The universe is the dance of light energy in different forms


Ozodi Osuji

       The physical universe is the dance of light energy in different forms. Light turns into matter (light becomes subatomic particles of electrons, protons, neutrons and combines those to form atoms and combines atoms to molecules and combines molecules into our bodies, animals, trees, planets, stars) and those relate to each other in their present manifest forms.

     Light energy transforms itself to other forms of energy, such as heat energy, sound energy, mechanical energy, electrical energy, chemical energy and so on.

     Light from the sun becomes trees and animals; we eat leaves, vegetables, and animal meat; all we did was transform light energy that is stored in vegetables and meat into our bodies.

     Our bodies are also stored light energy in form; our bodies will, in time, be eaten by bacteria and worms, who are also light energy in different forms and will be eaten by something else. Ultimately, the entire universe of forms will return to light energy.

     The entire universe is light energy dancing with itself, albeit in the illusory forms it takes.  Since it is one light energy dancing with itself there is justice in whatever it does to itself, it is merely playing with itself in disguised forms.

      Light energy wanted to appear in forms to live in a perceptual universe, to see itself in forms; without forms (things), if all were light, as in heaven, God, there is no perception, no seeing, just raw intelligence, knowing.

     Intelligence, knowing transforms some of itself to physical light and uses physical light to form forms and then lives in the world of forms and perception, in the world of space and time.

     Space and time must coexist; in space there must be forms, frames of reference, point A and point B, to measure movement hence time; it takes time to move from one point in space to another.

    Yet, space, time and forms, matter are illusory and do not exist; only light energy, spirit exists; space, time and matter are mere manifestations of light energy hence do not really exist except as in dreams, which are not real but seem real.

Ozodi Osuji

November 17, 2022

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