There are no Christians in the world


Ozodi Osuji

      Look around you in the Americas, North and South, in Europe and in Africa and wherever else there are people who call themselves Christians, not one of them is a Christian!

     That is correct, not one person on earth is a Christian! Regardless of how many times a day they pray to their Jesus Christ and God they are not Christians.

    If you consider people Christian, do they behave as Jesus Christ said that his followers should behave, love and forgive all people?

    Did Americans not enslave people and as we speak discriminate against certain people; in Africa are people not living in a dog eat dog manner where they hustle and the fittest survive and the weakest die off; are their so-called Christian ministers not hustling for money to buy expensive cars, jet planes and live in fancy houses; are those behaviors what Jesus, who walked  to everywhere on foot, told these charlatans to do?  Of course, not; the charlatans are using the racket of Christianity to make a decent living and their followers are idolaters worshipping craven images made by man.

     There are no Christians in Nigeria, Africa, Europe and the Americas and in the entire world.


      There is a condition for being on earth. It is to be the prodigal son. Each of us left our father, left unified spirit self, to go live in a distant land, earth, away from God; we opted to go live as separated from unified state, heaven.

     (Father, God, son of God, the Holy Spirit, the prodigal son are metaphors, not factual states; God stands for the whole, the son of God stands for a part of that whole; the prodigal son or ego separated self stands for a part of the whole who believes that he can separate from the whole, impossible, but who now seems to live as if he is outside the whole self; the Holy Spirit is part of the right mind of the son of God, whose ego parts dreams that he is apart from God, helping him to regain awareness of his eternal oneness with God, and guiding him to the awareness  of his union with God.)

     We are on earth to live as the opposite of heaven. Heaven is unified, and we choose to go live in an imaginary universe of separated selves, in a place where there is space, time and matter; we used matter to construct our bodies. We then hide our separated selves, our egos in our bodies and walk around in space and time and seem separated from each other and from God.

     We are the prodigal son in a faraway land from his home. We try all we can to adjust to our new land; sometimes we seem to succeed but eventually we fail and, in our failing, remember that we have another home where our father lives (union in the mind of our separated minds).


    The mind that made fear, who is the ego separated self, cannot stop it. Only the unified mind, aka Holy Spirit can stop fear in one. The Holy Spirit is love and forgiveness. That is, only a loving and forgiving mind, Christ mind can overcome fear.

    Albert Einstein said that the mind that caused a problem cannot solve it, you need a different mind to solve the problem of fear.

     To overcome fear is to overcome the ego, which is to overcome the world, for the world is the ego separated self.

     Only folks like Buddha and Jesus who let go of their egos overcame fear and the world fear protects. Other people just talk precepts; the ego likes doing that while retaining its fear and unforgiving and unloving mind.

    Fear and guilt go together. In fear one feels that something is threatening one’s life; one’s life is here defined as ego in body; clearly, the ego and body can be harmed hence fear alerts one to what could harm one and one takes defensive and protective measures to make sure that one’s ego and body survives.

     If one did not believe that one is separated from God, is an ego in body, but, instead, know that one remains as God created one, part of his unified spirit self, and know that unified spirit is eternal, one would not feel fear.

     When one feels fear one accepts separation as real. If separation is real, then the ego self-one made substitutes for the real self, the unified spirit self, that God created one as.

    As it were, one has attacked and killed God’s real son and replaced him with the ego separated self. This means that one is more powerful than God, for one can destroy a part of God. One then feels guilty for destroying God’s son and expects his father, God, to destroy one, destroy the ego.

     The ego lives in fear and guilt. Fear and guilt would seem appropriate except that one did not destroy the son of God, and one did not separate from God; therefore, feeling fear and guilt are mere ruse to enable us to believe that we are separated from God.

     If one changes one’s mind, right now, and accept that one remains as God created one, one with God and all his creation, one will no longer feel fear and guilt and, instead, feel holy (whole) and innocent.

     Feeling fear and guilt are not what happens to us against our will; they are part of what we use in our childish game to convince us that our separated selves are real; that is, they are mechanisms for retaining the false ego we invented to replace the son of God with; give them up and you relax in the safety of heaven and its God.


     Our real home is not like our present home; it is a unified home. The ego guides us in living in our separated home, the world of multiplicity.

    When we recognize the mistake of leaving our unified home to go live in a separated state and resolve to return home, the Holy Spirit guides us on our way home.

     (Ego and Holy Spirit are not persons; they are patterns of thinking; one, ego, is the wish to be separated and the other, Holy Spirit, is the wish to return to union with God and all creation; God is not a person, he symbolizes the whole selves as oneself. The ego is the wrong, separated mind; the Holy Spirit is the right unified or Christ mind; God is the unified mind in us, he is also called the one mind, the Holy Mind; he is the whole self, the whole mind in each son of God, each part of the whole being. The salient point to bear in mind is that the ego, Holy Spirit and God are not outside us; they are in us, they are ways we think; whichever is the way we think we see or experience a world that it represents; ego thinking shows us our world of separated things in dense forms; Holy Spirit thinking shows us our world in light forms; God is the state of knowing at the highest level of our being and is formless.)

     The mind that led us to leave home, leave unified spirit, is the wish for separated self, aka the ego; the ego cannot guide us back to unified mind. The ego mind adjusts to the world of separated things.

    The Holy Spirit, God in the temporal universe of seeming separated things, the immanent God guides us back to the unified universe where God and his creations, his sons share oneself and one mind and are unified as oneself (this is nondualism).

