There is no purpose for the existence of this universe

From Ozodi Osuji’s Daily Journal:


Ozodi Osuji

Over the years, it gradually dawned on me that there is really no purpose for our lives and no purpose why the earth and the entire universe exists.
The universe came from nothing, during the Big Bang (Nothingness produced the universe; Saint Augustine of Hippo, North Africa said that God created the world out of nothing, Ex Nihilo, so he was in agreement with contemporary cosmology in observing that the universe came out of nothing).
That which came from nothing cannot be something important and cannot have a purpose. The universe is purposeless.
Contrary to our tendency to believe that the universe exists for a reason, there is no cause for the existence of the universe.
The universe is causeless and therefore purposeless and meaningless; we are not ever going to find meaning and purpose in our lives. Helen Schucman said as much in her book, A Cause in Miracles (the woman was a religious genius with IQ of over 160).
Consider that we are born, live for, maybe, 100 years and die. Where is the meaning and purpose in that? If a rational God created us and our world, he would not allow his children to live in flesh and die (decay and return to the 64 elements that form their bodies and those decay to electrons, protons and neutrons and those decay to photons, light, and light disappears into the mist from which it came out during the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago).
God did not create this meaningless and purposeless world because God can only create a meaningful and purposeful world.
God is the idea of the whole and we, his sons are the idea of the parts of the whole; whole and parts are not things; they are formless ideas.
The world of God is formless, unified spirit, which is eternal, permanent, and changeless. We, the sons of God, decided to invent a universe that is the opposite of the unified world of God hence invented our world of opposites, a place where everything opposes everything hence exist in perpetual conflict; conflict is built into our existence, even into our bodies (the atoms in our bodies have positive and negative charges; protons have positive charges and electrons have negative charges and neutrons are neutral but when they separate from the nucleus of the atom, in less than ten minutes they discharge electrons and become protons).
I therefore, conclude that this world is meaningless and purposeless; it has no causation other than our imaginary rebellion against unity (God).
I have recently reverted to thinking like my college days hero, David Hume, and his rationalism. However, I differ from him because like George Berkeley I believe that this world is a dream in our minds.
This world is a dream of the opposite of the world of God. God and his world are unified; our temporal world is a place of separated people and things.
A dream has irrational causes which, at best, cause temporary effects but not permanent effects because when we wake up from our dreams of separation, dreams disappear, the universe disappears from our awareness.
When we awaken in God we momentarily remember that we had a dream located in a place called planet earth, part of the solar system, part of the Milky Way Galaxy, one of trillions, if not infinite galaxies in the physical universe, a place where we were in bodies and walked around in space and time; upon returning from the journey to nowhere, a journey without distance, the prodigal sons of God quickly forget the memory of planet earth and resume living as part of our eternal, formless unified self, one self that is simultaneously infinite selves, all sharing the self of God and the mind of God.
I am very verbose; an idea enters my mind and before I realize it, I write many pages on it (at secondary school, my English teachers used to pull me aside and ask me why I write essays of thirty or more pages when two pages would do…they quickly realized that they could not stop me and let me be; I tend to think through ideas and not just give pat answers.
Anyway, there is no purpose to our lives that is self-evident and that I can see and verify, so I must stop asking, what is my purpose in life, what am I living for, because there is no reason why we are living. One is living just because one is living. (By the way, contemporary astrophysics and astronomy agree with my assessment…in one of his writings, Stephen Hawking said that nothingness created this universe, not God).
Concluding that there is no meaning and purpose to our lives and the universe (which existentialist writers like Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, Karl Jasper and so on contend) is not a cause for depression and suicide; it is a cause for realism, living without illusions and delusions; it is merely observing the self-evident truth that we have no real reason for living.
Consider that our scientists are busy discovering stuff that by the end of this century may give smart high school kids the ability to destroy cities if not the entire world, so what is the purpose of our beloved physics, to destroy us? Physics must be studied because it explains physical phenomenon not because it gives us meaning and purpose for living; if you think about it, it is actually depressing!
In a few decades, we shall start fusing hydrogen atoms to helium atoms, what takes place inside stars, on earth, and obtain cheap, limitless energy; but given the enormous radiation, heat and light, produced in that process of nucleosynthesis, if it leaked out, we might as well say goodbye to our countries and, may be, even the entire planet earth!


Inside the atom are positive protons, neutral neutrons, and negative electrons. Atoms are what our bodies, flesh, matter are made of. So, inside our bodies are built in opposite electrical charges, positive and negative; inside our bodies are built-in oppositionality and conflicts.
Ying and yang can make for unity. Be that as it may, perfect peace is not possible where there are opposing forces; peace is only possible where all are the same, equal, and unified, in heaven, which is in mind.
(In heaven, eternity, we are the same and coequal but on earth, in time, clearly, we are not the same and are not equal; if you are mentally retarded (have IQ of under 70, or is average, and have IQ between 85 and 115, you are not the same as gifted folks with IQ of over 132, talk more the geniuses of this world with IQ of over 140).

Ozodi Osuji
January 17, 2023

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