Undoing the ego


Forgiveness and living from the Holy Spirit directed right mind undoes the ego

Ozodi Osuji

      The 1300 pages book, A course in miracles, can be summarized as asking those who study it to undo their egos; that is, if they want to live from their real self; to undo the ego folks have to live from their right minds, the parts of their minds guided by the Holy Spirit in them; when they do so they regain awareness of the fact of their true identity as the sons of God who are one with God.

     Now we are living from our false selves, ego separated selves. If we live from the ego separated selves, we are akin to those who are sleeping and dreaming. We, on earth, are asleep and are dreaming; the goal of the book is to awaken us from this sleep so that we live from our natural self, the sons of God who are one with God. In our natural state we are not in bodies but are pure spirit and mind.

    God is spirit, he and his sons are spirit. God is one spirit self; he extended his oneself to each of his sons and in doing so he and his sons are now one shared spirit self. In heaven there is God and his infinite sons all of them one shared spirit self with one shared spirit mind.

     A course in miracles is a non-dualistic, monistic philosophy. According to it, there is only oneself that is simultaneously infinite selves, all formless selves and are in each other; all of us are in God and God is in us and we are in each other.

    There is no space, gap and time between God and his sons; where one is the others are. The physical universe of space, time and matter is a mistake, a miscreation by the sons of God; reality is unified spirit self and God created that reality.

     So, how did we, the sons of God, come to have false selves living in a false universe of space, time and matter?


     God is a formless spirit self. God extended his formless self to a formless son; he and his son share one formless self with one formless mind.

      God is a true giver; a true giver gives all he has to the person he gives. God gave all his self to his son. Thus, now, the son of God has all of God in him and has his self; both are now one shared self with one shared mind. There is no space and gap between God and his son.

    God is highly creative and gave his son his power of creativity and imbibed him with the desire to create. The son of God creates his own sons who are all sons of God.

    Creation begins in God and extends to the son of God and from the son of God to other sons of God. Creation has no beginning and no end; it is ongoing. Even right now when we are not aware that we are in heaven we are creating our sons in heaven (God and his son do not have gender, A course in miracles was written by a woman, Dr Helen Schucman, a professor of psychology at a prestigious university, and she used the term son, so despite feminists opposition I will stick to the term son; if you do not like it, go argue with God).

   God is love, love extends itself, love gives all of itself to those it loves. God and his infinite sons love each other and live in each other; in their state of union, they are eternal, permanent and changeless; they are the same and equal and live in peace and joy; they live in bliss.

    In this eternally, formless unified spirit that is God and his sons, ideas form in their minds and they play with them. Infinite ideas enter the mind of God and his sons, and they play with them. Every idea is welcome.

     What cannot be realized is any idea that God and his sons be separated from each other. Heaven is eternally unified and if it were to be split into separated parts both God and his sons would be incomplete and die; which is impossible; they must remain unified to exist.


     The idea of separating from God and from each other entered the minds of the sons of God. This is a silly idea for they know that they cannot separate from God and from each other. However, each of them reasoned that if it were possible to separate from God and from each other, they would have more power than God. Whereas this idea is impossible of realization they, nevertheless, said, why not try it and see how it pans out.

    Thus, the unified sons of God, as it were, went to sleep and projected out what amounts to a particle of physical light (in heaven they live in spiritual, formless light).

     That particle of physical light, as in heaven where each particle of spiritual light contains all of God and his infinite sons, contains infinite photons of light, was told to split, to shatter itself into infinite particles of physical light.

      Thus, 13.8 billion years ago (please do remember that these dates and this entire write up are written in metaphors trying to explain what could not be explained in language and has not happened), a particle of physical light came out of nowhere and nothing and shattered (Big Bang) into infinite particles of light.

