There is no such thing as perfection


Ozodi Osuji

     Perfection is a mental construct, a product of human imagination; it is not a fact; it is not reality anywhere in the physical universe of space, time, and matter.

     The mind sees what exists and considers it imperfect and imagines how it could be better, improved, and made perfect.

    The moment an idea of perfection enters your mind, and you strive after it, a better idea of perfection enters your mind, thus, there is no end to your imaginations of how you, people, society, and things could be made more perfect; it is mind run riot imagining things becoming perfect, and better but never making any thing perfect.

     There is no such thing as a perfect government, perfect laws, and perfect society, and perfect people and perfect world.

     Ideas themselves cannot be perfect because the moment that you think that an idea is perfect, your mind immediately produces a new and better idea of perfection, ad infinitum!

    The Pursuit of perfection is really an addiction of the mind to imaginations, addiction to changing the self, people and things and making them better knowing in advance that one cannot make them better.

      The Pursuit of perfection is the ego mind’s effort to make one perpetually not satisfied knowing that one cannot attain the perfect self and state.

     One must resolutely tell one’s self: I will accept me as I am, now, not tomorrow; if as I am now is imperfect, whatever that is, I accept me as imperfect; I will not wait till tomorrow when I presumably become perfect before I accept me because experience shows me that if I wait until I become perfect and since perfection’s goal posts are always changing, I will never accept me; therefore, I accept me right now, no more judging me and seeing me as imperfect and hoping to become perfect in the future before I accept me; there is no future, there is only now.

    And what one does to ones self-one must do to other people; one must accept other people, society, governments and the world as they are now, imperfect; one must not say that one is going to accept people and the world only when they become perfect; nothing ever becomes perfect; therefore, the desire to accept  people and the world only when they are perfect is a decision not to accept them.

     There is no such thing as a final state of perfection, and there is no future; there is only the now; therefore, accept you, people, and the world in an unconditionally positive manner, now.

     Perfection is the enemy of the good (the good that is attainable). Accept what is, now; stop playing God by trying to change what is to make it to your liking; you did not create you, other people and the world.

Ozodi Osuji

October 26, 2022

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