Three states of being


Ozodi Osuji

      There are three states of being in our extant universe and in the infinite other universes there are.

  1. Our original state in heaven; this is as part of a formless unified field of light that is everywhere and has no beginning and end; is eternal.
  • Our present state of living in bodies made of matter, in a world of space, time and matter; here, we seem separated and do die.
  • In  the world of light forms,  this is still like our current world except that now we know that we are the ones dreaming the universe and that we can forgive those we made seem to harm us and in so doing we live in happy dreams and when we are tired of dreaming we simply give up all desire for separated and special existence and awaken in unified light, aka God and his heaven, our real self and real world.

    In which of the three states of being one is, is one’s choice; we choose one of the three worlds to live in and take the consequences of our choice.

      If we choose, right now, we can reject the world of separated living and awaken in the formless, unified world of God; this entails no longer desiring to live as a separated ego in body, and not desiring the ego and not defending the ego.


    There is multiverse, that is, there are many universes, in fact, infinite universes. However, there is only one heaven (what I call formless unified light).

     Our permanent home is heaven, a formless field of unified light. It is a wave of light that is everywhere; each of us is a particle of that wave of light. Wave and particle are one light.

     We cannot leave it. While in it each of us and his cohorts write a script that makes them seem to separate from the formless field of light, separate from wholeness. They invented a universe.

     There are infinite universes. They enact their drama; they play out their roles in the play; each of them returns home when he recognizes that his universe is a dream.

     On earth, in over 100, 000 years only a handful of us have recognized that this world is a dream and struggled to awaken from it.

      From the moment that I was born I did not feel comfortable in my body and ego self, in this world and began my effort to find out who I am. That search took me to philosophy, psychology, comparative religions, physics and eventually meditation and during some of those I experienced myself outside our world.

      I will not describe these experiences because I can stand on my head and talk about them, and you would not understand what I am talking about unless you have experienced them.

     The salient point is that where we see our present universe, where you are, are infinite universes, each with a different law of physics; those in those universes experience them as real.

     In each universe some folks struggle to awaken. A few experiences the world of light forms and fewer still experience the formless unified world of God.

     It is not a moral issue; it is simply what it is.  It might take you millions of years to experience it but ultimately you will. Only you and your real self, the son of God in you determine when, like the prodigal son, you return home, awaken to your reality.

      Religion has nothing to do with this reality.

      Astrophysics has been able to trace the origin of our extant universe to the big bang, 13.8 billion years ago, but it cannot explain what existed before it, for that transcends the laws of science.

     In so far that we know something through science, please remember that physics, chemistry, biology, astrophysics, and geology deal with the 4% of the universe that is visible. 96% of our universe is unknown to us (dark energy is 73% and dark matter is 23%).

      The mentally retarded atheists (honestly, I have not seen an atheist with IQ over 140, folks in the top percentile of intelligence are always agnostic) who spuriously say that there is no God, how they can make such absurd statement based on less than 1% understanding of the 4% of the universe that science can understand is beyond reason (with 96% of the universe not yet amenable to the scientific method).

     The relevant point is that folks from each universe struggle to return home and pass through the world of light forms and eventually return to the world of formless unified light, our true home.

      Reading some of my books might give you a glimpse into what I am hinting at but, be that as it may, only experience of that formless light, God, can really convince you that it is real.

     As noted, only the individual and his real self chooses when he is going to return home, experience formless unified light. It may not be your choice in the next one million years!  In the meantime, try to love all people and forgive people their transgressions against you; if you do so your experience of this world would be delightful, a kind of happy dream, not reality, but happy unreality, as opposed to the nightmare of hating people.

    Our universe can be likened to simulation in that right now we are all in formless unified light, heaven, and while there we wrote a play and each of us on earth volunteered to play a part in it and is doing so; when his part is done, he awakens and is off the play. He becomes a passive person in the dream, helping teaching those fast asleep that the universe is a dream and explaining what each person must do to awaken from the dream, love all people and forgive all people the wrongs they did to him; in forgiving them he forgives himself because he did to himself whatever other people did to him; he projected all people into his dream and they projected him into their own dreams and they enacted parts that each other called for.

    There are no victims on earth and in heaven because we all agreed to do what we are doing on earth. We experience only what we want to experience; there are no accidents in our lives.


Ozodi Osuji

August 31, 2022

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