    The particles immediately began combining. Some combined into electrons; others combined to quarks and quarks combined to  protons and neutrons (you need university education to understand A course in miracles, it assumes  knowledge of basic chemistry, physics and philosophy; the scribe of the book Dr. Helen Schucman, was a brilliant mathematician and professor of psychology at  Columbia University, New York City; she was also a poet and wrote her book in Shakespearean blank verse, iambic pentameter).

     Within a minute of coming into existence (CF Harvard’s Professor Stephen Weinberg’s The First Three Minutes of the universe, this is physics talking), the physical universe contained electrons, protons, and neutrons; protons and neutrons combined into nuclei where they are held by the strong nuclear force (weak nuclear force breaks their strong bond).

     Matter was produced. The incipient universe also produced its opposite, anti-matter (anti-quarks, anti-protons, anti- neutrons, anti-electrons), for they are a universe that came into being in opposition to God and everything is in opposition to other things.

     Matter and anti-matter attacked each other and ought to have annihilated each other and returned to radiation (hot light) but somehow some matter remained.

     The incipient universe sped off at what Allan Goth called inflationary speed, speed greater than the speed of light. Light travels at 186, 282 miles per second; the universe had to expand at a speed several times more than the speed of light to avoid collapsing back unto itself hence abort itself.

     The emergent universe remained in plasma state, that is, nuclei had not yet captured electrons to form atoms.

     400, 000 years later, nuclei captured electrons and atoms of mostly hydrogen and helium were formed. An atom is composed of a nucleus with protons and neutrons inside it and an electron circling the nucleus; the electromagnetic force keeps the electron at a certain distance from the nucleus and prevents it from falling into the nucleus.

     The formation of atoms allowed trapped light in the plasma to escape; this is the cosmic background microwave radiation that Arnold Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered in 1965.

    Now the universe is composed of a sea of hydrogen with some helium and light (up to now the universe is composed of 75% hydrogen, 23% helium and all the other ninety elements constitute only 2% of the universe).

     The universe remained a sea of hydrogen for millions of years and thereafter something happened: space occurred, and clumps of hydrogen separated from each other into trillions of clumps.

     Gravity acted on each clump of hydrogen, pressed it inwards and pressure and elevated temperature formed in its core, hydrogen fused into helium and released light and heat. Ignition has occurred and stars are born.

     Each star is a clump of hydrogen in whose core hydrogen atoms are synthesized into helium atoms (fusion).

     Now there are trillions of stars; these stars are separated into clusters called galaxies and super clusters of galaxies. So far, we have identified over two hundred billion galaxies, each galaxy having, at least, two hundred billion stars in it.

    Our home galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy has over two hundred billion stars in it; it takes light 100, 000 years to travel from one end of the Milky Way Galaxy to the other.

     The initial stars were hugely massive in size and after a few million years exhausted their hydrogen and began fusing other elements (there are ninety-two elements in nature). When the fusion process reaches Iron, the star gets too hot and expands in size and explodes in supernova. It spreads the elements created inside the star and the new ones created during the supernova, into space (nebula). This creates a cloud of debris around the exploded star.

     Huge stars explode but their inner cores  may collapse into black holes (where not even light can escape from their events horizons); some collapse into neutron  stars that are composed of only neutron particles, those are so dense and orbit at a rate beyond human imagination (planet earth orbits at the speed of 67, 000 miles per hour and you would not know how fast we are travelling in space by being on earth!).

     From the debris of shattered stars, dust and elements gather to form medium sized stars and planets, asteroids and comets.

     Our sun and its nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) and asteroids and comets formed from nebula from exploded giant stars, 4.5 billion years ago. The sun has enough hydrogen to last another five billion years.

     Our sun and its planets formed in the goldilocks corner of the Milky Way Galaxy, where it is neither too hot nor too cold.

      The initial earth was extremely hot. Gradually, comets brought their frozen water to earth and cooled it off so that the surface of the earth is now 70% covered by water.

      The earth has four layers, the surface crust, beneath it is the mantle, then the outer liquid iron core and the inner core of solid iron.

