Truth is always rejected by the masses


     The other day, someone posted here that there is an African proverb that says that those who insist on stating the truth that their perception shows them (we do not know what the actual truth is) are usually rejected by humankind. Socrates or Plato, if I recall, made a similar statement 2500 years ago.

    If you are in the business of stating the truth you must accept that only few people will like you. Only one child said that the emperor had no clothes on, the rest of the people said that he was regally clad even as he was naked!

    The point to all this is that right from childhood when, for some reason, I insisted on saying what my eyes show me, not what other people ask me to see, I learned that most people would reject me. I live in that state. One must pay a price for being who one is.

     When God tried to save the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, he could find only one family worthy of saving! This is a metaphor telling us about the people’s lack of capacity to live the truth.

    Therefore, save your breath and do not waste your time telling people like me what to say or do; first, try to live the truth, as you see it, not as the group you identify with tells you that it is.

     People like me do not seek social acceptance or rewards for doing what we do. You can give me nothing of value because I do not expect anything from you; I expect only the truth from me. This is called integrity, a scarce commodity in our world.

     Spinoza said that virtue is its own reward (see his Ethics).

Ozodi Osuji

September 19, 2022

PS: Think about Peter Obi, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Abubaker Atiku and vote for the one you honestly believe can do what moves Nigeria forward. In my view, none of them has that capacity and, therefore, I do not bother with them. The beautiful ones are yet to be born, said an African writer.

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