This is how you deal with cynical Nigerians

Ozodi Osuji
The ethnic, tribal nature of Nigeria and the fact that one tribe only, Fulanis have been dominating the country since its independence in 1960 and give the best jobs to their people and essentially do nothing for the rest of the people, Nigerians have learned to look after their self-interests. Each Nigerian has become cynical; he does not care for the national interest; talk to him about public interest and he laughs at you as a naïve idiot. Talking about national interests, in a dog-eat-dog Nigeria, will get you nowhere.
Nigerians tell you to join the club and steal from the oil money that those in government steal from. It is money given by nature and does not belong to anyone, after all when nature was converting dead trees and animals and water into fossil fuel, millions of years ago, Nigerians did not live in Nigeria; thus, the oil money does not belong to any specific Nigerian tribe; take it if you can and do not feel guilty.
If those in government do not care for public good, why should individual Nigerians care for it?
In Nigeria no one cares for people from other tribes, they care about people from their tribe; indeed, they care mostly for people from their town and do not care for those from outside their tribe or town.
Join the club, be nepotistic and take bribery, be corrupt, is the moto of most Nigerians; do not go moralizing to Nigerians about doing the right thing; what is the right thing, anyway; who defines it?
Is it defined by the pastors who are fleecing their followers and use the money to have private jets while their followers hardly can have one good meal a day? Or would you listen to the empty moralizations of politicians who rob the country down while talking jazz about working for public good. Give me a break and let us join the thieving jamboree called Nigeria.
The solution to this amoral, and cynical environment is to have leaders who are motivated by political ideology. I am a social democrat and a mixed economist. By that I mean that I conjoin capitalism and socialism in a pragmatic manner.
Capitalism or pursuit of self-interest unleashes people’s hard work; people work most when they are pursuing what is good for them. Okay, let them have capitalism. But tax them (up to 33% of their annual incomes) and use the money to provide all children with education, from day care centers through university and vocational schools and provide all people with publicly paid health care.
Education and health care are not privilege but rights and duties we owe to each other. After those two we can negotiate about what else the public can do for the individual but otherwise we should leave people alone.
Social democracy means injecting some socialism into politics but within elective politics, not by using force and violence to impose a communist government on the people, as Karl Marx had asked for. I believe in democracy, not authoritarian government.
Ideological leaders must confront Nigerians learned cynicism. If I were a leader in Nigeria, I would help create laws that said: kidnap a person and you are arrested and killed (capital punishment); steal from the public sector and you go to jail for thirty years (and, hopefully, die in it, and while in it we use your labor for free to water the Sahel region of the country and the Sahara Desert and plant trees in them). Steal and you go to jail, no mercy for criminals.
We must find a way to eliminate stealing and corruption in Nigeria and Africa (or reduce it to the five percent of the population that apparently inherited anti-social genes in them); if it requires draconian laws that mercilessly lined people up against a wall and shoot them to death, so be it.
People want to live at all costs so if they know that you would kill them if they engaged in anti -social behaviors, they would desist from doing so, but if you cuddled criminals, they would not stop being thieves.
Folks should not feel guilty from killing criminals; killing Criminals should not be regretted because people’s souls are eternal; they are sons of God and are always in God but while in God they sleep and dream and, in their dreams, life on earth, do the evil things they do. Killing their dream selves does not destroy them from existence, they still exist in God. Therefore, to make life on earth lovely we must not hesitate in dealing with criminals in a drastic matter. Kill them without mercy. This is the only way to deal with a cynical population; use the whip to get them to work for public good and use the gun to kill criminals and people would develop prosocial behavior patterns.
Ozodi Osuji
March 23, 2021

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