Voter Suppression in the USA


Ozodi Osuji

America’s history is characterized by efforts to prevent black folks from exercising their voting rights. It began right after the civil war and the constitutional amendments that freed blacks and gave them the vote. The KKK, a terrorist organization, was formed to prevent black folks from voting and participating in American politics. Many states passed a raft of Jim Crow laws that made it extremely difficult for supposedly free black folks from voting, hence they were re-relegated to slavery.
Today, efforts are still being made to prevent black folks from voting. In the 2020 elections many black and brown people voted in large numbers, and Biden and Democrats won.
Since then, 43 states that are largely controlled by Republicans have introduced 250 Bills, legislations designed to curtail voting by black and brown folks so that politicians that support their causes do not get elected. That way, an increasingly minority white population rule America and perpetuate the charade of democracy in the land. There has never been democracy for nonwhite persons in America.
Disenfranchisement of black folks always lead to resistance hence tension in the land.
When will racists learn that oppressed people will never accept their oppression and for the first time in their warped existence do what they preach, have democratic elections and governance?
These people’s election shenanigans are getting tiring. When will the fight for equality end? If you do not like democracy, then, let us have authoritarian and totalitarian government in America!
Let white folks’ rule America in a dictatorial manner and stop pretending to be democratic. If they embark on dictatorship, give, or take, two decades they become part of the garbage dump of has been world powers.
Where is the USSR and its monolithic government today? Instead of moving forward, America always moves backwards.
So, America, go authoritarian, go politically primitive and let the world get rid of you; you have disturbed the world’s peace for too long; whatever you do, please stop your pretense of been a democratic country.
What exactly is America without black folks? What people all over the world know about America is the product of black folk’s efforts. Can any one in the world think of music and sports in America without thinking about black influence? And if racism is taken away from academia and the economic sphere there is no doubt that black folks would dominate them, too.
Enough already of America’s hypocrisy, it is irritating.

Ozodi Osuji
March 15, 2021

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