The universe is already over and is remembered


Ozodi Osuji

      According to A course in miracles, the son of God went to sleep and dream that he is now separated from his father and invented the physical universe of space, time and matter. His father, God tried to communicate with him and realized that he is not mentally there, that he was sleeping and dreaming.

      Without awareness of the nature of his sleep dream, his father, God immediately created the Holy Spirit and placed him in his sleeping-dreaming son’s right mind.

    The Holy Spirit’s mission is to reinterpret his son’s dreams so that he is brought back home.

    The son of God constructed a new and different self; the self that God created him as is that he is part of God’s unified spirit self; the new self that the son of God constructed is the opposite of the self that God created him as; he is now a separated ego self. The son of God, us in the temporal universe, now live as the opposite of the self that God created us as.

     The new self and our world are in opposition to God. God is unified and the new self and world is individualistic and oppositional defiant of God’s eternal union; God is love and the new self is full of hate and attack on God and on other sons of God.

     The new ego self is moving away from God; the Holy Spirit reinterpreted what the son did and used it to bring him back home, (home is heaven, unified spirit self).

     The universe of separation and multiplicity was invented; this was a mistake; the Holy Spirit corrected that mistake by bringing the son of God home, that is, back to unified spirit state.

     A course in miracles is written in poetic form, Shakespearean verse, actually; it gave the impression that all these events took place in an instant. However, it did not tell us what an instant is; is it fourteen billion years, a trillion years? An instant in eternity could be trillions of years.

     Let us arbitrarily say that the book meant by an instant the 13.8 billion years that the universe has existed. Thus, we can say the universe is invented and for fourteen billion years was in the expansive mode.

      The universe, as astrophysics and cosmology tells us, is expanding and will keep doing so for a few trillion years; thereafter, the galaxies would  be too separated from each other and  the stars and planets would be in cold space and lose heat and explode and return to the 92 elements that they are made of and those shatter to the particles of electrons, protons and neutrons and those to quarks and photons and the universe ends in a Big Chill, cold death, or at some point stop expanding and contract back and experience a Big Crunch (and perhaps a new universe would rebound from it).


     All of us, God’s sons participated in the invention of the universe. Each of us, within the overall script of separation from God and each other, wrote his own personal script and is enacting his personal script within the collective script.

     The individual, you, have already written your script and enacted it. You have done what your part calls on you to do in the separation process.

      You are now at the end of what we collectively made and reviewing the universe we made, and it seems that it is taking place right now whereas it took place long ago and was corrected by the Holy Spirit; you had already played your  part but you now see you in the universe and seem to be doing what you did long ago now.  

     The entire universe reflects our thinking, and is in our minds, but we project it out and it seems external to our minds, just as our nightly dreams seem outside us when, in fact, they are inside our minds. There is no universe outside your mind, our unified mind.

      You enacted your part and kept it in your individual memory, mind, and in our collective memory, mind, and you are reviewing it and seeing it as if it is taking place now. You are at the end of the play we wrote and dramatized and looking at it, reviewing the play, movie, as we move towards its beginning, trying to understand it.

       You have already done your part and indeed have already awakened from the dream but see you as if you are still in the dream today whereas you are already up.

    Since you have already enacted your part and woken up, in the dream, on earth, you will wake up when your script calls for you to wake up.

      If your script does not call for you to wake up yet, if you will wake up in the future, you will wake up in the future; you may have already woken up in the past.

      Each person wakes up, that is, jettisons his ego separated self and remembers his unified spirit self when his script calls on him to do so (in the past, present and future).

     Past, present and future are all taking place in God’s eternal now. There is no past, present and future for we are all enacting our roles now, even if in terms of lineal time it seems to be taking place over billions of years.

      If it is not yet time for you to wake up, all talk of waking up would not interest you and you would not pay attention to it.

       For example, if you are still interested in sleeping, dreaming and forgetting your unified spirit self, A course in miracles would not come to your attention and even if it did you would not pay attention to it. It is those who plan to wake up through studying it that would gravitate to it (there are many paths to waking up, A course in miracles is just one path, a path designed for some persons, not for all people; it tends to appeal to people with some understanding of psychoanalysis and psychology in general; it was written by two professors of psychology at Columbia University, New York, Dr Helen Schucman and Dr Bill Thetford; in my experience you must be above average in intelligence to understand it; regular Christianity tends to appeal to regular, average persons).


     What I said in this piece baffles the rational mind, and, indeed, may not make sense to the ego rational mind. It may seem like a bunch of nonsense. Religion and spirituality, to the ego intellect, seems like nonsense. If it seems like nonsense to you, please do not sweat it.

     All that I can tell you is that at some point in your life, in this lifetime or another, you will have an obsessive-compulsive desire to understand spirituality and you would gravitate to what ordinarily seems irrational to your scientifically trained mind.

     You will learn that the world is a dream and that what is done in a dream has not been done and that the dreamers, the sons of God, remain as God created them, holy, sinless, guiltless and innocent despite the seeming evil you see them do on earth. You will learn to overlook their sins and evils or correct them through the perspective of the Holy Spirit, with love and forgiveness.

     At that point, you would begin having spiritual experiences, including sudden awareness that our universe is not real, is a dream and you experience yourself in a formless spiritual universe where there are infinite formless selves, all of them parts of oneself that you would automatically know as God, our father and creator.

     In that unified experience you would know that life is eternal, permanent and changeless, and you would experience peace and joy that no words can describe.

     If that experience is not yet part of your script, do whatever your script calls on you to do; hopefully, do it with love for all of us.


Schucman, Helen (1976). A course in miracles. Mill Valley, California, Foundation for inner peace.

Ozodi Osuji

December 28, 2021

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