Ways to merge with God


Ozodi Osuji

      Yesterday, I watched a video of a man standing on the street corner loudly singing praises to his God; he swayed from side to side as he sang his gospel songs. Seeing him took me to churches I had attended where folks stood up, praying and singing to their God. They appeared to have temporarily forgotten their separated self-consciousness and were in unison as they sang and prayed.

      I believe that people can lose the painful consciousness of their ego separated selves from praying and singing; they lose their psychological pains and sorrows and become happy during such moments.

      These people are like they are on drugs that either sedate them or excite them to self-forgetfulness. I can now understand why Karl Marx, in the booklet, the Communist Manifesto, said that religion is the opiate of the masses; people really do feel good, as good as those on opium (heroin) when they chant to their God, any God; they forget their egos and become one with their God.

     Thus, Bhakta Yoga is correct in saying that one attains a sense of oneness (Samadhi) from praying and singing to God. Of course, this does not prove the existence of God but proves the fact that folks do escape from the pains of being aware of their separated egos in worshiping God (Bhakta Yoga).

      Some persons claim to attain oneness feeling in meditation; in meditation they say that they stopped all ego mentation and attained inner silence and thereafter experienced oneness with God (Raja Yoga).

      As a thinker, I know that you do not attain sense of oneness feeling with God from intellection, all that thinking does is take you from one thinking to another; may be, after you reach the end of your thinking and meditate, stop thinking and empty your mind of all thinking, all attempt to know something  and accept that you do not know the truth and stay quiet, you can attain a sense of oneness with God? (Jnana Yoga)

      Folks who love their sex partners often claim to attain a sense of oneness with them (Tantra Yoga).

      Dancing, especially the whirling dervish type can enable the individual to feel a sense of no self, may be from the neurochemicals dancing arouse in one’s body (Kundalini Yoga).

      Exercising, such as running, can make the human body to elicit certain feel-good neurochemicals, such as endorphin, and this, too, can enable the individual to lose sense of separated self and merge with his God (Hatha Yoga).


The sense of having a separated self often cause people psychological pain and they want to get rid of it; some people probably do drugs, licit and or illicit, in their efforts to reduce or eliminate their sense of separated, ego consciousness, and calm or excite their bodies into self-forgetfulness. When I was a kid, shy, and self-conscious, I found that participating in my schools’ choir made me temporarily forget my debilitating self-consciousness. Introverts use any of the above methods to reduce their social anxiety.

Ozodi Osuji

December 3, 2021

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