Two Nigerian Sisters Stranded In Ghana, Trafficked Over Parents’ Inability To Pay School Fees

Two Nigerian Sisters Stranded In Ghana, Trafficked Over Parents' Inability To Pay School Fees

More information has emerged about the trafficking of two Nigerian girls who recently cried out in Ghana for help to return to their home country.

SaharaReporters earlier reported that the girls alleged maltreatment by the woman who trafficked them to Ghana, hence their attempt to return to Nigeria.

However, on getting to the Aflao border, they were not allowed to cross to Nigeria and had to stay back in Ghana. 

According to fresh details on the matter, the trafficked sisters said their parents consented to their emigration from Nigeria because of their (parents’) inability to continue to pay their (girls’) school fees.

A Ghanaian accommodating the young girls said the young ladies told him they were enrolled in schools in Nigeria but due to the inability of their mother to continue paying their school fees, they stayed out of school for a while. 

“It was at this time that the woman came to meet the mother to bring them to Ghana to work so that they could get some money to pay their school fees by the time they return to Nigeria,” he said.

The young girls also stated that the woman’s daughter had engaged them in her breadmaking business and was paying them GHC100.00 (Ghanaian cedis) a month which she had never paid.

According to them, the woman said she had been sending the money to their mother in Nigeria.

They said “they found it very difficult to believe this,” adding that “she has not been feeding them.”

He said the girls are very willing to return to their home country and gave their parents names as Eunice Sunday and John Sunday, residing at Ogun State.

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