Think about the trouble the universe took to create gold and diamonds


Ozodi Osuji

      Our universe is truly an elaborate game undertaken by brilliant sons of God. Consider the production of gold, diamonds etc.

     The universe was formed 13.8 billion years ago. Out of nowhere a point of light came out and split into photons, which combined to form electrons, protons, and neutrons; that is, form matter (and their anti-matter forms; matter and anti-matter attacked each other, some matter remained to continue our matter-based universe).

     Protons and neutrons combined (held together by gluons) to form nucleus (held together by the strong nuclear force). The universe remained a plasma of independent electrons, and nuclei. 400, 000 years later, nuclei captured electrons and the first atom, hydrogen, was formed.

      The universe is now a continuous cloud of hydrogen. Thereafter, the cloud of hydrogen separated into clumps of hydrogen. Pressure from gravitation acted on each clump of hydrogen and raised temperature inside it, which led to the combination of some hydrogen atoms to helium atoms (nuclear fusion) and heat and light was released, the heat and light that we call star lights.   

     There are trillions and trillions of stars. Billions of stars group themselves into galaxies.   There are trillions of galaxies.

     Occasionally, a star’s nucleosynthesis (the formation of the nucleus of one atom from another type of atoms) reaches iron (number 26 on chemistry’s periodic table) and the star becomes extremely hot, swells up and blows up in supernova.

      In the enormous heat accompanying supernova all elements beyond iron are formed. These elements are spilled into space (form nebulae). Over time, they agglomerate into new stars and planets, comets, and asteroids.

     Our planet, earth (and the eight others in our solar system, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, uranium, Pluto) and its Sun were formed 4.5 billion years ago and will last another five billion years before the sun’s nucleosynthesis reaches iron, and the sun expands, and incorporates planet earth and explodes in supernova (since the sun is not large enough, into something like it). 

      Just think about all the trouble the universe took to grow stars, millions, and billions of years, only to blow them up just to form elements beyond iron, elements needed to form animals and plants (there are 64 elements in the human body, primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, sodium, chlorine, phosphor, sulfur, and others).

     For our present purposes, the universe grows stars to explode them to form gold and diamond and other elements beyond iron (there are 118 elements in the universe).  No wonder human beings value gold and diamonds.

    (But why don’t we value uranium…we do, in a way, we use it to create nuclear weapons, nuclear fission, and with which, bye and bye, we will destroy ourselves (the little man with Napoleonic complex, Vladimir Putin has been threatening to use nuclear weapons if he loses the war of choice, he launched to gain a few inches of land in Ukraine; Russia is already the largest country in the world with a small population of about 144 million persons, and the terrorist, murderer still needs land to make his deluded ego seem powerful).

     This evening, it occurred to me that the universe took its sweet time to create gold and other jewelry folks place on their bodies to make their bodies, make nothing, seem important in their eyes.

     People’s bodies and the gold and diamond they wear, over time, will die and decay and return to electrons, protons and neutrons, which will decay back to light, the light with which the universe began.

      Isn’t our universe an elaborate joke? The least it is, is a game indulged in by the smart but bored children of God.

     This evening, I had my television on, I had not deliberately watched television in over a year, and the movie playing on the tube was Tom Cruise’s Mission impossible, made in 2011. As I watched this James Bondlike elaborate cinematography, the constant explosions, and killings of people, it occurred to me that what I am watching is nothingness.

     Our universe is nothingness, it is totally pointless, purposeless, and meaningless; it is a meaningless game we enact to amuse ourselves.

      While engaged in the game the character personae, the actors, must see the game as meaningful until they get to the philosopher’s state of mind where they see through tinsel town and realize that it is all transitory, ephemeral, impermanent, temporary, simply stated, it is nothing made to seem like something important.

     Well, if you are the cerebral and philosophical type, with a smattering of understanding of physics, chemistry, and biology, I hope that you enjoyed the above vignette; it is my idea of humor!


If my essays do not make sense to you do not worry about them. My essays cannot be sensible to average folks.  In this world people are born with various levels of intelligence, by their choice. It is those who chose to be born intelligent that can grasp certain types of intellectual humor.  By the way, what did I say in this little essay, do try to explain it to another person and do so in your words, not mine.

Ozodi Osuji November 9, 2022

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