Trump should go away


     When will Trump go away? I really do not like seeing this man’s face everywhere I turn to; it is not like I am looking at a wise man. Clearly, he is developmentally arrested at no more than age ten, so I really do not want him in my face or in my space. The man needs to go away.

     I understand that he represents racist America and if many Americans choose to be racist, he is their champion, and they want him in the news.

      The question is, when will this country grow up and understand that what this man represents is not good for it? Is racism good for any society?

     One can be a conservative, a person who desires limited government, and a government that we can pay for with our resources without borrowing money to do so, and not be a racist.

     Republicans must let go of this buffoon; he is a joke taken too far, an amusing

 dream that has become a nightmare!

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 23, 2022

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