      Now we need the mind of the Holy Spirit, aka our right minds, not the wrong, left ego mind to guide us on our journey to our real home (to remembrance of unified spirit state).

     The Holy Spirit tells us that the world of the ego is a dream, that it cannot exist but seems to exist; it tells us to overlook that world of separated selves and things, to overlook it we have to see it as a dream; we have to wish to stop dreaming; if you want to stop dreaming you must first accept that the physical universe is a dream and, as such, what is done in it has not been done; nothing you and people did on earth has been done; you just had a pleasant or unpleasant dream; good or bad dream, it is still a dream, so, overlook it, forgive it and in letting go of the dream you now place your mind in the hands of the Holy Spirit; you do not think or act from the ego mind; the Holy Spirit guides you back to your real self, the son of God and to your father and home (it is you that thinks as the ego or Holy Spirit).

     When you are led by the Holy Spirit, when you think wholistically, he places you where you still see separated people and things but instead of anger at those who did to your ego what seems wrong you feel gratitude to them and forgive them for it is in learning from the seeming good and bad that you realize that the world is a dream.

    If you are Black, you look at all the racist whites who denied you jobs and forgive them, for they did you a favor; they prevented you from adjusting to their egoistic world, a world maintained by drugs and other untoward behaviors. You show thanks to them for denying you the opportunity to be like them; they are not quite human beings, yet; they are operating at animal level.


     First, you must recognize that you are not a victim; you placed yourself in every situation that you are in; you experience only what you want to experience, good or bad; accidents cannot occur in our lives; physical illness and or health are our choices; indeed, we chose when we are born and when we shall die in the dream (there is no death in God but in the dream, there seems death).

     You chose to experience racism and from it learn that evil does not have permanent effect on you, that your real self remains as God created it, innocent, guiltless, sinless and holy, for you have not separated from God and merely dreamed that you separated from him and from your real self as the son of God (you merely pretended that you are a separated ego in a foreign land).


      If led by the Holy Spirit, you keep quiet and relate to whatever happens to you with love and forgiveness. If you keep on this line of living, one day you experience enlightenment, illumination and suddenly know yourself to be part of a unified spirit self, in Christian terminology, God and his heaven; in Hindu terminology, Brahmaloca, in Samadhi, or in Buddhism, Nirvana or in Zen Satori, where you recognize that reality is created by God and that each of us is an idea in the unified mind of God and are unified; you feel total love and peace and know that in that formless state you and all creation and its creator are eternal, permanent and changeless. You know directly that God and heaven is real.


    Thereafter, you return to the awareness of living in body, in space, time and matter but now you do not look at the world and people the same way as you did before; now you love all people and forgive all those who trespassed against you. In Buddhist categories you are a Boddhisattva.

     You live in peace and effortlessly get what you need to do the work of teaching us that we have a different self and home, that we are aliens in this illusion that separation, space and time are real.

     You teach like Jesus Christ did, not from the ego but from the Holy Spirit; you are quiet and peaceful.


     Do you see such teachers of God in the world you live in? What do you see but those talking theology, which is of the ego?

     God realized persons have given up the wish for ego separated self and now live from our unified spirit, our one holy mind in God; they are at peace with reality, not at war with it, as the ego mind is at war with God.


     A Christian is a born-again person; that means that he has allowed his earthly, separated self, the ego to die and is reborn in the self that God created him as, the unified self, aka Christ self.

     A true Christian overlooks the ego-based world and lives a Christ like life, peacefully and happily. In so far that he does anything, he does it from his right mind, the Holy Spirit.


     His perception is corrected; he no longer looks with separated mind but with unified mind and sees all creation as parts of him and loves them all to love his whole self, his holy self, the son of God, Christ. He is still in this world but is having a happy dream, not a nightmarish dream.

     Eventually, he disappears from the separated world and still lives in the world of separated selves but a purified form of it, the world of light forms, aka astral world; he is now at the gate of him.


    From heaven’s gate he teaches those still on earth about love and forgiveness; eventually, all of us join him at heaven’s gate and God opens his heaven, and we all enter; that is, we all remember our oneness with each other and God; the universe of separation ends; all the prodigal sons returned home; union replaces separation and peace replaces war.


     The issue of who is a Christian has been hotly debated since the inception of Christianity. In the first century CE, Christian Gnostics, such as the apostle Thomas, delineated what constitutes true Christianity (see the Gnostic Gospels); but, later, Saint Augustine and his followers won the day and removed what they believed is impractical Gnostic Christianity. To them, who has experienced oneness with God, and loves and forgives all people, as Jesus Christ did, to qualify as a Christian. Therefore, they settled for merely praying to Jesus, who they made the only son of God.

     This approach was officially adopted at the 325 CE Nicaea Council. Since then, folks replaced attempts to live like Jesus to merely seeing Jesus as the only begotten son of God, and the rest of the people as fatherless orphans who are to pray to what they call their lord and savior, Jesus, to mediate before heaven and earth for them.

     Christianity lost its way and became a church of praise singers to a non-existent, pathologically narcissistic God rather than folks trying to live like the Holy Spirit and his foremost disciple, Jesus Christ.


      The Holy Spirit asks us to forgive and love all people. Platanus, in the third century of our Common Era, asserted what it means to be a Christian (see his Enneads). His approach is called Neoplatonism. In 1976, Helen Schucman, in her book, A course in miracles rearticulated the Gnostic approach to Christianity.

      The approach taken to Christianity in this paper can be called Neoplatonism or Christian Gnosticism; it is the correct definition of what it means to be a Christian.

Ozodi Osuji

April 11, 2022

(907) 310-8176

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