     The earth is surrounded by an atmosphere that prevents the sun from drying its liquids; there are six layers to the atmosphere: Troposphere, exosphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere (thereafter, it enters space…from the surface of the earth to space is about two hundred miles).

    Elements combined into molecules (water molecules contain two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen).

     Sixty-four elements in the waters on planet earth (primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium phosphor, calcium, iron, copper etc.) formed into organic molecules from which biological cells, plants and animals, formed.

     Initially, the biological molecules were single cells but gradually evolved into multicellular cells. Three and half billion years ago there were already bacteria on earth. Those combined their cells into larger organisms and eventually fishes were formed in the waters, some amphibians’ left the waters and evolved into land animals.

       Animals kept changing to adapt to changes in their environment and about three million years ago, from the great apes evolved what became human beings.

      About 250, 000 years ago, humanoid creatures formed in Africa. About 100, 000 years ago these human beings spread to Eurasia, and later to Australia and the Americas.

     Wherever they go their local environment made some minor changes in them, but they remain the same. People all over the world are a species; a species is an animal group that can reproduce with each other.

       Here we are, there are over seven billion of us in the extant world.

      My goal is not to provide a thorough description of space and time but to give a summary and go to talking about what I want to talk about, not physics but metaphysics.

     The metaphysics I am providing is that the physical universe came into being because of the wish of the sons of God, you and I, to separate from God and from each other. The universe came into being in opposition to God; God is unified, and we wished separated existence. The universe is a place where parts of it oppose other parts of it and oppose the whole universe.

     Because of its origin in opposition to the will of God, in our universe everything is opposed to everything else. I am opposed to you, and you are opposed to me; men are opposed to women and women are opposed to men. We live in a world of yin and yang, a world of opposites.

    Where there are opposition there is conflict hence, we have intrapsychic conflicts in us and interpersonal conflicts between us. If we live on earth, we must have conflicts and wars, it is the nature of our earth.



      In the individual, in me, in you are now two opposing selves, the self-God created us as, the real self and the self each of us created for himself or herself (we all helped each other to create his ego separated self-concept).

      Our real self is the unified self, the son of God who is as God created him, unified with God and all of us; another part of us is the separated ego self that came into being to live separated from God and all people, the part driven by desire for power, power to be greater than God and all people.

     The part that seeks separation and personal power is the ego self. The part that remembers its oneness with God and all people is our real self; in the Christian tradition the real self is called the son of God or Christ. It has no name but, in this paper, I will call it the son of God or Christ.


     When we separated from God and are now sleeping and dreaming that we have separated selves, ego selves, God immediately created another self, the Holy Spirit and placed him into our sleeping and dreaming minds.

     The Holy Spirit is in God and from there sees what the sleeping sons of God are doing in their dreams. He does not participate in the dream but if asked can help us remember God and his son but if not asked he just sits in our right minds; the ego sits in our left, wrong minds, orchestrating our lives on earth.

    Christians see God as having three selves in oneself, God the father (he is not in this world, he is transcendental), God the son (us, now sleeping and dreaming as egos in this world) and God the Holy Spirit (the immanent God, God in the temporal universe); all three Gods share oneself hence the Holy Trinity.

     Occasionally, some unusual people remember their true selves as the sons of God and live through their right minds (guided by the Holy Spirit, not the ego).

     Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ are two people that remembered their real selves; many others did. The rest of us live through our left ego minds, the selves that say that we are separated selves living in bodies, space and time. But each of us can remember our real self for he is in our memory (in our memory is our ego and the Holy Spirit, Christ).


    Joshua Ben Joseph, whom the Greeks called Jesus Christ, remembered his real self by thinking and behaving from his right mind, by allowing the God in the temporal universe, the Holy Spirit, to guide him. He realized that we are merely sleeping and dreaming that we are separated from God. All along we remain as God created us, unified with him, not in bodies, and do not live in space and time (matter, space and time and our bodies are illusions; reality remains unified spirit self).

