Thinking is the source of our woes




Ozodi Osuji

      Thinking is the source of all human woes. If we did not think and are like other animals, we would just live quietly and happily. But the moment we begin to think, we could think negatively or positively.

     When we think with hatred for other people we are thinking negatively and that gives us heated brains; when we think with love for other people (to love is to unite with, hence thinking with love is any effort to unite with other people) gives us calm mind.

     In meditation, both Hinduism and Buddhism ask people not to think, to try and get their minds into stillness, to empty their minds of all ego-based thinking; to have a mind with no ego categories in it, just a blank mind. They say that our thinking produces the world we see and when we stop thinking the world we see disappears and we return to experiencing the world of God, a unified formless spiritual world, where there is no you and not you, no seer and seen, subject and object, just oneself with infinite selves, all living in eternal peace.

     When the human mind is swept clean of all thinking the individual feels calm and peaceful. This is because thinking is done through light (electricity) and that generates heat in its wake; if you think too much you feel your brain heated up, this is because you are over employing electricity and light in your brain (the brain’s thinking is done through electrical activity).

    Outside body we have joined minds; to be joined, minds are the same and equal and are formless, are spirit. In that formless, spiritual state we are calm and have perfect peace of mind.

    Somehow, wishes would enter our minds, such as the desire to separate from other minds; that desire to separate from the whole mind is what projected out our physical universe of space, time and matter and projected each of us into a body and have him walk around in this world.

   While we are still in unified mind, unified spirit, as it were, we went to sleep, and our minds mutually project out this physical universe and we live in it. If we stop wishing for separation and stop thinking our minds relapse to its natural state of quietude in universal mind and live in harmony with other minds.

   Gnosticism, Hinduism, and Buddhism teach that our world is an aberration, an insanity that ought to not exist, and, in fact, does not exist except as a dream and we are best served if we did not think. They ask us to remove our wishes, our ego selves, in doing so we return to a quiet mind, awaken to our natural calm unified mind.

     However, our minds are always attracted to wishing and thinking and those produce disturbance of our perfect peace in unified mind and unified spirit.

      Since on earth we are cursed to think, we must strive to think through our right minds, our loving, unifying minds and less from our left ego, divisive minds that are filled with dreams of hate hence heated minds.

Ozodi Osuji

February 15, 2022

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