Wars rearrange the political map of the world


Jerome Nwonuma:

       I like bantering with you because your head is in the right place. I like your staunch defense of African Americans. That is good.

     I hate Nigerians who come to the USA and do not get themselves involved in African American issues. They do not know that the little benefits they today enjoy in the USA was paid for by the struggle of black Americans. The black panthers struggle in the 1960s (remember Hughie Newton, Bobby Seal, Eldridge Clever), the black power movement (Stokely Carmichael, aka Kwame Touré), the civil rights struggle in the 1960s (Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King) made Congress to pass the 1964 Civil Rights law and 1965 fair housing laws. Before then black people could barely be allowed to vote or live-in good neighborhoods (due to de jure redlining, discrimination, now we have de-facto not de jure discrimination in the housing industry).

       The benefits given to students at colleges were all in response to demands by black folks.

       Before 1964 Africans, for example, could not get green cards and or become US citizens, now they can, thanks to black folk’s struggle.

     Yet, unconcerned Nigerians come over here and do not get themselves involved in black folks struggles (it is mostly Ghanaians that join African Americans’ struggle for racial equity…and that is why African Americans go to Ghana to live, beginning with W.E. B Dubois, not to race disinterested Nigeria).

     Certain Igbo know-nothings even call black folks lazy; they are the fools that supported the racist, Donald Trump; they say that African Americans were given every opportunity to succeed and fail and boast about how they would do so! Fools, all of them.

    Here are facts:  one out of every three black American is Igbo (we usually over do everything, we over sold our people into slavery), so, how come they are not making it in the USA?

      It is because of structural and institutional racism.

     Igbos from extant Nigeria do less well in the USA compared to Yoruba’s. I know what I am talking about; I know Yoruba presidents of US universities but have not seen one Igbo president of a US university. A Yoruba is the current deputy secretary of the US Treasury. There are Yoruba women In Boris Johnsons Cabinet in the UK. There are many Yoruba millionaires in the USA and United Kingdom. Igbos are just boastful folks.

     Returning to our old topic, wars, wars, brutal as they are, are what changes the world. It took wars to end the Roman empire. German barbarians ended that oppressive, slave-based empire (and Rome’s Slaves were mostly Germans, not Africans).

      Nearer to our time, it took the first world war to end the Ottoman Empire (1453-1918) and liberate North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe from Muslim-Turkish rule.

     It took a very destructive American civil war (1860-64) to destroy the South and give black folks freedom, kind of.

     We already alluded to how war rearranged the power calculus of Europe after the second world war; old Europe that dominated the world died and Primitive Russia and USA emerged as superpowers.

    Powerful empires seldom expire without some power ending their reign of terror. Power does not concede to peaceful demands but to vicious attack on it that seeks to destroy it. Sumer, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Britain, France, USSR etc. all were sent to the grave of empires by emerging powers at war.

     Before the Second world war, European universities were it, American universities were considered rubbish, in fact, the best students in the USA went to Britain, France and Germany to obtain education in science and technology before 1945. After the war, with Europe in ruins, the best minds migrated to the USA and the US universities became world class (as we speak, the best minds in the world are now migrating to Chinese universities; in fifty years China would have the best universities in the world, not the USA…as of today China is publishing more papers on science than the USA…go to top twenty US universities and half of the graduate students in science and applied science are Chinese).

       Look at the world today. Come back in 150 years and you would see different political, economic and military powers and they would not be the ones you see today. I will forward to you a video on the possible outcome of US splintering as racist Americans desire.

     If a civil war starts here the country’s central government would collapse and there would be minor countries, say, ten of them. The Chinese and Japanese would take the West coast and Germany would seek revenge on the USA and take over most of the East coast and Canada and Britain would take over the northern states and merge them with Canada. The south would be taken over by Mexico. Your Texas, which used to be part of Mexico would return to Mexico (Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Parts of Wyoming, California, New Mexico, etc. were all part of New Spain, aka Mexico, USA defeated them and took them over in the mid-1800s and if Mexico reconquers them they return to Mexico; nothing is permanent in this world, only change is!).

       I will not go into strategic and tactical scenarios here, for they are type of stuff taught in political psychology and leadership psychology; they are not for social media chitchatting.

     Anyway, I enjoy talking to you, my man, because I admire your total identification with our siblings, African Americans.

    You cannot read a book from its cover. I am a hard-nosed scholar; however, to relax my mind, I play with metaphysics. Some folks pigeonhole me and dismiss me as a flake who is into religious mumbo jumbo. If only these folks know that the toughest minds play with ideas that relax them.

     Many of the people who worked on the Manhattan project that used Lise Meitner’s idea that if you strike the nucleus of (enriched uranium) atoms with neutrons that you could split it and cause chain reaction and release the strong nuclear force that holds protons and neutrons in the nucleus, and also release electrons, Neutrinos, Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation, the US did that in August 1945 and saw the destructive power of nuclear fission (China is about to unleash how to do nuclear fusion in the lab, nuclear fusion is what happens inside stars, here, hydrogen atoms fuse to  form helium atoms, and release heat and light), well, Robert Oppenheimer’s brainiacs could not live with themselves because of the destructive power they gave to the world’s military. Many of these men escaped to Hinduism and Buddhism to find solace.

      I play with A course in miracles. William Thetford who typed the book did the mathematical calculations of the Manhattan project, Helen Schucman, the woman who wrote it, worked for the CIA on how to  brainwash people; she got depressed by her work and sought a positive use to it, hence both Bill and she met up at Columbia University, New York City, and wrote their book, a book that will replace the Bible and its primitive Christianity.

Ozodi Osuji

November 11, 2021

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