     Jesus remembered his real self and lived as such and saw all people as sharing oneself and one mind with him, all within the self and mind of God. He loved all people and did what the Holy Spirit asks all of us to do, forgive the wrongs we do to each other in pursuit of separated selves and separated interests.

       Jesus forgave all people and taught his disciples to practice forgiveness of all ills done to them by other persons.

      If we want to remember our real self, we must overlook our ego, false self and its self-centered interests and forgive all people. In forgiving all people, including those who murdered him, Jesus overcame the parameters of the ego separated world. He asks us to do what he did, forgive all, overlook the world, ignore attacks on us.

      There are no other people. God has only one son and that one son of God contains the infinite sons of God. In his sleep he forgets his unified self and projects all the selves in him into a dream and has each of them act roles that his script, play, drama of separation calls for.

     Each of us is acting roles for what each of our scripts call for. Since the other person is a mere dream figure in your dream what he did you did; you must forgive him to forgive you. When you forgive him, you forgive you what you did to you through his seeming other person role.


      In separation you and I feel like we committed a grave sin. We feel that we attacked God and shattered his unified world into fragments. We feel that we committed the original sin of separation. We feel that God is angry at us and wants to punish us because of this sin.

     We hide this original sin from our consciousness, we place it in our unconscious mind, from the unconscious mind it affects our thinking and behavior.

     I feel guilty because I separated from God and his son, my real self. The sense of guilt makes me believe that God is angry at me and wants to punish me. Believing that God wants to punish me I run from God and from other people. The sense of guilt is thus a means of maintaining separation from God.

     I blame other persons for my existential guilt. I say to me that I am not the one responsible for separation, other people are. I am guiltless and innocent; other people are the guilty ones, so punish them.

     God knows that we did not separate from him, so he does not punish any of us. Without waiting for God to punish other people, we know that God is not punitive and would not punish any of us, we punish them for God.

      In our dreams we punish each other for God and ask other people to punish us. The world is an insane place.

      I feel existentially guilty and project you out to punish me in lieu of God punishing me for my sin of separation and sometimes I punish me (by giving me physical diseases, suffering and poverty; you do the same thing). We punish each other and ourselves.

     To live on earth, as Gautama Buddha recognized 2500 years ago, is to desire separation from God, separation from the whole self, from our real self and to construct a false ego self and live as it. We suffer because we desire separation from God. Buddha says that to eliminate human suffering we must give up our desire for separation from God.

      We invented matter and used it to construct bodies for us and now living in bodies we think that we are separated from each other and from God; we made some people black and others white or brown, some men and other women. We see some people as superior to others, we are no longer the same and coequal, as God created us. We fight for our different interests. All these are taking place in a dream.

     Buddha remembered that God has only one son that contains all of us and that we are all one shared self. Jesus did the same. Both stopped seeking separated self and tuned out identification with separated self and kept quiet and went inwards where they contacted our real self, the unified spirit self, aka God.

      In a mind without wishes for a separated self, the awareness of truth, our unified spirit self-dawns. Thus, those two persons taught their followers to extinguish their ego separated selves and live from their unified spirit self.

     When you regain the awareness of our unified self you feel like you are one with God and all his sons, not in the world of space and time but in heaven, the world of formless spirit self. You feel eternal, permanent and changeless, you feel peaceful and happy.

     Jesus Christ, who we are talking about here, and his Holy Spirit taught a path to remembering our real self, the path of forgiveness.

     The Holy Spirit tells us to forgive all those who our egos tell us wronged us. For example, I am a Black man. I know that in the dream of separation white folks discriminate against me. I have a doctorate degree and as the world sees it very smart, but do you think that America would give me an excellent job? Of course, not, they give brain dead white folks good jobs. My ego feels angry at them.

     Later, I recognized that I had white folks discriminate against me. I am not an innocent victim and they victimizers; we did this thing to all of us.

     White folks are me that I denied are me, separated from them, and they from me. We are in a dream of separation where they see Africans as not them even though their ancestors came from Africa.

