There is no past, present and future, there is only now



Ozodi Osuji

     Everything in the universe is taking place in the now but we see them in time sequences, in the past, present and future. The universe seems linear but that is not true, everything is happening now, but our minds place them in linear sequence.

     I reached this conclusion from thinking about my African ancestors. I used to wonder what they would look like when I saw them. My lifestyle, living in the USA, I thought would be so radically different from theirs that we may not even be able to communicate with each other. I visualized how they lived a couple hundred years ago, probably naked (?), and wondered how we could communicate with each other at all.

     Thereafter, I would have dreams with my parents and friends in our village in it, but they would be in the surroundings of my present abode, modern world, in houses with televisions and so on. I woke up from one such dream realizing that when people meet their ancestors in whatever world one thinks that they are they are always in the type of immediate surrounding one is. There is no past, present and future, we all live in the now and use our minds to create the illusions of space, time and matter and past, present, and future.

     This universe is a magical show; we are always in the eternal now of God and his heaven, oneness, and while there invent our own earthly separated world and project past, present and future into that world. However, even our world is always now and everything in it is happening in the now, even what we think will happen in the future happens now, for only the now exists.


      I wrote the above observations and was about going to doubt it and or dismiss it as new age religious razzmatazz when an inner knowing said, stop doubting yourself, what you wrote is the truth; trust your knowing for while not the absolute truth, it is as close to the truth as is possible.

Ozodi Osuji

February 12, 2022

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