The wisdom of forgiveness


Ozodi Osuji

     I just read at Facebook where a Nigerian woman said that she finally realized that European Christians misled her by telling her to forgive those who wronged her, that she is going to live tit for tat, do me and I do you, she said. She said that her traditional society practiced that philosophy, and regretted Christianity teaching her to love and forgive those who wronged her; therefore, Christianity is wrong, she said (her traditional society that did not teach her to love and forgive used to capture her people and sold them to whoever wanted to buy them).

     It is sad that people refuse to see the wisdom of Jesus Christ. We, all of us human beings, live as separated ego selves in bodies. In ego we serve our personal self-interests. The result is conflict with all other people.

      Life in the state of nature was characterized by war of all against all and was nasty, brutish, and short, said Thomas Hobbes, the English political philosopher, in his seminal book, Leviathan.

    We, therefore, establish organized society and set up governments to make laws that protect us from each other and punish antisocial people, send them to jails and prisons.

      In human society you do something bad to other people and they will do something bad to you; it is a tit for tat place. This is our world.

     Our jurisprudence is meant to uphold our egoistic ways; our cultures maintain it. Are we happy in this pragmatic love me and I love you; hate me and I hate you, world? Of course, we are not happy.

     We are all insane, stark mad because our nature is unified and loving but we choose to live its opposite, separated and hateful.

       People like Jesus came to the world and remembered who they are, the sons of love. God is love and his sons are love. Jesus Christ teaches us to love ourselves and each other and tells us that on earth true love is characterized by forgiving those who harmed us. They did not tell us to be masochistic and ask other people to harm us, because we do not enjoy pain.

      They ask us to help those who harm us to realize that it is misguided to harm people because those you harm will harm you, therefore, the rational thing is to harm no one.

     Forgive and correct people’s mistakes and errors. Forgive people’s attacks on you but insist that they not attack you, again.

      The gospel of forgiveness that Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha taught is the absolute truth.

      I wrote his piece because a narcissistic and histrionic Nigerian woman somewhere today said that she is rejecting what she cavalierly called European Christianity that ask her to forgive and that she is not going to forgive.

      (Christianity was invented by Jesus Christ, a Jew, a Middle Easterner, not European.)

      If she goes on that path other people will go on that path, too; sadistic people immediately will realize that she is not a loving person and decide to really show her the world she is seeking; they will realize that she is a narcissistic hence unloving woman and attack, torture, or even kill her; this is because if you remove forgiveness people will return to the jungle; the powerful will oppress and kill the weak. She does not know this fact yet; she makes infantile noise on the misguided philosophy that it is up to her to choose love or not.

       Listen, Christianity teaches that we love all people and forgive those who harmed us. Jesus walked his talk and forgave those who murdered him (father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing, they are love but choose to hate).

        Try forgiveness and love and you will know peace and stop living in conflict and war. Your narcissistic and histrionic ego, tendency to seek attention from other people, feeling that one is special, beautiful in body, but ignoring true love, which is a giving, spiritual thing, is what caused your insanity and made your unloving Nigeria a hell on earth.

     Listen to sane folks like Jesus who tell you that the ego is the opposite of love, and that love is the opposite of the ego. In ego you hate and bear grievances and seek vengeance against those who wronged your false ego self; in Christ you love and forgive those who wronged you and work for justice for all.

       Love is union with all people and with God; in true love you give and not expect to receive; in true love you know peace and joy; in ego and its unforgiving nature you know tension, lack of peace and madness.

     Finally, accept that you live in ego and that the ego cannot understand the philosophy of love and forgiveness because by nature the ego seeks survival at the expense of other folks and to the extent that it tolerates other people it is on a tit for tat basis.

      Only the Holy Spirit and his star student, Jesus Christ understand love and forgiveness; we cannot understand love and forgiveness, God, with our ego-based thinking minds.


Ozodi Osuji

July 2, 2022

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