     We treat each other as strangers hence are angry at each other. But God has only one son. Therefore, if one is angry at so-called other people, one is angry at oneself.

     Thus, one forgives all people to forgive one’s whole self. This is literal, I must forgive what all people, black and white did to me to know that I share oneself with all people. If I do, I experience Samadhi, Nirvana, Satori, the mystical union of God and his son as one shared self.

     Try it, forgive all people and see what happens to you. If you truly forgive all people, you forgive you and feel that you did not separate from God; you feel innocent, guiltless, sinless, holy, sanctified and feel complete and happy, you experience the peace of God that passes human understanding; you feel eternal at the spirit level.

     We are eternal in spirit, not in ego and body; ego and body do not even exist; they are dream figures; we must let them go to remember our true selves, formless unified spirit self.


     Undoing the ego is done when we forgive all of us and live from our real selves as represented by the Holy Spirit. If we keep living from the right mind, which we must also do in the after-death world, the world of light forms, a world that still looks like our present world except that everything is in light form, it is the forgiven world.

      From there we proceed to the formless world of God where there are no other persons, just oneself, God. In God there is no space and time, no subject and object, just oneself that has infinite parts all of them oneself.

     The world is a literal dream but that does not mean that we should not understand that dream. Love all people and forgive people then study the dream through science (physics, chemistry, biology, astrophysics, geology, psychology, sociology etc.).

     We have understood some elementary science; science is about to enter the higher reaches where it understands that we are spirits using our minds to create matter and use matter to do work. We are entering the age of Artificial intelligence, AI and from there to interesting other realms of science and technology (with the aid of computer, word processing, I typed this twelve-pages paper within three hours, during my college days when I typed on primitive typewriters it would have taken me an entire day to type a twelve pages term paper!)

      Science is fun, so study it. Do technology but while doing them understand that it is our minds that did everything.

      There is one mind in the universe, that one mind thinks that it is now infinite minds, each part, one of us, and we do what we do on earth.

     Enlightenment, illumination, and Self-Realization means recognizing that there is only one mind, the mind of God that we all share.

     Once you understand that we share one mind, then you change your mind and accept that we all have one mind and forgive us our trespasses to forgive you your own trespasses and then have fun with science.

      We are the sons of God and what we can do is infinite. Just remember love; love means union; know that you are unified with all selves and love all selves to love your whole self.

    A course in miracles states that the world we live in came into being through our mutual attack on each other and at our creator, God. The world came into being through self-hatred (hatred of unified self) and attack and is maintained by self-hatred and attacks. Thus, I am attacking you and you are attacking me.

     We attack each other because in our unconscious minds is a sense of guilt for the wrong that we believe that we did, separate from our real self, the union of God and his son. Because we did this, we see ourselves as guilty and worthy of punishment.

     God knows that we cannot separate from him, that we are merely dreaming separation; we have done nothing wrong, God allows us to sleep and dream, knowing that dreams have no effect on unified reality.

     In the dream we project guilt to each other and say, in effect: I did not separate and sin, you, did, so I am going to punish you in lieu of God punishing you.

     Sometimes I punish me by giving me poverty and suffering because I am evil to have separated from our real home.

     All these are done at the mental level, in our unconscious minds. We punish ourselves, and others in our nightly dreams and in our day world for both are dreams.

     If you understand what we are doing, then you decide to forgive you and all people our mutual attacks.

     Thus, if I see you do a terrible thing to me, I know that I asked you to do so to me, I projected the role of an evil person who hurts me to you and you did what I asked you to do to me so that I experience what I want to experience, punishment for separating from God.


    Your attack on me offers me two options, to identify as a separated self, an ego in body and see you as doing terrible things to me and defend me by counter attacking you or see you as me and see your attack on me as my attack on me and forgive you to forgive me.

     Since you are me, in forgiving you, I am really forgiving me. I am doing both of us a favor by forgiving us.

