Using robots to replace people


Ozodi Osuji

     If you look at human beings with clear, unsentimental eyes what you see are people with intelligence that is nothing short of the intelligence that people attribute to the gods. People can study science, invent technology, and use it to do amazing things.

   Yet, from the moment that they are born in bodies they begin to die; they are destined to age, weaken, and die; upon death their bodies decay and smell like sewage.

      This situation whereby people think like the gods and yet are physically like animals and plants and the rest of physical phenomena makes people feel sad (to avoid over generalization, it makes me feel sad and through identification projection I project my feeling to all people).

    People are sick animals because their fate, death, makes them feel like they are insignificant and have no existential worth (this, again, is my feeling about me that I project to all people).

     Initially, they struggle to seem important and significant in bodies but that does not make their bodies not die. In Alfred Adler’s psychoanalytic language, people feel inferior and compensate with desire for neurotic (false) superiority.

     Adolf Hitler wanted to possess psychotic power; he wanted to rule the entire world but developed Parkinson disease; in his early fifties his limbs were already shaking uncontrollably; he died at age fifty-six; his body was cremated, and the ashes poured on a rose garden close to his Fuhrer bunker; his body became food for plants and bacteria (as is going to be the fate of all of us).

     One way to solve this problem is for us to use science and technology to develop robots, develop artificial indigence, and program it into those robots.

    In time we should be able to construct self-replicating robots and use them to replace human beings in bodies.

     Although robots made of metals may eventually become junk and are junked at robots’ junk yards; they can be programmed to live thousands of years and their aging parts replaced. At any rate, when they die, they will not smell like feces.

     An additional advantage of having sentient robots is that we can use them (we can program our minds into them) to do interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic travels.

     Robots can live in starships and travel for years to reach other planets in our solar system and in other star systems (exoplanets). We simply must replace ourselves with robots if we are to be able to explore the universe.

      I suspect that a breed of intelligent beings, us, constructed our bodies through evolution and currently use those bodies to live in space, time, and matter; what we did in the past we can do in the present, construct bodies made of robots.

      The entire universe is a field of universal intelligence. Intelligence is everywhere. Each of us is a unit of universal intelligence. We can download each person’s intelligence into a robot, and he lives through that robot.

      Through robots we can defeat our bodies built in obsolesce, death. People are seeking ways to live forever and ever in bodies; that is what their religions promise them, eternal life.

     Science can enable people to achieve immortality through living in robots. Science and technology thus may enable people to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish through religion and religion failed to give it to them. We must use science and technology to replace our primitive religions and thus finally attain immortality in some sort of bodies.

   I said immortality in bodies for a reason; outside of bodies made of wetware (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphor, iron etc.) and a outside the proposed bodies made of metal robots’ people as part of universal intelligence are immortal; the problem has been how to make their individual immortal intelligence live in bodies.

     How do I know this (immortality of intelligence) to be true? How do you know that it is not true?

     Let us leave philosophy alone and, for now, construct robots, and program intelligence into them and use them to replace our vulnerable bodies.

      If truth is said, the fact is that given a choice, many people, including me, would opt to not live in biological body that would die and rot, but in other kinds of bodies, or in no bodies (intelligence does exist outside bodies….if you do not think that this is true, have you appreciated the level of intelligent activities going on inside stars, planets, plants and animals?).

Ozodi Osuji July 13, 2022

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