To be happy and peaceful accept what is


Ozodi Osuji

     Science studies what is and understands much of it and lives with it and applies what is known to technology to improve people’s lives.

     It is when a mind rejects what is and uses its imagination to wish for what could be better than what is that it engages in endless judgements and speculations on how people can be improved, individuals can be improved, societies can be improved, governments can be improved, nature can be improved, none of which is going to happen because they are imaginary and keeps the mind busy thinking useless thoughts. 

     The mind is blank when it is engaged in imagination-based thinking; real thinking takes place when the mind is quiet and freed from conceptual, that is, ego- based thinking.      

     Regarding what lies after we die no one can figure it out with our ego minds in bodies; the best approach to it is to keep one’s mind quiet and say nothing because whatever one says is not the truth, the truth of God, union, cannot be known by separated minds.

     Accept the facts stated in this piece, that is, do science and technology, deal with the world as it is, people as they are and leave it at that and do not wish for a better self and world and you live in peace, and life becomes a ball for you.

     It is when your mind posits and pursues ceaseless ideals and ideas on perfection that would not come into being, and you have inordinate fear of them not coming into being that you live in excessive fear.

     If you accept reality, imperfect as it is, and live with it you would live with ordinary fear, not the debilitating fears of neurosis and delusional wishing for ideals and perfections that are not in this world.

Ozodi Osuji

November 7, 2022

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