     You attacked me because you saw me do evil things to you and you defended by attacking me, you offer me another opportunity to choose forgiveness hence love instead of ego and its attacks. When I see your attack as a call for help, for me to love you, I have seen my own attacks on you and other people as my calls on you to forgive me and love me. I love you to love me.

      If I keep forgiving all attacks on me and loving all people, one day I experience what A course in miracles calls Holy Instant, that is, I experience myself as one with all people (union experience, heaven symbolized for me to experience on earth).

     Forgiveness is the path to salvation taught by Jesus Christ. Other teachers of God, such as Buddha taught stopping desire for separation and compassion as their path to regaining awareness of our oneness.


     One must recognize that one constructed an ego for oneself. I constructed a grandiose ego, with the help of all people, for me, and that ego wants to see me as more powerful than God. It easily sees other people not recognize its importance and power and feels slighted and angry at them and attacks them.

    A course in miracles helped me to learn that those who slighted me, or attacked me in any form, offered me opportunity to forgive them to forgive me.

     I worked on my ego. To the extend that I do not see me as a separated ego self and see me as one with God and all people I do not defend my ego. If I do not defend the ego, I begin to gain awareness of my real self which is our shared one son of God.

      In fact, I sometimes go for days without knowing that I am an ego. Of course, I am still an ego for if one completely let go of one’s ego one would not see oneself in body and on earth.

     The ego produced the physical universe and gave one body to house it and makes one walk in imaginary space and time, a place of cold, and hot hence seek clothes and shelter (I live at Alaska…it is very cold out there right now, you would die in hours if not properly clothed).

     If you eliminate your ego, you will know you to be in heaven, in our shared oneself. This is true but in as much as you still wish to be on earth, in separated self you do attack other people and they do attack you so forgive all people to forgive you.

     Forgiveness gives us attenuated peace, not the perfect peace of heaven. When we forgive all, we have non-ego-based special love relationships, we have what A course in miracles calls holy relationships where we recognize our oneness even on earth.

      In special love relationships we see us as separated and defend our separated interests and have pseudo relationships.

      In Holy Relationships we believe that we all share oneself and forgive and love each other. Holy relationships take us to the gate of heaven, real world, happy dream, to the bridge between heaven and earth. From there, if one gives up all ego, one experiences oneness with God.

      The entire universe will exist until all sons of God have transformed their relationships from ego based to Holy Spirit based, hence holy relationships.


      Physics tells us that our universe is expanding and that galaxies are rapidly expanding away from each other. In about two trillion years the universe will lose heat and the stars die.

     Stars decompose to elements and elements decompose to electrons, neutrons and protons and those decompose to photons that decompose to the nothingness from whence we conjured them out.

    The universe dies in Cold Chill (some say that it would collapse back to itself and die in a Big Crunch and another universe rebounds from it).

     Indeed, in about two billion years our sun will start fusing other elements and become hot and dry all water on earth and make biological life on earth not sustainable.

     Hopefully, by then we would have the technology to migrate to exoplanets in our galaxy, or to another galaxy. We shall be doing time travels, to the past and to the future (according to A course in miracles, the future has already happened; indeed, the universe is already ended, we are now looking at it from its end, retracing our steps; the universe is a movie we shot and are now watching it in our minds eyes).

     When all galaxies die, and before our universe dies, we would tunnel ourselves to other universes through worm holes. There are infinite universes, all of them dream states; only the unified world of God is real.


      For now, let us do forgiveness to know peace in our lives. Forgiveness does not tolerate abuse from you or from other persons.

      If another person abuses you, verbally, emotionally, physically or sexually tell him to stop it. Regardless of whether you asked him to do so or not, ask him to stop it.

      If you are Black and a white man tries to abuse you, ask him to stop it. Help pass laws to stop abuses and punish abusers.

     Abuse and criminality are not to be condoned under any kind of metaphysics. I teach love for all, not for some persons.

     the entire world belongs to all of us. We must pay for all our children’s education through universe and provide all people with publicly paid health care, these are rights.

