To have self-confidence trust in God


Ozodi Osuji

     The only way to acquire self confidence in an uncertain world is to trust God, to see his representative in the temporal universe, the immanent God, the Holy Spirit as your guide. You must believe that he knows the past, present and future and has complete information that you do not have and trust him to guide you. Left alone you do not have sufficient information to know what is good for you. So, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. In every situation you find yourself, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and then keep quiet. When action is required of you always behave as the Holy Spirit’s most complete student, Jesus Christ, told us to behave, love and forgive all people. Love and forgive all people in every environment you find yourself in. Do so and your day will be peaceful and happy. Confidence should be reposed on God not on your ego; your ego has limited information on everything and does not know what is good for you. Let him who knows what is good for you, the Holy Spirit, decide for you.


     Originally, there is God; he extended his self to his son, you, and me. God and his sons communed directly. The son of God experienced temporary insanity and decided to feel superior to God, to create God and create his self. He cannot do so, so he put himself to sleep and dreamed about our temporal universe. In it he hides the son of God in him in body and no longer listens to God.

     God, trying to reach him in his sleep-dream state, created the Holy Spirit and through him communicates with him.

     The son of God now lives as the ego separated self in the universe of space, time, and matter. His mind now has two parts, the left mind where his ego is, and the right mind where the Holy Spirit is. He can choose to listen to his left mind, the ego and be self-centered or listen to his right mind, the Holy Spirit and love and forgive all people.

      The Holy Spirit, God in the temporal universe, knows the past, present and future of all of us and knows what is good for us.

     The ego understands only a bit of the present and does not know the past and future. Therefore, if you decide with your ego you are deciding with limited information.

     If you decide with the Holy Spirit, you are deciding with complete information.

     Jesus decided to listen only to the Holy spirit hence loved and forgave all. In doing so he extinguished his ego and became synonymous with the Holy Spirit. Thus, where the Holy Spirit is, Jesus Christ is, in your right mind.

     Instead of asking the Holy Spirit to guide you, you can ask Jesus Christ to guide you and he would guide you exactly as the Holy Spirit would guide you.

      The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ guide you to love and forgive all of us and only engage in that vocation that actualizes your real self in the temporal universe (for example, I am good in philosophy, psychology and physics and combine them in spiritual science). There is something that you are exceptionally good at so do it to the best of your ability, and you live in peace and joy.

      The Holy Spirit guides you to do something that is in line with your highest good and the good of humankind. Engage in that vocation that serves your highest good and the good of humankind and you are guided by the Holy Spirit but seek ego professions that glorify your ego’s desire for prestige, and you are serving your ego and even if you are wealthy, you are poor in spirit.

     You know when you are doing the right thing when you experience peace and joy in your life. You know that you are speaking from the Holy Spirit, your right mind when you speak with confidence.

Ozodi Osuji

June 9, 2022

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