The US Republican party is done


Ozodi Osuji

Political parties exist to articulate perspectives on government; a party generally represents a political and economic ideology, a belief, not science, on how to govern people, and on what the political economy ought to be like. Political parties represent beliefs and value systems.
Political parties compete at elections with the goal to become the governing party. Political parties articulate the political aspirations of those who see the world as they see them.
Since there are more than one view on how to govern people so there are generally many political parties; they are on a continuum, from the far right, fascism, to the moderate nationalists and on the far-left communists and moderate social democrats. Centrists almost always govern rational polities.
Since each party believes that its views on government are the best way to govern a society it does not like to relinquish power when it loses at elections but must do so, for it understands that politics is war, nonviolent warfare; if you ignore other people’s views, they can arm up and a civil war starts.
Therefore, mature political parties always compromise with other parties. That is no longer what exists in the USA. The Republican party is now a party of unrealistic children bent on governing at all costs and thus risking a civil war.
If you have eyes to see you see that the Republican Party of the USA has entered the death and dying spiral. Nature and nature’s God gave the USA a problem to solve, racism, and it refused to solve it. It made racism its religion; it made discriminating against black folks the reason for its existence; the Republican Party chose to champion that American sin and do so with gusto.
It got to a point that it does not even occur to racist white Americans that those discriminated against feel injured. As it were, they say, deal with it, it is your fate.
Well, those discriminated against feel injured and want to get back at those who damaged them psychologically, and they will.
Black Americans, despite the delusion of power seen in insane white folks, must extract vengeance from white Americans; that is simply the way of the world; you cannot deliberately enslave a person and discriminate against him and expect not to pay a price; our behaviors have consequences, karma, that affect us (take a close look at white Republicans, what do you see…you see those who are hopelessly lost to drug addiction and other vices with which they maintain their unchristian existence).
We have just held an election in November 2020 and Republicans lost. Guess what they are now doing? Forty-three states controlled by Republicans have introduced 250 Bills in their legislatures to either eliminate voting by black folks or make it so difficult that many of them do not vote and that way a dying population that in a century will no longer be the majority in the USA retain power; they are returning to Jim Crow ways to prolong their death agony.
The Republican Party’s racist house has fallen; I seriously doubt that this house of evil can be rebuilt; perhaps, we just must leave it to collapse, and another party built where it is now; its evil is just too much for the universe to allow its continued existence.
How can white adults believe that racism and discrimination is funny, that those at the receiving end of it like it? They do not care how the discriminated feel?
They have a great military, and a nine-year-old dumb man the head of their party and that makes them feel powerful while the rest of the world see them as pathetic clowns!
Mediocre Republicans believe that they are better than all black folks; all people are the same and coequal, but the clowns pretend delusional superiority.
Their neurotic and psychotic sense of superiority is not demonstrated in the real world. Africans who were living in a different culture and are currently trying to adapt to the exigences of the scientific and technological world, by the standards of any one with intelligence, are those showing most intelligence in the world of today.
You do not consider how an African child born in a village whose level of science is practically zero can struggle and eventually attend Oxford, or Cambridge or top American universities. This is no uncommon accomplishment for that child but what does he hear? He hears that black folks are not smart, and who is smart, dumb white republican Americans?
White Republicans, before our very eyes, have become totally imbecilic; nothing that they do make sense anymore.
White liberals have their own issues; they have not seen any sexual deviancy that they would not embrace. Only God knows what other deviant behavior they will soon approve (sex with children, sex with animals, sex with trees?). These people are far gone on the path of moral decay.
Life is simple; offer every person equal opportunity; provide all children with publicly paid education through university (to age 26, when folks complete and or obtain their PhD); provide all people with publicly paid health care, provide all people equal opportunity to compete for jobs that they can do, hire them based on their skill sets and promote them based on merit and stop all the nonsense of racism and sexism.
We all know that the right thing to do is to treat people fairly, but white republican America will not do it, leaving us with fighting ancient fights, talking about voting rights, all over, again, issues that ought to be behind us are now going to be front, right, left and center, again, relitigated; the millions of idle lawyers are given the opportunity to pretend that they are doing useful work.
This country is a royal mess. I doubt that the Republican Party can be fixed and made whole; it has never been whole and probably cannot be healed; perhaps, it ought to be left to follow its self-destructive trajectory, decline and fall; and let a truly humane political party, such as let a social democratic party rise from the ashes of the grand old party of racists.
In a democracy we need more than one party to compete for governance or else we have autocracy; so, we must either reform the Republican Party and make it an adult party or discard it and allow a social democratic party to replace it.
This world must be transformed to a place where people love and respect each other and devote themselves to doing what they like doing that contributes to social good.
I am a realist. As a realist, I do not support opening America’s southern border and allowing whoever wants to come into the USA to do so. Instead, if you want to come to the USA, go to the US embassy and apply; America has the capacity to recruit the workers she needs; folks should not just crash the border (if we are going to have a borderless USA, all countries must be borderless, for what is good for the goose must also be good for the gander).
I want the USA to help industrialize Central America. If we went in there and helped build factories, schools and so on we could bring the living conditions in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Belize to modern standards. If Latinos are given opportunity to make it in their countries, they probably would not be trekking to the USA to eke out a miserable living in the farming fields of the USA.
I do not support multiculturalism, for it leads to balkanization of the human polity. If you come to the USA you must abide by what I call scientific culture, a culture-based on the parameters of reason and science; please do not come here to tell us to embrace your people’s culture, a culture that gave you the poverty that you are fleeing from!

Ozodi Osuji
March 22, 2021

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