     We cannot allow a few to have all the wealth of the universe while the rest suffer, as is done in the literal hell that is called the USA.

     In an ameliorated hell on earth, we have a mixed capitalist and socialist economy and social democracy, such as they have in the Scandinavian countries.


      As a kid I used to be ashamed of my body. I was very handsome so it could not be because of ugliness; in fact, many kids admired my body and wished that they were me.

     Over time I recognized that I was ashamed of my body and wished that I did not live in body but was pure spirit. I used my mind, imagination to imagine alternatives to body, such as light bodies.

    I do not like what we do with body, eat food and poop, and have sex; I wished I were pure intellect without body.

      I do not like living in body. A course in miracles helped me to understand the origin of my dislike of living in body.

     We are not body; we are spiritual light; but in as much as we still seem to live in bodies, we can use our bodies to love other sons of God who seem in bodies.

     Only Love is accepted human behavior; hatred is never acceptable under any circumstances. We, black and white, men, women, and children are children of God’s one family.

    If the metaphysics, or as I choose to call it, Spiritual psychology I espouse interest you, read my books.

     Helen Schucman was trained in psychology and used psychoanalytic, that is, Freudian concepts like unconscious mind, perception, projection, dissociation from the real self, and conversion of self-self-hatred in our unconscious mind to projection to other people and attacking them.

    Psychoanalysis, such as Gordon Allport said in his book on Prejudice, says that racists hate themselves, deny it, repress it into their unconscious minds and convert it to hatred of other races and attack them, to kill them meaning to kill themselves.

    When his racist empire collapsed, Adolf Hitler gave orders to Albert Speer, to destroy Germany and its people because he hated them, and he destroyed his self.

    Years ago, I rejected Freud’s psychoanalysis and embraced neuroscience and behavioral psychology. But in the case of A course in miracles, what it says about denied self-hatred that is projected to other people, hating and attacking to kill them to kill ones hated self, makes sense to me.



     There is no me or other people living in body on earth, in the physical universe; my mind and other people’s minds invented the physical universe and bodies for us and house us in bodies and make us seem to be living in bodies, in hot or cold climates, having hunger and seeking food, sex from women that are not in bodies; my mind makes me seem to need food, medications, clothes, houses, transportation, all mere dream needs and dream activities to meet those needs; in fact, nothing is taking place; only mind exists.

     If this is true, we are fools for blaming God for not helping us when we used our minds to sentence ourselves to hell that does not exist.

    I make me dependent and needing others to rescue me and feeling angry that no one rescued me when I am only in mind but put me in a seeming weak body that needs others help and make them not help me to justify anger at them and in anger stay longer in the dream of separation.

     What needs to be done is for me to wake up from the dream and stop punishing me for an alleged separation from God, which were it possible then I, the son of God, is more powerful than God and God are weak and has no power to protect his unified state. So, it is all a game?

     Poverty and suffering are a game! Well, prove the thesis that only mind exists before you start jumping up and down in glee.

     I am a supreme egotist. To be an egotist is to be deluded; this is because the ego is a false powerful self, yet the egotist identifies with that false self. I feel a need to talk as if I am powerful, hence raise my voice. To talk tough, in fact, shows, that I am powerless and weak; strength lies in being calm and loving, being like Christ.

     I know that when I undo my power-seeking ego I will become a world teacher of God, not just a teacher of God; this is because underneath my weak ego trying to seem powerful is another me, the person with amazing understanding of spiritual matters (I have not read the Bible lately but can talk about all its 66 chapters).

     You can call me or email me to talk about the thesis of this paper.


Schucman, Helen (1976). A course in miracles. Mill Valley, CA.: Foundation for Inner peace.

Osuji, Ozodi (2021). Connected Lives. Las Vegas, Nevada: Rushmore Press.

Ozodi Osuji

January 15, 2022


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