in the  face of danger, I stared at him and ignored him, inwardly telling me that the worst that he could do is shoot me to death; I would rather die than obey a thief. The kid, he was about sixteen years, and I was then twenty-six, suddenly ran off and I kept walking along the side street I was on.

     During the Nigerian civil war, Russian built Nigerian jet fighter planes flew at rooftop, spraying bullets at everything that moved. I ignored them and walked the village road while most people ran into the bush, and I was just a kid!

     What people feel fear from I defy but at a deeper level, I am also a very fearful person, so, I have always wanted to understand why despite my defiance of fear I am still a fearful person! I believe that I have now understood why.


     Fear is rooted in separation from love, which is separation from God, for God is love. I am separated from love, from God; I did so to affirm my ego separated self, hence I am a fearful person.

     I have a bold ego (I do not care if you call yourself the president of the world I would look you in the face and tell you what I think of you, and I have done so all my life, from childhood…as a college student I once went to the US White House and asked to talk to the President, to me he was just an ordinary chap).

     I identify with the ego, a false, self-concept housed in body; the ego is the opposite of love hence is the embodiment of fear.

      Christ is a human being who has relinquished identification with the ego, separated self and accepted that God created him, that he is the son of God, and accepted God’s authority in his life, and jettisoned his delusion that he has power that God did not give to him.

     When a person returns to the state of eternal union with God and all his creation, he no longer experiences fear. I am not yet quiet there, but I am working on it. I must overcome the deep level fear that I know is still in me.

     God realized persons like Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ overcame fear.


      JA, a friend, is depressed; as he gets older, he knows that death is around the corner and he is afraid of dying; he tries to escape from his depression by engaging in frenetic, manic-like activities, such as building hotels that he probably is not going to be able to operate since he has no experience in the hospitality business. Every line of business needs at least three years to master it and he is already in his eighties!

     (I am aware of the hypothesis that depression has a biological causation, such as Serotonin deficiency, hence our treating depressed people with anti-depression medications, such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil etc.; I am not going to get into that technical discussion here.)

     One of my friends, Thomas, right here in Anchorage, runs assisted living homes for elderly people; sometimes, on weekends, I go over to one of his homes and chat with the elderly folks there. Many of them are depressed and deluded.

    Briefly, in depression one feels that life is pointless, loses interest in the activities of daily living and is morose; in delusion disorder one tries to overcome one’s underlying depressed affect by acting as if one is powerful; elderly people have weak bodies and thus feel weak; some of them pretend that they are not weak by acting as if they are still in their twenties, tough; they exhibit delusion of power; in fact, some old folks become paranoid and feel like other people want to kill them (this is rooted in their fear of death) and are suspicious and do not trust other people.

      Enough secular psychology already before I get carried away by that discipline, a discipline that I worked in for many years and gave up on it; it does not heal folks hence my foray into meta-psychology.

Ozodi Osuji

March 28, 2022

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